Wellness and the TriVita Affiliate opportunity: What are your thoughts?

Posted on: June 2, 2010

I just finished an interview for the July VitaJournal on Optimal Wellness.  My definition of optimal wellness is being in a state in which you have the energy and vitality to do all the things you need and desire to do.  It is living with positive emotions such as love, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance, and being connected to God and His purposes for your life each and every day. That is Optimal Wellness living and it just doesn’t get any better. 

I have taken a few days here at the ranch with my family to enjoy the great outdoors I love so much, and I am filled with overwhelming gratitude that I have the wellness to enjoy everything I desire to do: from climbing the steepest mountains to spending an eight-hour day on the river in all-out, non-stop fly casting to large trout that feed in the riffles and pools.  To sit with my family on the deck in the evening, listening to the creek as it flows over the falls and through the rocks as it meanders through the ranch, offers a serenity that is hard to describe. The evening meal prayer is not one of ritual or habit but is filled with deep emotions of gratitude and blessing for such a wonderful life of wellness.   

I have not always enjoyed wellness: 14 years ago at the age of 50, I lost my health and had little wellness in my life physically, emotionally or spiritually.  My wellness-seeking journey has brought these gifts to me and one significant gift is the thousands of people who have joined with me in their wellness journey – making up the community of wellness seekers we call TriVita. 

To share wellness information and outstanding TriVita products that deliver wellness experiences – such as Nopalea, which has changed thousands of people’s lives – is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am so blessed and honored.  The world is full of people who want to experience Optimal Wellness living.  We as TriVita Affiliate Members have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and a difference in our world. And thankfully it is happening every day: TriVita Affiliates are sharing wellness products and their personal wellness experiences. 

It is also happening through the Nopalea television show. Thousands of new wellness seekers are joining TriVita. Be sure to get your reservation in so you can add to your organizational growth by mentoring new media Affiliates. 

I would love to hear from our Affiliate bloggers about what wellness has done for your quality of life and what the TriVita Affiliate opportunity means to you.  I think your blog would be very inspirational to our Affiliate community. If you are like me, it is hard to not write a book, but just a short blog would be great.


23 Responses to "Wellness and the TriVita Affiliate opportunity: What are your thoughts?"

Dear Michael,

I have been a Trivita Affiliate for over a year now and I am loving it. The reason that I am writing this is because you continue to mention how Trivita is set up to leverage both human and financial capital.

And after really thinking about this, I needed to put it into words, what this means to me. So hear goes… A company like Trivita needs to be able to count on monthly revenue as it is the life blood of every company. Saying this, then how does Trivita use shared (leveraged) human and financial capital to create revenue and benefit all of the participants both the company and the affiliate members?

In my mind it goes like this! First and foremost both of these; human and financial capital need to be assets of value that turn into profits for the company and the affiliate network. So how does this happen? It happens as each affiliate member recognizes that the Trivita products they choose to use on a monthly basis have become a part of their everyday life.

By making the decision to utilize these products for the remainder of their lives, they are committing to the ongoing monthly revenue for Trivita and their up line affiliate members. This is not a bad thing, this is a extremely good thing and as one reads on they will discover why.

This decision is made because they have experienced a wellness transformation; they are now unwilling to settle for less and are committed to remain on these products for life. Without a personal wellness experience like this, one’s commitment to any product line will eventually wane away. I personally suffered for 13 years with constant pain for 24 hours each and every day.

Now utilizing Nopalea, Adaptogen 10 Plus, and Super Sub-lingual B-12 every day I now have the relief that I longed for to sustain me for the remainder of my life. I cannot imagine having to return back to a pain filled life. Now what I just told you is human capital. This capital cannot be fabricated, it is real, and it is empowered with intense emotion and passion.

To build this human capital one must truly seek to have their own personal wellness experience. Hearing your story, I know that you can clearly relate to mine; and it is sad and unfortunate that some people are not willing to stay the course.
While on the surface this may seem obvious, it is not. It is only one part of the human capital equation; the second part is one’s ability to share their wellness experience with others. It is easy to share when one knows that what they are sharing is real and authentic.

Because of this no one can shake one’s belief or wanting and willingness to share real benefits with others. The only thing that is in question is how long will it take for a person’s body to receive the therapeutic effects needed to reduce or eliminate the inflammation, stress, toxins, and nutrient deficiencies to respond.

