Spread the joy of wellness!

Posted on: July 1, 2010

As I came jogging back down a very steep, old logging mountain road, about a mile and a half from the cabin, I saw my 83-year-old father coming up the road with a smile on his face – knowing he was doing something he could not have done a year ago.  I said, “Dad, are you sure you are ok going up this mountain?” Again he smiled, saying he was doing great and wanting to know how far it was to the top! 

Wellness is such a wonderful and beautiful thing.  My definition of wellness is having the energy and vitality to do the things you love to do.  To have positive daily emotions such as love and gratitude and being connected to God and His purposes for your life.  When you have wellness it offers so many opportunities: from engaging in activities such as our (me, Susan, Marcus, Luke and my father Richard) trip to British Columbia, to helping others experience greater wellness, which happens every day in TriVita. 

Wellness is more than a gift; it is a journey of embracing the practice of the disciplines we teach in the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness. 

Wow, living with wellness allows for – and brings to us – the greatest experiences of life!  Not only was my father able to hike up the mountain but he also was running his own boat, changing and casting his flies in hopes of hooking a trophy fish, and catching the big (20 inch plus) Kamloops trout and landing them without any assistance from anyone. The two-way radios blasted the excitement of “just landed” or “fish on” throughout each day as we fished hard for twelve hours a day!  

That was an adventure we will always remember, especially since we celebrated my father’s 83rd birthday and then celebrated Father’s Day on the last day of the trip. When we arrived home – feeling the exuberance from such a fabulous trip – I was greeted with an email from Ray Cox, one of our most enthusiastic Affiliates who is fully dedicated to the mission of TriVita.  His words reminded me again of the beauty and blessing of wellness and the pure joy of sharing it with others.  It was another fabulous Father’s Day gift. 

Ray writes, “Thank you for taking the time to cast your vision through my eyes into my soul. Thank you for never giving up no matter the doubts on what God placed in your heart. Thank you for being the kind of family man that makes me proud to be around and aspire to.  Thank you for creating a product that has given me my wife back full of hope, ability, energy and health. Thank you for creating a company that allowed me to leave my job in 12 months and build something of significance that fulfills my destiny. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to build others up by focusing out rather than hoarding in. Thank you for breaking down the barriers so that anyone with passion and vision can get on the plane to Australia in February to help share this door-opener to the world. I will, as my personal motto states, ‘Be a real man inspiring others to believe in themselves.’ In the last year our neurologist has gone from disbelief in the improvement of my wife, Gloria, to now suggesting we only monitor her.  I also hear calls every day from other people who could not function without their Nopalea!!” 

Isn’t wellness a beautiful thing?!  Isn’t the feeling of being a part of a mission of helping people find greater wellness such a beautiful expression of one’s life purposes?! 

When I made my speech at the opening ceremony of TriVita’s launch 11 years ago, I said that TriVita may not be the biggest or grow the fastest, but it will be different!  It truly is different!  It is more than an opportunity to enhance lifestyle; it is an opportunity to fulfill your God-given life purposes! 

I applaud Ray Cox for his commitment and service but there are many TriVita Affiliates who could sign their names to this email message as being their own belief and passion for wellness and the desire to help others. 

I write in my book Ten Keys to Wellness and Wealth, “DESIRE is the starting point of all achievement. Desire gives you the focus you need to overcome life’s distractions and failures. What you BELIEVE and the degree to which you hold your beliefs will allow you to endure and succeed.” Desire and belief are the two greatest qualifiers to success.  Anybody can achieve success in TriVita if they truly desire and believe in the journey of wellness and want to help others on the way. 

I am extremely grateful for each of you who have caught this vision and have given your life talent and time to its advancement. 


14 Responses to "Spread the joy of wellness!"

Hi Michael

I just ordered for my first time, from what I’ve read I am so hope full. I have MS and in a wheel chair, the pain is hard to take at times so if it can help I will be in heaven. I’ve tried so many prescriptions and they take quality of life away so if nopalea can add quality life like Ive been reading about you’ll be getting a long thank you and I am looking forward to writing it.
Thank you,

