In the wilderness, I learned not always to trust “self-talk”

Posted on: September 1, 2010

As the helicopter lifted off, I stood there in awe of this new world where I would spend the next 10 days with my guide.  I was just a couple hundred miles from the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories.  I had been in this region before some five years ago but nothing like this.  I had been dreaming of this trip for a year as another one of the wilderness adventures that would contribute to my health and well-being.  But this was like landing on the moon as there were rock crevices, slides and boulders of every shape and size.  The only reason I knew there was life in this barren wilderness was because there was a beautiful lake at the valley floor. 

As I looked at the challenge of the mountains I would trek, my self-voice immediately began to talk.  You are 64 years of age, a suit and tie guy that spends most of your time in meetings.  You didn’t train for this kind of physically demanding challenge.  What if you can’t do it for 10 days?  What if you fall and twist a knee?  I found it intriguing that for some reason my excitement and anticipation for this excursion turned negative so fast.  Where was this self-voice coming from? 

For two days I boulder-hopped and crawled up ledges and over shale slides.  It seemed like each mountain had its own rock personality: what it would give and what it would take away.  At one point on the second day, we got to the top of a mountain only to find that with each step we took across the shale, a piece of the mountain moved under our feet as far as 10 feet away. From our mountain-climbing experience, we knew that was a danger signal for a potential rock avalanche. Returning back that night to our tent site, it began to rain and rain it did for 36 hours with wind and fog that kept me inside the entire time. 

For some reason the time gave me the opportunity to reflect on that self-voice I heard the first day….what was that voice?  Why did it question my ability?   I had trained and in my first two days did amazingly well navigating God’s rock garden!!  What was the difference between that self-voice and the logical response both my guide and I processed when the mountainside was moving?  The reasoning of knowledge and experience about a sliding mountain was different than my self-voice doubting my ability. 

Where did these self-imposed limitations come from? They were the last thoughts I should have had when that chopper lifted, leaving me in the wilderness to experience another adventure.  As I lay there reflecting on this self-talk experience, I concluded it was because I had never really experienced this kind of terrain in such a massive environment – one that would require my total focus in order to avoid injury. 

Self-talk…have you ever heard an inner voice talking to you about your limitations?  Self-talk that questioned why you would think you could succeed at something you were attempting to do?  Since I am writing to TriVita Affiliates, perhaps you have heard a self-voice questioning why you think you can build a large organization and succeed in your wellness business?  Does your self-voice question you when you have gone on a weight loss program? Question why you think you will ever be able to keep the weight off? 

What does your self-voice say to you when you are inspired to break out of life’s ruts and begin to establish new goals and connect to your true life purposes?  Does it ask you, “Do you really think you can do this?”  Does it question why you think you are deserving of a life of success, happiness and fulfillment? 

Why does self-talk generally question our ability and worthiness?  Is this self-talk coming from an inner belief we have about ourselves?  What external influences affected our inner beliefs to such a degree that we would doubt our intentions and efforts to connect to our true life purposes and potential? 

What behavioral patterns do we indulge in to mask the pain we feel about ourselves?  Do we binge with food, alcohol or drugs?  

As I came to the end of my 10-day adventure,  I realized I had demonstrated to myself my ability to meet the challenge of fording roaring valley streams and climbing the highest peaks. And I realized that my self-voice had changed.  It was one of accomplishment and pride and if I may say so, of my ability at 64 years of age to carry a pack that sometimes weighed nearly half my body weight. I had done it.  

I realized my self-talk was not accurate that first day when the chopper lifted and I stood there in awe…it underestimated my training and desire to accept this challenge.  I discovered a valued lesson and truth: My self-voice is not always right or accurate. In fact, I made a commitment that if my self-voice creates self-imposed limitations by the words it speaks to me,  I will always challenge it as not serving me to optimize my life purposes and goals. 

As I speak of TriVita launching its global expansion of 100 countries in 10 years, though daunting,  I will not believe my self-voice telling me we will never accomplish it.  I choose to trust in a higher voice and vision that if I could think it, speak it and act according to that vision all the resources would be made available to manifest that vision.  Law of expression!! 

May I encourage you to challenge your self-voice and its beliefs about you!  If your self-voice speaks words of self-imposed limitations, do not trust those words but reach out for your life purpose potential.   It is there where you will find all the resources you need to live your life to the fullest.  