Once this happens then the human capital you are speaking about is on course.
The second part of the equation is financial capital. There are two aspects to the financial capital, and both of which focus on monthly revenue for the company and for the affiliates. The first is revenue generated by product sales and the second is generated through media bundle purchases.

In both cases Trivita has differentiated themselves from their competitors and from all other direct sells, network marketing, and MLM companies worldwide.

Here is where the differentiation occurs, very few if any affiliates or distributors purchase products because they are in love with the product. In fact I would go as far to say, when an affiliate member or distributor leaves a company, they immediately stop purchasing products from that company. So why were they really involved with the company, it was because of the financial opportunity, not because of the product experience that they were receiving.

Trivita is different, and what makes the financial capital shared leverage different. The capital being spent; is spent, because people are getting benefits, wellness, and enjoyment from utilizing the products. This money would be spent regardless if their affiliate membership continues or not.

The second aspect of financial sharing (leverage) is the co-op media for both the Super Sub-lingual B-12 and Nopalea. These too are shared financial capital expenses. And each Affiliate member needs to understand that by sharing in both aspects they are pumping the life blood in to the Trivita business model. Enabling continued R&D development, branding, creating a continued warm market for every affiliate who participates, and long term new eligible affiliate members as media customers experience the wellness benefits of the products.

So what is the key to the human capital? The key is this, the products really work! Once again this may seem to be obvious, but it is not! Trivita is not about hype, it is about performance. If a product experience is not achievable by 90 plus percent of the population; then long term sustainable revenue is not feasible. That is why the wellness challenge is the fundamental foundation of Trivita; without this Trivita’s vision and mission would have no integrity. This is the cornerstone for all Affiliate members.

It is my opinion that if one has not had a wellness experience; then they need to continue to take enough product, until they have one. You may not have the severity of a set back as myself or Michael Ellison, but your body is craving the betalains that it needs to overcome the daily stress, inflammation, toxicity, and mal-nutrition your body is facing.

What you will find is your mood and emotions and energy will increase as your body gets what it needs, then you will find if you back off, your body will tell you when you need to increase your dosage, and will let you know when you find a happy medium. This is how I regulate my pain. My body is amazing, it lets me know when I need to increase my dosage and when I can decrease it.

Trivita is not like any other direct sales, network marketing, or MLM Company. They truly lead with their product line; this is the differentiators. They truly are the only company that has put together the equation that allows everyone who becomes involved to share both their human and financial capital by leveraging both their products and media to benefit both the company and the affiliate members.

Do your due diligence when checking out this company, you will find none other like it. I have been in the network marketing industry since 1984, and there are no companies that can compete or even come close.

God bless, Michael Ellison and Trivita, if it was not for the vision that he had 10 years ago; I would still be sitting in my chair at home in total pain.

Warm regards,

Bob Casper

Dear Michael:

Woo Hoo!! This Nopalea juice is a Godsend for me! Ive been fighting health situations since I was a baby. I had pneumonia at 1 yr. old and had bouts with whooping cough as well as many other childhood illnesses that translated into poor health as an adult. Since starting drinking Nopalea 3weeks ago, I have found relief for coninually stuffed sinuses (had several sinus infections & a surgery), increased energy and happiness, less joint pain (osteoarth.), improved bowel movements, no more headaches, improved breathing (able to breathe through nose, finally, no more lung congestion & wheezing), and just feeling more alive than ever!

Who’da thunk 3 weeks of drinking cactus juice would have brought me so much improved health? Thanks to Almighty God for this wonderful fruit, and thanks to Trivita for making it available to the public!

To Y’alls Health & Prosperity!

Dennis J Weidus

Hi Michael and all respondents. I so appreciate TriVita, the products, the company, the staff, and the unstoppable drive to create products that truly make a difference.

I have never had such confidence before this last year or so. I’ve known for 8-9 years these were good products, and built a business with the company, however it was after Galaxy of Stars 2009 that I was truly ‘changed’. Kim and Mellissa’s testimony moved me to tears and I realized this Nopalea was a product that I had in my hands for great BLESSING to OTHERS. It’s like the dam burst open and I cannot be contained now in the sharing and caring to others.

Contact is great and follow-up is no problem. One Pastor years ago said that “nobody has ever been loved too much.” And rarely has a person who has health issues been listened to too much, especially if in the initial conversation you take the time needed to really understand their issues, present the product/s as an option, share real stories, and follow up.

