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I have never seen so much excitement as with our Affiliates who are Dashing to Director.  People stayed up past midnight Saturday, July 31 in order to be the first to place their media reservations for August fulfillment!   Dash to Director is down to the final two months and the race is on! Those who achieve Director will receive their award at the Galaxy of Stars awards dinner and be eligible for the February leadership event in Hawaii.

In just six months, we are going to double the number of Directors we have developed over the past 10 years.  We have more than doubled the number of Presidential Directors the last six months versus the last 10 years and for the first time, there will be women accepting their Presidential Director awards.  Watch out, men! We have a strong, dynamic group of women who are passionate about the mission and are climbing ranks fast in TriVita leadership. 

Karen Possick is our number one enroller of new Affiliates.  She and Kathy Smith are in a race to be the first woman to achieve Presidential Director.  Patti Weirich wrote me an email yesterday sharing her excitement about Pam Moody advancing as a new Director.  Patti said, “Pam is truly an inspiration to me.  She has the true passion for wellness and is so in line with your desire to build a foundation of people who will be wellness-driven first!”  I am so thrilled to know this is happening as it brings the wonderful nurturing attributes of women to our follow-up initiatives! We want people to know how to best achieve a wellness experience with our products!  Your wellness experience and belief in the product – combined with inspiration – can help many people. 

Tom Obey emailed me with this message: “Lori and I are so excited about the future and are wondering where it is going to take us.”  (My response? To Hawaii and then worldwide, Tom!)  He goes on to say, “People are having incredible results with Nopalea. We are meeting people every day and hearing all these success stories!” 

For those of you who have not heard, we had our Presidential Directors and spouses in for an all-day meeting in Scottsdale just a few days ago.  We laid out a plan for global expansion that was received with the greatest enthusiasm I could have ever hoped for.  We raised the bar for global expansion – far beyond anything anyone has imagined for TriVita.  We are starting in Australia and New Zealand in February, which is our beachhead to the Pan Asia countries.  

The Hawaii Directors event will also be the send-off for the Presidential Directors’ “down under” Australian tour.  This is a once-in-a-TriVita-lifetime opportunity to be a part of this huge global expansion effort. It will be recorded and a group picture of everyone in Hawaii participating in the send-off of the Presidentials and corporate leadership will be in the Honor Room as a part of our historical effort in going worldwide. Be there if you can! 

We are seamless in our comp plan….who do you know somewhere in the world who could be a part of our future global expansion efforts?  Dare to dream….dare to risk and fulfill your life purposes. That was my message to the Presidential Directors and it is my message to you. 

You can do it….You can live it!!  The Law of Awareness teaches us there is an abundance of resources waiting for you: all around you are the resources of someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes!!!


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