In 2006 I had a slip and fall lost half of my memory, but the worst of it was joints. my miganes. I had tried every medication and vitamin possible nothing worked for the last 4 years I could not deal with the pain. One saturday morning I was watching TV with my 7 year old and we saw the ad. My mom and dad also suffer of alot of pain my om has herniated disc, my dad is diabetic and was complaining of alot of pain on his legs.
My daughter said mommy try it. So I did I told my mom to try it and she did. I could not walk from my house to the corner store which is one block The pain was severe, I suffered from fibromaylgia for years the acicident made everything worst. In have never felt this good before in my life. I jumped rope for the first time in years, I played with my kids I walked and did not get exhusted my joints feel so muh better. My mom saw how I was not using my cane anymore so she tried it she has no pain any more in her neck when she moves, she is back to knitting again. I am only 41 years old I felt like a 100 year old could not do anything, know I’m back and so is my mom ad I am telling everyone I know and those who know me ask me what happen I even lost 30lbs. I am so Happy and my mom Feels energetic as well. Thank you Thank you so much

Hi Michael,

I’d like to express my gratitude for your allowing us the opportunity to build our business through helping others.

Just the other night, I was talking with one of my bundle contacts. Clifford is 67 years young and responded to the Infomercial due to his arthritis. After taking 3oz every day for 10 days, he was able to go from getting about with a walker to not needing his walker. Clifford was totally convinced about the benefits of Nopalea and now wants to share these benefits with his family and friends. This will expand the benefits of Nopalea to an ever growing circle of people getting wellness.

Thank you for making all this possible.

Bernard 🙂

Michael…Every day I have meant to respond to this month’s wonderful blog…each blog just seems to be more touching and meaningful than the one before it.

This month’s is no exception!

How blessed we are to have Trivita’s wonderful products and the 10 Keys to creating Health and Wellness…physically, spiritually, and emotionally…so that we can live a long and balanced life. Your father gave us an example of that on last week’s call.

I so enjoyed your family story this month, and I know you must be so very proud of your parents who have worked right alongside the younger members of your family to achieve the highest level all of us hope to reach someday…PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR!! I just want to say, also, that your dad was a great inspiration to me…and I’m sure everyone else… on last week’s call. His answers to Lenore’s interview questions were so informative and sincere. It was truly a blessing!

Last year was my first GOS, and I can’t even imagine how much bigger and better it is going to be this year with such a surge in enrollments, and new innovations that our corporate team comes up with to make being a part of this wonderful company such a blessing.

Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to stay in touch with all of us through your monthly blog. Please forgive us when we don’t take a few minutes of OUR TIME to show you just how very much we appreciate it, because we really do!


Norma Windscheffel

Hi Michael,

Wanted to also say “THANK YOU” for not only sharing with us but providing an opportunity for ALL people to have hope and belief in ONE-SELF to overcome physical challenges and emotional burdens that have hindered us for months and even several years.

It is truly a wonderful and humbling feeling to be a small part of someone’s life who has been changed by your vision and commitment to get the message out about Health and Wellness.

Here is another story from a Lady (Mary)who’s mom(Francis,75yrs) is terminally ill from Ovarian cancer that has travelled to her brain, who has been greatly affected by your vision through Nopalea.

I hope this inspires others to continue the good fight:

Hi Johann,

How are you doing? Haven’t seen you for a while, hope you’re doing well and you’ll be dropping by the depot soon.

I just thought I’d drop a quick note and bring you up to speed on my mom. As you know she’s dealing with cancer, going through chemo, and we’ll be finding out by the end of the month if she’ll be eligible for surgery next month.
Above that, for years she’s been dealing with arthritis and gout as well, and she’s always had a hard time getting up out of her chair and walking across the room, especially those first few steps, you’ve seen those tenative steps of someone starting to walk after sitting!
After you and Lynn told me about Napolea I suddenly realized mom could use that support in her fight with cancer and the chemicals from chemo, and, as you know, had samples sent up to both her and dad. Mom has always been someone who wouldn’t try anything to cure anything – she always said nothing worked on her, neither drugs or natural things, so why even bother? And her cancer makes it very hard for her to eat or digest anything, she can only take about a quarter cup of anything at a time, but I asked her to please try to the best of her ability to at least take the prescribed ounces for the first 6 weeks and give it a try. I said it couldn’t hurt and maybe could even help, and so she agreed. She had to put the ounces in a cup with ice and gingerale and sip it slowly all day long to be able to drink it, but she soldiered on and kept it by her side, drinking it day by day.

The other day I was visiting her, and she happened to mention she was starting her last bottle ( I had given her my sample bottles and dad gave her his as well so she would have lots to drink). I said – thinking it would be another thing she said didn’t work – well, should I order you some more bottles or should we just let this rest? She said, Mary, since I have been taking that “pink drink” I have absolutely no pain! Your father is constantly amazed at the fact that for the first time in years, and especially since the cancer, I have been able to just get up out of my chair and walk across the room, like a young person, totally pain free!! I have to keep taking it.