It occured to me last night that I would say my business is hallmarked by Empathy, Professionalism, Knowlege and Hope. My own health and business experience
has come together, meshed and drives me. I cannot ‘keep it under a bushel’, so to speak.

We have a rare and beautiful opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives with Health and Wealth. Be like a conduit of blessing to others. The rewards are tangible and intangible, and precious.

With much love and thankfulness to all who’ve made this possible and continue to make it possible.

Humbly, unto Him.
Laura Matsuda


In our 2 months in TriVita, our lives have changed!
We are healthier and happier! and FAR more hopeful than we have been in a long time!

As you know we had all but lost hope that i would ever be truly well again after years of debiliating asthma and allergies! And after just 1 month on Nopalea, i have been able to hike, run and resume my life!

And NOW i am noticing that my chronic fatigue is gone as well, along with the upper and lower back pain i have lived with for 14 years, due to injuries from my car being hit and totaled by a drunk driver. These aches and pains i have just lived with for years and I love being pain free!

I am so grateful for TriVita and for Nopalea! But most of all, I am grateful for YOU and your family, as you chose to follow God’s call on your life to bring wellness to the world!

As a family, we are all on Nopalea and a variety of other TriVita supplements. They have brought increasing wellness to all of us and we are grateful.

As a business opportunity, TriVita is unparalleled and we are thrilled to be building a future of wellness and wealth for our life purposes.

We love sharing wellness with others and we are thrilled with their stories of health and wellness.

We are sharing this business opporutunity with others as they too want more from their lives.

We pray for God’s favor and leading to be on you and TriVita as you continue to lead us in this business venture.

We have only been part of TriVita for almost 3 months now and we cannot express how much our lives have changed and how grateful we are to be partnered with you and TriVita’s mission.

Thank you Michael for all you have brought into our lives!

Blessings & Gratitude,
Susie Miller

Thank you Michael for your inspiring and challenging blog. Inspiring because we do have an opportunity to make a difference in our world. Challenging because the message is critically important not only for our own lives but also for the lives of our family, friends and everyone we can touch with this message of tri-wellness.

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the health and vitality I am now enjoying. It is a miracle for me, especially at this time in my life.

My journey toward health and wellness began as a baby, obviously before I realized I was on that journey. Four surgeries and a lot of physical and emotional pain are behind me. I am grateful that I am experiencing more energy and wellness now than in my youth! I have come to sincerely believe the truth of your statement, “I believe Nopalea is a gift from God.”

Enjoying the fruits of the 10 Essentials while fulfilling my life’s purposes is something I look forward to all the way to the finish line. How I praise and thank God for TriVita, a clear path to healthy living, and Nopalea… answer to my prayers.

One recent experience I had paying it forward occurred just a few Sundays ago. While sitting beside an older lady our conversation led to how she was feeling. She told me later that usually she gives the common answer, “Oh, just fine, thank you” but this time she admitted that she was not feeling well and thought her life was over. She was experiencing a lot of internal pain which her doctor believed was from Fibromyalgia. I offered her the Gift of Health along with the highlights of our TriVita message and she gratefully accepted the challenge.

Even though I was expecting a good report, I was amazed as she approached me full of excitement and gratitude. Maxine’s face was lit up, her Fibromyalgia pain was gone, her energy level had dramatically improved and she was doing things she couldn’t do before! It was astounding that she could achieve such dramatic results in just one week. Of course she ordered the 4-pack and now wants to share her exciting news with friends and family.

Thank you for all you and your family have given and sacrificed to make TriVita possible. We have come to see greater than ever before what a tremendous door has been opened to every Affiliate with opportunity to partner with a company of integrity in a class of its own, sharing the keys to total wellnes for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I am grateful and I am challenged to never separate significance from success and to continue to share Gifts of Health as God has given us a “Gift of Health” from Heaven through TriVita and the Sonoran Desert; a priceless message worth sharing and worth paying forward!

Priscilla Smith

Hi Michael,

I always wait anxiously from one month to the next when a new blog will be posted, and I’m never disappointed! You are a great communicator, and each blog is full of wisdom, and thankfulness for the many ways God has directed you, and blessed you and your family in life, and in the creation and building of this wonderful TriVita company. Thank you for being a walking, talking testimony to all of us!