And yes, no matter what your self-voice says, you can build an awesome TriVita wellness business!!!


18 Responses to "In the wilderness, I learned not always to trust “self-talk”"

My Dear Mr. Ellison:

Here you go again. Providing most of what is needed to assist us on our path to wellness and financial freedom. A world class product(s), a staff above all others, and such uplifting words of encouragement and sincerity.

Now it is up to each of us to dig deep to find the courage to make a decision in our hearts and minds to help others, to maintain a stick-to-it attitude, to decide to be positive and instill positive attitudes in others, to assist and lead not cower behind our fears.

I still hear your words, “Somewhere there is someone or something to help you fulfill your life’s purposes.” It echoes in my mind. We have listened to your “Law of Awareness” CD over and over again.

Thank you.

Thank you Michael for the “SElf Talk” reminder – I started to read some of your blogs today and came to this – resonated extremely well with me. You reminded me that everything is possible – esp. with the “somewhere …someone” The Law of Awareness is a powerful feeling for me now. Thanks for your inspiration!


Hi, Michael.

I know that self talk… I have been hearing all along especially when I was growing up in Japan. I was a great student, very good daughter, but I was truuly BLACK SHEEP of my family. Many things were not encouraged due to my gender…

When I was college, I had an opportunity to study 2 weeks in U.S sister college during Summer. THIS 2 WEEKS REALLY GAVE ME A THOUGHT TO BREAK THIS SELF TALK. If no one has done it, then why don’t I be the first one ? Wow, I do not have to change myself, world is HUGE ! I can move to another country to be who I am. I never look back ever since, and here I am…

I still hear this voice time to time. To be honest, comming from another country and trying to do the same like native people, we encounter small challenges every day. However, when I think about myself, how far I moved forward is just amazing..Now I have my own Skin Care Clinic, became a Director with TRIVITA… I am truly grateful that Sue and Vince Buscemi came to my life.

Finally, thank you for sharing your thought. Even you have this self talk… You are really honest , annd great leader.

Hello, Michael.

Your story reminded me my life. I was born and raised in Japan, I broke many traditions. Especially many things are more restricted, I had to erase all the other people trying to help me out that I could not acheive things because of our tradition…
I always felt really unconfortable with these ideas, I was start believing maybe I need to accept thier believe system.

But, when I got a chance to attend special 2 weeks summer program which we have studied at sister college in America, light bolt turned on like ” WOW, I never knew there is a country that I can be who I am, and I do not have to alter my thought. I do not have to change me, I can move to another counrty where it suits me ! ” I decided to choose my career to be in foreign country. I never look back ever since.

When I think about how my life evolved, there was, and always have this talk with myself. I got over many, but I have more things I need to work with. This inner talk with ourselves really help me to define WHY I AM HERE, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE AS MAYUMI.

I am trully grateful that I met SUE BUSCEMI, and our TRIVITA family. This is really a HUGE blessing in my life.

I am looking forward to meeting you in October at galaxy of stars.

Mayumi Pachkoski

Is Self Talk… a blessing or a curse?

The most important person that you will have a conversation with is yourself. It will take you to the highest mountain top or the deepest valley in your life. Yourself talk can be either a friend or a foe. Michael your blog has such a wonderful insight into the thoughts that go through our minds each and every day, day after day.

God often talks about self talk; and it can be used for good or for evil. We are always faced with a choice in life. We can accept Fear (false evidence appearing real), or we can look beyond our fear or draw from our inner most strengths taking us to the next level.

I do not consider these self talk setbacks as failures. A key question that people need to ask themselves when negative self talk starts to take over is; do I love myself? It sounds a little silly, but it is really a way out of the valley back to the mountain top.

Jesus gave us two commands while he was on the earth. He told us to love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind, and your strength. And then He said the second greatest command was to love your neighbor as yourself. So why did He say this? Because he knew that our love for self would prevent us from hurting or harming ourselves and would hopefully stop us from hurting or harming others.

So when a person’s self talk starts to lead them down that path to self destruction and they sense this happening, they need to ask; right now am I loving myself. And the answer will immediately come to them as a resounding NO! They then need to immediately, stop the current thought process, and turn it around by asking the next question. Why am I thinking these thoughts? And the answer every time will be fear; (false evidence appearing real).