Johann, if you knew my mother, you would be able to fully appreciate how huge that statement is!! NOTHING EVER works for her! Thank you and Lynn so much for introducing me to this product. Its hard enough to watch my mom’s declining health and dealing with knowing the odds are we won’t have her with us for too terribly long a time, but to know that such a simple product is making a difference between a pain-filled decline of health, or one that has eased her suffering totally, pain wise, has made such a difference for all of us, and for her, it truly is a miracle.

Pass the word on about this product, its so great to know that the ones we love, as well as ourselves, can have such a wonderful experience, right when the pain and its resulting depression and hopelessness seems to be all we have to look forward to.

Take care, and hope to see you soon.

Mary B

Dear Michael:

Wellness truly is the greatest JOY! I just returned minutes ago from sharing a birthday celebration with my mother who just turned 87 years young! That too is a joy! She’s an active, energetic senior citizen who exercises every day, uses a computer to email friends, and even pays her bills online! She loves her Nopalea, takes 3 bottles a month, and thinks the world of TriVita and all its wonderful, life-enhancing products.

True JOY is being involved with a wonderful company like TriVita. I have just this past week had my blood tested for my yearly check-up with my cardiologist. You’d have thought I had won the lottery, I was so excited when I received my results back! Since taking Nopalea for the past year, my cholesterol dropped from 265 last July to 195 and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! I’ve tried for years to drop it using natural products, and they did help a little. I’ve taken Omega oils, flaxseed oil, garlic, lecithin, antioxidants, I ate oatmeal every day for months … you name it; I’ve tried it! Over the years, my cholesterol had just kept creeping up until it hit the highest last year at 265. Even so, my cardiologist didn’t push me to take the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs because my ratios of good cholesterol to bad were ok. Boy, I can hardly wait to see his reaction to my latest results and to tell him all about the Nopalea!

Last month, I shared here about our financial situation and how difficult it’s been for us during this down economic time. I just want to share with others that even though things are difficult right now, never lose the faith in yourself, your ability to do this business, or in TriVita. TriVita has given us a unique opportunity that anyone can participate and succeed in. The only way you can fail, is to quit … and that just isn’t an option! I described my husband, Russ, and myself to Kelly Hickman at the GOS last year as “turtles”. We are moving slowly, but we will arrive at the finish line! It’s as simple as having faith in yourself and having faith in TriVita.

Thank you once again, Michael, for all the JOY you have shared with us!

Tiffany Thompson
San Jose, CA

Good morning Michael,

Last evening we shared a wonderful evening with Ray, Gloria and their very diverse group.
What a night we had enjoying a BBQ on our rooftop deck overlooking the ocean in White Rock, British Columbia viewing over to Washington State.

We shared wonderful stories of how TriVita has impacted our lives from both a wellness and business perspective. 14 people from all walks of life came together to share a common purpose in bringing wellness to the world. There was a common thread from everyone who spoke about helping others experiencing their best health and the incomes earned are icing on the cake.

As one person in Ray and Gloria’s group came in he said, “I know you”. It turned out he had delivered mail to our house. The day before Terry had seen Johan from a distance, not knowing who he was, and waved and said hello to him. You never know who you may be passing in your life.

The hilite is Gloria’s story and the blessing that TriVita and the wonderful products have been for Gloria dealing with multiple sclerosis. She has had her life given back to her which affects so many people. Once only able to just manage with a husband and three young children, she is now the picture of health, full of energy and vibrant health. Without TriVita’s products and purpose Gloria’s story would be a very different one.

Thank you Michael for your vision and persistence. You may never know how many lives you have changed both in wellness and wealth.


Terry & Gillian


It is truly your wonderful heart, messages and TriVita culture that drives my heart each day with great passion to share wellness and how it can be achieved through TriVita products and 10 Essentials.

Monthly I host a “Wellness Luncheon” in our local area and it is a time for like-minds to join together and bring guests to experience our message and share a toast of Nopalea. I look so forward to seeing these people today because we always include how and why TriVita was founded.

It will be a great joy to share your blog post and some of the comments because with being able to get involved with the Nopalea Media Bundles we can invite people to our luncheon since some of them are local to us. They all don’t have email, however, we always call them by phone and send them notes by mail to let them know we are partnered with them on their choice to give Nopalea a try and follow-up through the wellness challenge.