I had been a TriVita customer for several years from the time I was first introduced to TriVita and Dr. Libby’s sublingual B-12, but NOBODY ever told me there was a business component to TriVita…or that I could be working this business from home instead of driving to a J-O-B every day and dealing with the stresses of maintaining sufficient nursing staff to cover the areas I was responsible for. HOW I WISH THEY HAD!! I might have been a Presidential Director by now…who knows…(or more likely that’s just a dream of heights I only IMAGINE I might have reached by now, but one never knows…)

But the important thing is this: I’m where I want and need to be at THIS time…and I get more excited every day as I have the privilege of watching my own business…and the company…grow by leaps and bounds day by day, and week by week.

I have never frequented gambling casinos, but I think I have an idea of how excited a gambler gets when he wins!! I feel like I “WON THE JACKPOT” when I became an Affiliate with TriVita!

The thing is this: TRIVITA IS NOT A GAMBLE FOR THOSE WHO WORK!! I just keep looking ahead and calculating where I may be in the next 6 months…a year…two years…5 years! (…however, since my wonderful son, John, has no hesitancy in broadcasting my age, I figure I better not make a total fool of myself by making too many long-range projections!)…just teasing you, John 🙂

But seriously, there are two points I want to make here. One is that it is very important to CALL YOUR PEOPLE if you want to grow your business!! And two, is that AGE SHOULD NEVER BE A BARRIER to becoming successful in TriVita!!!

Just look at your parents, Michael, who just made PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTORS!! I’m sure that didn’t happen by them sitting in their rocking chairs “mimicking” Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman!

LOOK AROUND YOU, FOLKS! There are “acres of diamonds” out there just “ripe” and ready for harvesting (recruiting)…and they are called SENIORS!!

Many seniors have superb, successful business/professional backgrounds and experience; most want to continue to grow intellectually and experientially…it keeps them young; and many even have money to invest in building a business to leave as a legacy to their children and grandchildren.

So, if we all just look for the “diamonds” in our own neighborhoods, churches, clubs…wherever. They’re out there…SENIORS SEARCHING FOR NEW PURPOSE AND GOALS! Put them to work building a TriVita business where both THEY and YOU will thrive and prosper!

Anyway…God bless you Michael…and the whole Ellison (and corporate) “family” who make doing this business so enjoyable!


Norma Windscheffel, R.N. (ret)

Dear Michael: Time after time I read your blog posts and all the wonderful responses and I wonder how I might respond. This is my first attempt and hopefully won’t be the last. My husband, Russ, and I have been involved with TriVita for many years, but up until about a year ago, we just didn’t take our involvement seriously. We love and use the products religiously, but our lives were good and full and we just didn’t “work” at the business. Russ is in real estate, both mortgages and sales, and our income has taken a nose-dive that we never expected and has caused us no end of financial problems as we’re heading into the time of our lives when we should be looking to retire. We needed to change our thinking and our actions quickly and we weren’t really sure what to do … we were scared! It was just about that time that you launched Nopalea and I told Russ we needed to take a serious look at TriVita once again. He literally jumped in his car, once we made the decision to move forward, and drove to the Portland launch meeting to gather more information, then turned right around and drove home to California that same day! He was so excited about Nopalea and we knew this was the right path for us to take during this devastating economic time.

With our financial situation, we don’t have the money to purchase bundles, but we’re spreading the word the old-fashioned way and sharing TriVita with everyone who’ll listen to us. We’ve made calls to all our past MAP customers and turned many of them onto Nopalea putting new life and excitement back into our customer base, many of which have converted to new AM’s. We’re not making a lot of money yet with our TriVita business to get us out of the financial problems we’re in, but we have faith that as long as we keep the vision and belief in the TriVita products and mission, we will get there. We can only fail if we quit, and quitting is not an option!

Thank you Michael, all the Ellison family, and TriVita for being there for us when we so needed you. Thank you for all the support you give us as affiliates and as wellness seekers. I know that Russ and I can look forward to a healthful retirement through our hard work, commitment, and the wonderful vision that TriVita has given us. We so look forward to our upcoming Galaxy of Stars … we’ll be there with bells on!

Tiffany and Russell Thompson
San Jose, CA


Noema – If I was a betting person, I would say that you have Ranaud’s (sp?) disease. I have the same problelm. I am looking forward to Nopalea taking care of that problem, as well as many others. We are very new, still on our “gift” bottle but have much confidence in not only the product, but the people that told us about it. “Praise the Lord and pass the juice” -:).