They need to immediately stop and ask themselves, what am I afraid of. They need to immediately face this demon, squarely. They need to take the time to understand where these thoughts are coming from, an individual, a book, a movie, a past event, or a past set back or traumatic experience. They then need to ask the next question. If I move forward what is the worst that can or will happen. Most likely that answer will be one of two answers. I will make a fool out of myself, or I may be rejected.

In both cases neither one is life threatening or will cause physical harm. If physical harm could be the outcome, then the person may want to rethink of the consequences before moving forward. But sense right now we are primarily talking about building a business in 99% of most cases it will be safe to move forward.

So let’s talk about why this fear comes over us. There are two reasons, confidence and lack of knowledge. And the funny thing is; we get our confidence from knowledge and experience. So it is sort of like the chicken and the egg. What came first?

Many people say if your WHY is big enough you will do anything. And I think you can change the word why to PURPOSE; if your purpose is big enough you can and will do anything. But I think that there is still more to it. In some cases I believe if the pay off on the other side is great enough a lot of people will cross over even at the risk of death.

However, the key to enabling 99% of the people to cross over to the other side is that they need to be assured that they are 100% confident that they are going to make it. And this is where self talk comes in.

If self talk tells them they are at the point of imminent death, if they do not move forward, then this fear will certainly push them over to the other side. However if death is not the ultimate outcome most people will stay where they are at.

So the pay off has to be achievable, certain, and an image in their mind seeing them self, over on the other side before they will take the first step. Self talk is very powerful.

People need to know inside that they have what it takes. That is why in the bible God asks His people to meditate on His word day and night. They are to write His words on the tablets of their hearts. Why because when you meditate on God’s words they become a person’s self talk.

Take for instance; in the bible there is a passage that states Psalms 139:14, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. This is a great self talk verse to remember, it speaks to how we are made in God’s image. This should give us the confidence to achieve anything.

And one more source to draw from in the bible, in Genesis chapter 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And chapter 1:31 And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.

We were all made in God’s image so this should give each one of us the drive to succeed. So when yourself talk starts to put doubt in your mind remember who you are! You have been made in the image of God Almighty. You were created to achieve and succeed. This is the final process in the 10 essentials and that is to have a personal relationship with God. Once you do this, He will give you the confidence to achieve anything. In the bible in the book of Romans it says “if God is with us who can be against us”.

So now let’s look at some practical applications. TriVita is a blessing from God to all of us affiliates. If we will take what we have and apply it we can all succeed. Here is some knowledge that you can feed your self talk. That is on a daily basis, TriVita does not create a warm market for us; they created a hot market for us. How can I say this? Well through the cooperative marketing campaigns, every bundle that you pick up whether it is a member or an affiliate member this person is already engaged with the product.

That makes your job simple. The person is a hot market lead. They already know about the product they think that they are going to like the product and all you need to do is build a relationship with them. They are already sold on the product. It is now your responsibility to educate them on what they just purchased and encourage their wellness journey experience.

This should be yourself talk before each call; rehearse this in your mind. First thank the person on the line for ordering the product(s), second, ask them why they called in to order Nopalea, leading them to an answer by asking them is it arthritis, pain all over, stiffness, or ask them where on their body are they having issues, then be quiet and let them answer you.

Immediately after they answer you, tell them of your personal wellness experience or that of a friend. Third, tell them all of the positive things they are receiving moving forward (20% discount, 60 day 100% money back guarantee, limit 2 119.99 discount coupons).

Ask them if they have read the secret killer article, if not encourage them to do so, and finally ask them to fill out a self survey by writing down where the current aches and pains are all over their body, reminding them that the Nopalea works throughout the entire body. And they will start feeling improvements in other areas, not just the ones that they are wanting to focus on.

Nopalea provides a complete body wellness experience. The Nopalea is working on areas of their body that they are unaware of. This is a journey not a onetime experience. That is why Nopalea needs to become a staple in their cabinet, and you need to share that with them. If you believe this you will… It should be a natural part of your conversation.
Remember you are the messenger, TriVita already made the sell so there is nothing to sell; you are the follow up person to let them know that the company cares and wants them to have the best possible wellness experience that they can.

Then the most important part of the call is this, this is where the relationship begins, tell them you will be calling them back in a week, one bottle, 2 weeks, two bottles, 3 weeks 3 bottles, or a month 4 bottles. And then call them back when you told them you would.
This is a self talk script for success. Using this I never and I mean never have had a bad experience and most of the time I get a thank you at the end of the call. So read this over and over before you call your bundles, put this in bullet format if necessary but get it down. Practice this with your up line leader, and you will not have any self talk issues.