Last year was my first Galaxy of Stars as a fairly new director and I can tell you that if all possible and you are reading this comment make plans to attend because when you can hear from our founder Michael Ellison and all the wonderful, corporate leaders like Marcus Ellison, Terry Newsome and others from Corporate along with our Presidentials you will be even more energized to go home and take your business to the next level.

It is at events that the business “gets into you” and when that happens, there is no stopping people from achieving their goals. I met Ray and Gloria Cox, an amazing couple with beautiful children last year at GOS and we have had a year of staying connected and being part of something greater than we are so don’t miss out on all the great relationships that will be made at GOS this year.

It is not where you START, it is where you FINISH so enjoy your TriVita journey as you learn and grow each day and put your wellness as priority by using TriVita products and never to miss the daily experience of Nopalea.

Michael, Thank You For TriVita For All Of Us!

Healthy Blessings~~

Tina Gonda and Family

Dear Michael,

In your latest blog you stated “Isn’t wellness a beautiful thing?!” Yes indeed it is. There are several things that I have noticed since being involved with Trivita for over one year now. That is the key to success is to give people the tools that they need to be successful, besides the products that Trivita provides, it is the 10 essentials and also Brazos’s wellness talks, both the weekly wellness reports and the Tuesday thru Saturday audios.

I believe the wellness talks are the most under rated marketing tool that Trivita currently offers. As you well know that epidemic of chronic inflammation, nutrition deficiencies, and diseases that lead to obesity, auto immune, fibromyalgia, asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular issues and many more is staggering in North America.

The point is this, most people in North America are in a state of deterioration; they do not know how they have gotten there. And even better yet, they do not realize that they can climb back out of this condition; to a state of health and wellness. The daily wellness talks are the tool that help people realize; there is a way out, and Trivita has a total solution and a blue print for the sick and hurting.

The wellness talks, gives people the basic fundamental reasons as to how they got to where they are and it gives them a road map to get where they want to be. Just hearing health comes for healthy habits practiced daily heard over and over is the impetus to get people started. And then they need to know where to start.

Dr Minshew is great about describing health issues and problems, and the steps that are needed to put people back on the right track. I would say that the wellness talks are as important as your video email services. To be perfectly clear, a audio mp3 series needs to be created and made available to every affiliate. They need to be organized such that an auto responder series can be incorporated by each affiliate that wants to participate.

The gold mind is this. Sometimes Brazos makes a plug for several of the products and sometimes he does not. His approach builds report for the affiliate sending the information to their clients and prospect, while the information is invaluable, yet it is 100% free. Brazos always reminds everyone that they still need to see their primary care physician, and there in lies is the brilliance; because the information that he is giving has all been scientifically proven and is medically sound.

Therefore, the information being given by Brazos resonates with his listeners and they know what he is telling them is 100% true and factual as they can look up on line whatever he is telling them

The bottom line is this, in the last blog that I commented on; I spoke to human and financial capital leading to monthly residual revenue for the company and for the affiliates. To sustain this, the affiliates need to be locked and loaded with the information that Brazos is so willing to share. As individuals we could never practically cover the broad product line that Trivita offers, and we never know specifically what personal issues our prospects or clients are searching to remedy.

Therefore, these wellness talks, speak specifically to individuals that have personal medical issues that we may not have insight on. Case and point, one of my media bundle customers is trying the Nopalea to resolve a knee injury.

She has invested in a four pack, and while I am very pleased about that, giving her in-depth knowledge of Optima Flex could also be invaluable, as the nutrients that are in this product could be vital in the process of helping her to heal. I have heard Brazos talk on this product and I could never deliver with clarity the information that he provides, it is at that moment in time I wish I had the wellness audio at my finger tips and could forward it on to her.

As Christians, we are the messenger, not the message, well Trivita works in a very similar way, I am the messenger for Trivita, and in this case Brazos is the author and producer of the message itself. My role is to give the pure and most precise message, and because of modern technology the best way to do that is with an mp3 audio. This is duplication at its best.

I personally told her about Optima Flex and sent her the email from the product page, but it would be wonderful to send a follow up wellness talk mp3 audio; allowing Brazos to provide her with the science behind the formulation to this product. While the Nopalea is great to reduce the inflammation, the Optima Flex is the key in helping her to heal properly because of the nutrients in this specific product.

I love Nopalea and Adaptogen 10 plus, energy now, and super sublingual B-12. I use all of these regularly. And my personal knowledge of the other products is actually pretty weak. I am boning up on all of them, but even if I become extremely knowledgeable, I will never be able to present it with the gravity or expertise of Brazos.