Of all the things I could say about TriVita, I’ll talk about the customers and how reaching out to them impacts me. I feel as though I’m building a new family.

Many of these customers are eager to hear from me and even call me. One sweet elderly lady in Atlanta called me when her free bottle was empty and wanted to buy more, but her air conditioning went out and needed to see what the repair man was going to charge her. So we decided we’d wait until her social security check came on June 3. I planned on calling in the evening, but she called me at 5 pm to remind me that she was ready to buy her 4 pack. Her breathing had improved like she had hoped. As a bonus, her bad knee was feeling so much better that she wasn’t using her cane as much. (I encouraged her to use her cane, especially outside so passersby will be careful around her.)

You know how they say that though you’re on the phone, the listener can tell when you’re smiling? To that I would add that I seem to sense the bounce in some of our customers’ steps. The weight of pain and hopelessness seems to have lifted from their voices.

When I worked at a call center for a retail company and was monitored and evaluated, I was often told that I connected with the customers too much, that I sounded like I was talking with an aunt or grandmother, and that I was spending too much time clarifying their options. Needless to say, the customers loved it and would often praise me to my supervisor. The monitor would just shake her head and shrug. I was on thin ice. Time was money for them. There was always the tension of balancing time and connections.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you? TriVita really suits me. The satisfaction I’m getting from building these relationships will pay me in ways that money can’t. And yet TriVita rewards me for developing customer trust and loyalty.
This is exemplified by TriVita’s incredible, consistently courteous customer service representatives.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I know now what you meant when we met in April, ’09, in Atlanta when you said that “this will be good for you”. It really is.

Dear Michael–
One year ago…my husband, Charles, was dying. He had congestive heart failure and was living in such pain from spinal stenosis that he could barely move and was mentally fuzzy. He was in a downward spiral that nothing was breaking.

Today he is pain free, his heart is fine, he is 70 pounds lighter and his mental clarity is at an all time high. You have given me my husband back…you and that gift from God…the nopal cactus fruit.

You have been inspired to share this life giving product…and you have inspired us
to share as well. In this year we have gifted thousands with this sacred juice and
educated them about its benefits and encouraged them to share as well. With inflammation and pain at epidemic proportions…I can think of no greater gift than

I have been involved with natural healing for over 40 years and I have never seen a product that is so profoundly reversing the effects of inflammation and aging in everyone who drinks it.

Thank you, dear one, for listening to your heart, for doing the hard work
that it took to bring this to us, and for making this opportunity available for us to
help so many people in such dramatic ways!

Blessings, Kare

Hi Michael – I read your latest blog post with keen interest. It reminded me of how blessed we are to have found TriVita, or more accurately, how Trivita found us.

At that time I was ignoring my health and taking it for granted and so I found myself in the middle of a health crisis just like you did. The Sublingual B12 and the 10 Essentials of Healthy Living helped me focus on my need for better health and reduce my use of caffeine.

Back then I believed Trivita was a gift from God and I’m even more convinced of that now. TriVita has been a great blessing to me, and my family. Our physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health have all improved thanks to you and TriVita!

We are enjoying a much better lifestyle with more freedom and less stress. We are able to travel more and provide more support to family and our grandchildren.

We are even more blessed to be able to share wellness with friends, relatives and people we haven’t even met. It is thrilling to get feedback from so many happy people who report relief from pain and improvement in overall health after completing a loading phase of a few bottles of Nopalea.

The best example is my 25 year old niece who had such a painful shoulder she couldn’t raise it high enough to fix her hair. After a few bottles of Nopalea she became pain free.

Thanks again Michael for your inspired leadership, integrity and steadfast faith in us as affiliates. We certainly owe you and Trivita our loyalty and commitment to advance TriVita’s mission to take wellness to a very unhealthy world.

As for me and my family, we are all TriVita “lifers”!  May God continue to bless you, your family and all who work with and promote Trivita!


O. Norf Fiorentino


Thank you for TriVita and the “Man on a Mission” that you truly are. The entire Ellison Family are helping others become better people.

From illness you took ownership over your health crisis and made up your mind you would take action and begin to live out The 10 Essentials.

You were not selfish, you had a vision and one that you wanted to take to the entire world because you know what it is like to be in a health crisis and lose quality of life. I have met some of the beginning affiliates who joined you in your vision yet there was not even a product. People truly join people if their vision is bigger than life.

Thank you for providing an Affiliate program that will allow anyone who takes hold to share enough to offset the cost of their own wellness and for those with ELLISON vision and who desire to also share wellness throughout the world to build wealth in addition to wellness to fulfill life purposes.

My family and I were already wellness advocates and walked the walk yet we had no rewards of our referrals when we led people to the health food stores to purchase supplements. People will trust your guidance if you live and lead by example.

Finding TriVita not only gave our family the very best of supplementation and greater well-being we have been provided a way to share wellness with others and be rewarded in ways money can and can’t buy.

TriVita gives me a daily peace and greater friendships of partnership from a corporate level to a field level. There is so much Love, Joy and Laughter in our healthy home of body, mind and spirit because of our TriVita future.

We are thankful too for Nopalea and what the TV show has done for so many people by way of health and even wealth as the growth continues to build because we are not just dependent on our own referrals. You can truly build a legacy by taking part of the Trivita Affiliate program combined with the media co-op.

God Bless The Ellisons And All The Hard Work And Dedication~~

Tina Gonda

Trivita is one of the most encouraging and exciting home businesses I have invested time, funds and effort into. You have provided a wondeful and awesome way to create a very rewarding residual income. Thank you for sharing the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness as a foundation to build on. You are a true leader for us.


Hello again. My life is changing daily and I am helping to change lots of other people’s lives. Because of TriVita and your 10 Essentials, I am working on wellness and wealth. It is so true that if you just help people have wellness experiences, the rest will follow. It has been so refreshing to be in business with TriVita where money is not the all important goal.

Naturally, money is great to accomplish our life’s purposes, but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

Thank you for providing an environment where we can thrive while helping people with their wellness journey.

I can’t wait for Galaxy of the Stars!!!

Nancy Finlon

Hi Michael,

Thank you for a very moving blog. I have a long way to go on my wellness journey, but I absolutely LOVE nopalea. I am much healthier because of all of the TriVita products that I take daily.

I won’t be without nopalea! I have fibromyalgia and it gets rid of the pain. I also have asthma and I haven’t used an inhaler or any medication in over a year.

But the most AMAZING thing happened last week. I had my car door open and was getting ready to step into the car when my foot hit gravel and I slid partially under the car. The front of my leg was mashed under the rocker panel of the car and my arms, wrists, shoulders and back were severly twisted trying to catch myself. I truly thought I had broken my leg. I knew that in a few hours I would be totally black and blue all up and down my leg and my arms. When I was able to get to my house, I drank a glass full of nopalea. I DID NOT BRUISE AT ALL!! I was able to walk with no problem, which was amazing in itself. When you have an injury to the front of your leg, every step you take flexes those leg muscles and it would normally be excruciating pain.
I could touch my leg and feel the internal lumps, and they hurt, but only when I touched them. I never did bruise and the injuries settled down very quickly.

This would never have happened without nopalea.

Words cannot possibly convey the thanks that I want you to hear for bringing us nopalea.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at GOS, Michael.

Nancy Finlon

Hi Michael….as I was reading your descriptive blog, I could close my eyes and imagine you and Susan on your ranch experiencing life as it should be lived….graciously, thankfully and productively. I love it when we take the talents that God gives us and put those talents to work! TriVita is such an example of your determination and your family’s willingness to work hard and sacrifice in order to provide so much for so many people.

Bryan and I have certainly experienced the many blessings of TriVita. I personally recovered remarkedly fast from the two surgeries (less than 6 wks apart) that I had a couple of years ago and continue to be extremely healthy because of TriVitas’s excellent products. Our entire family has been blessed because of TriVita…we see it daily!

Our entire family….two daughters, two son-in-laws, and three grandchildren all live in Colorado Springs, CO….all because of a TriVita conference held four years ago at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs. Bryan and I were staying there and he looked at me and said “I would love to live here someday.” This is a huge statement coming from a man that has lived his entire life in one city!!! Well, here we are today……experiencing a life that we can share with our family and friends….we wake up everyday looking at the beautiful mountains, the sun shining, go hiking at the Garden of the Gods, bike riding, taking our grandson on a mule ride around the rim of Royal Gorge…I could go on and on!