So what I am recommending is for Trivita to create a library of wellness talks, archiving them by category, then to enable affiliates like myself to put together a list of our personal members and non-members (prospects) that are eager, wanting and excited about receiving this information as they realize that there health is starting to deteriorate as they are becoming older. Listening to these audios is a snap they are fast paced and they are over before one knows it.

These are people who will purchase the products once they are educated and know what they can really do for them; but because of their busy schedule they cannot get to a phone between the hours of 7am to 10 am Tuesday thru Saturday mornings. I have talked to hundreds of people and everyone that I encounter say they would sign up for an auto responder program like this if it were offered to them.

People realize that as they are getting older they are going to have medical challenges; most of them need to do a little research before moving forward with anything, but once they do they will then pick up the phone and call to order the products that will suit their need. That is why so many call and order once they watch the Nopalea add, the information is short, clear, and concise. Brazos’s wellness talks are precise, concise, and to the point. Every day I look forward to listening to different ways that I can improve my health and quality of life. And I know that other people are looking for the same capability.

It may take a week, several months, or even up to a half of a year, but eventually the people that listen to wellness talks come to the same conclusion that I have, and they order the products that are most beneficial for them.

Trivita is the real thing. Trivita truly cares about people, and their products and the entire company is full of integrity. They soon understand that no other nutraceutical providers out there can; or are willing to go to the effort; to provide people with health and wellness as Trivita does. Nopalea is the attention grabber, but don’t discount all your other products.

The best way to get the entire Trivita product line introduced to every house hold in America is by telling the Trivita nutraceutical product line story through a “Wellness Talks” audio responder program.
And I would be glad to pilot it for you.

Warm regards,

Bob Casper
13318904 Bob Casper
13244129 Sheryl Casper

Always an inspiration and to see the reality of true values in a person gives cause to be more.

What a wonderful story of rich time with your dad and family. I know that TriVita has brought wellness back to me and to my family and we are forever grateful.
i could hear the pride in your dad’s voice when he shared on a Tuesday night call. That is a legacy indeed!

I can only echo Ray’s beautiful and eloquent words! Thank you…Thank you to you and your family and all the belief, sacrifice and perserverence to bring forth the vision God placed in your heart. Desire is a powerful force.

TriVita is different from any company/business venture out there! What a privilege to be part of this unique group of visionarys, servants and wellness seekers.

Sharing the joy of wellness is what fuels me everyday at work!

with much gratitude,

Trivita is a real blessing to Joyce and me. Thank you again for this awesome opportunity in service to others. We have been blessed.

Hi Michael,

I too can’t thank you enough. I have had tremendous results with nopalea and I absolutely won’t be without it.

My quality of life has improved greatly since drinking the nopalea. I am so totally happy to have my asthma under control and be rid of the pain of fibromyalgia.

I don’t think I’m up to a hike up the mountain yet, but I may be before too long.
I used to do things like that when I was a lot younger and it was thrilling.

I am so happy to be able to bring wellness to so many people. Nopalea helps such
a wide array of ailments.

One of my newest affiliates is trying nopalea to see what it will do for her. A day or so ago she had a blinding headache so she drank a glass of nopalea and the headache went away within minutes. Just imagine! That kind of result with a natural product.

I have several people who are trying to wean off of pain medications and most of them
are having success.

Nopalea is truly a God Given gift. And I am so thankful to be a part of spreading wellness with TriVita.

Nancy Finlon

Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us. I, too, have been with TriVita since the launch. I have not moved up the scale as fast as many of the others because I am a full time substitute teacher, at the high school. There I have more of a chance to share the TriVita story and live out my dream of helping and loving so many of the teen-age children that no one else has time for. I also tell everyone who will listen what a wonderful Christian organization TriVita is. That everyone is your friend, whether it is you, Michael, or any one of your family or organization. I have attended most of the conventions and truly love seeing and taking part in the awesome building that TriVita has now with the wonderful Nopolea. I am asking for special prayers for a middle aged man who had knee surgery and has such bad infection that they are considering amputation. We, a friend of his and uses Nopolea, is giving him many bottles after I gave him a GOH. I suggested a large dose, like 6 ounces a day to start with possibly more when his system gets used to it. I am just telling you as we are all so glad to have Nopolea to give him hope!! Wow, I did not mean to get so carried away. This is just one of the many people I have been able to help. Thank you, thank you and thank you!! Sincerely and with Christian Love, Ida Anderson, Pierre, SD PS Thank you, too, for your wonderful Blogs. We, my husband, and I really enjoy them.

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