Has our quality of life gotten better? Absolutely!!!!! We look forward to being able to help other people experience awesome life changes in their lives as we have been blessed in ours.


Tammi Wirth

PS I’m writing this from Telluride, CO. WOW!!!!! I’m not sure if there are enough adjectives to properly describe the beauty of this place….one can only look around and thank the Lord for His awesome power to provide beauty in this world.

Thank you for this latest blog – we look forward to reading them…this one was special to us. Being in ministry we deal far more with individuals who feel they are drowning in their dispair then those who have the peace & contentment that God desires for us all. It is very sad & very difficult to show them the way. We can tell them what is best but it is always “their choice.” We have a motto – Good choices bring Good reslults. Dealing with TriVita customers is exactly the same…often we talk to a customer who simply refuses to make a good choice. We can show them the way but the decision is theirs. Again, it is very sad. However, we can rejoice with those who have made the wise decision and share their amazing stories of wellness. Partnering with TriVita has been a good choice for us. We still have material from Soft Opening in July, 1999 when we were The TriVita Way – “Expect more from life”…”Your pathway to healthy living”…it is a thrill to us to know that Michael has never strayed from this vision. We share his passion to see all achieve physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. It is what God desire for us all.

Aloha Michael,

TriVita Wellness has given me a quality of life I never imagined before. From overcoming a Siatica Nerve problem and more recently, recovering from a auto accident
when my 10 year old daughter and I, were rear-ended and crashed into the vehicle in front of us. Taking the Nopalea loading dose greatly helped in our healing from the accident by lowering our pain and inflammation, and after only two days, we were fine and life was back to normal! The TriVita Affiliate opportunity means that Melo and I can reach our “Life’s Purpose,” by helping as many as we can to walk with us on our Wellness Journey, having the time to spend with all of our children and grandchildren, and provide a comfortable secure future for our family. As we thank God for all our blessings, we are also honored to walk hand in hand with ALL our TriVita Family as a
Community of Wellness Seekers. Mahalo Nui Loa!!!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for another great blog post.

Our entire family loves Nopalea. We open a new bottle every other day. Carisa and I take 3-6 ounces every day, and our kids drink the rest (along with the neighbor kids). The gift of better health and wellness from Nopalea and other great TriVita products has been one of the biggest reward that we have received, in addition to seeing many other people that we know and work with benefit with better health, too.

TriVita offers us the opportunity to help people improve the quality of their lives from both a health and a financial side if that is what a person is looking for. We enjoy working with our team and hearing all of the wellness stories.

We are gearing up for the Galaxy of Stars event in October and look forward to seeing many of our friends from all over North America.

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Michael – What an inspiring blog post. To think that your quality of life and the lives that have been impacted for the good by the mission of TriVita could have been lost if you wouldn’t have pursued wellness. I think I can speak for many, we’re so grateful that you did.
Arriving on the doorstep of TriVita and partnering on this mission has enriched my life with a complete vehicle to pursue what I’m most passionate about. Helping people – along with that being able to impact their lives to such a strong degree. Being a wife and Mother is so important in my life and being able to leave a legacy of wellness for my children that was never modeled for me is a gift I feel grateful to have access to! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you!

Michael, I’m so thankful for this blog! I have experienced an amazing physical and emotional healing since starting my Trivita Journey. As a product user and affiliate member I have experience such improvement in the last year and half that I have created an entire new mind set as well as lease on life. 2 1/2 years ago I weighed over 330 pounds my weight kept on increasing due to all the different meds I had to take for a chronic pain condition. I was so bad health wise I couldn’t even walk up the stairs in my own house with out being completely out of breath and I was hurting very bad. Trivita came into my life at just the right time and I was ready for a change.

Following Trivita’s 10 essentials I have lost all of my excess weight and I’m up to 6 miles a day on my gratitude walks. My own wellness has fueled my desire to share Trivita with others. As a result I have also benefited greatly from sharing my story and wellness with others.

God Bless you and all of Trivita.

Thank you for following God’s leading in developing TriVita. I am a brand new Affiliate and very pleased with my results from Nopalea. I became acquainted with the products of TriVita in May 2010. Last week I went to the docter’s office and now I am no longer taking any asthma medicine!!! I was taking Advair and Xopenex everyday and I no longer have to take them. I had not needed them for two months. Yea!

Thank you again….. Cindylou

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