Knowledge is power, once you know what to say; so practice this, rehearsing this over and over with a real person, then talking with others is a piece of cake.

So if you are having a self talk problem dealing with follow up bundles this is the script you should be using and passing on to your down line.
And by the way I cannot take any credit for this; it all belongs to John Windscheffel. He is the boss!!! God Bless…


The lifestyle and wellness we enjoy because of TriVita is truly a dream come true! But, the life lessons we have learned from you over the past nine years is the greatest gift you have given to Tammi and me. We are teaching these principles to our daughters and son in laws and building a legacy.

Let’s start with the Law of Reciprocity. This universal law has changed our lives. We have been conditioned to believe that we better look out for “NUMBER ONE” because nobody else is. You taught us to serve others first and we will be rewarded in what money can and can not buy. This is perhaps the greatest principle you have taught us. It really works!

The Law of Expression. Tammi and I are living examples of the law of expression. In 2007 we attended the TriVita Directors Forum at the Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs. I fell in love with the majestic views of the mountains. I told Tammi, “I would like to live here some day”. Well, here we are living in Colorado Springs. But, it gets even better. Our daughters and Son in laws have their own TriVita business so they were able to move here as well. The real pay off is being able to spend time with our three Granchildren!!!

Now let’s talk about you current message, that inner voice. Until now, I have lived in Oregon my entire life, 52 years. The inner voice was saying, Bryan, are you crazy! why in the world are you thinking of moving your entire family to Colorado? You don’t know anybody there! All of your friends and family are in Oregon. You are nuts! As tough as it was, I ignored that inner voice. The first people we met when we got here were Artie and Patti Cage. Artie moved here from New Zealand. Today, we shipped 7 cases of Nopalea to his brother and friends in New Zealand! I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to that inner voice. It was tough to make this move, but I know that we were lead here to enlarge our territory and spread the word about TriVita.

Michael, thank you so much for changing the way I think. Thank you for helping me to challenge that negative inner voice. Tammi and I are so grateful and hope that we can help others as much as you have helped us.

Bryan Wirth

Bryan and Tammi, You both exude warmth, sincerity, and love for each other. Everyone in TRVITIA loves hearing what you have to share. Wishing you the very best in Colorado. It truly is magestic! My warmest regards, Sue B.


Wow!! Your blog takes my breath away! It blows me away! I have doubted myself so many times and really wondered if I could ever build a TriVita Business. However, I work TriVita every day. I call all my media contacts and my other Members and AM’s. It is so exciting now, because I have numerous Members and AM’s that call me directly when they’re ready to order and I’ve had ladies recently who ordered two 4 packs when we “3-wayed” into TriVita.

With the CPAC program, you have made it possible for me to build and help my group build and 4 more people in our group stepped up and Dashed for Director in August. We will continue working together and leading our group.

I believe that God brought us all together for a purpose. We all personally met and bonded last year at Galaxy of Stars and have worked together all year.John Windscheffel has been a tremendous help with his trainings. Dennis Anderson is a wonderful, selfless leader. He is totally focused on helping his group be successful. I can’t actually congratulate the new Directors by name until TriVita puts out the official list.

This month we will be focusing on calling every one of our new contacts, and renewing old relationships.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful company and yourself with us.

Nancy Finlon

Great contemplation, Michael. Some time in the wilderness with the adversary is beneficial to us all. I love all the metaphors in your story, the desert, the rain, the isolation, the choices.

It is always interesting how we make up stories about the unknown and the future, and if we allow it they are often negative. It is said that no child has woke up in the middle of the night screaming, “Mommy, Mommy there are angels under my bed!” Why we tend to make up the worse when we are only confronted with unknown.

Working your way beyond that is the journey….and as the journey of a hundred miles starts with one step….the journey of a hundred countries starts with one country…we are not behind you on this endeavor….we are beside you.


You are the real deal. After all you have accomplished, to see you write authentic messages like this warms the heart. This is what I love about living the TriVita life. It is not about hype, flash, sale and dash. It is about living what you preach, walking where you talk. You quoted Henry Ford in your book saying “whether you think you can or think you can’t…your right.” I would have to say that your vision being large enough and unselfish allows room for people like me who think life would be so much better if we could be a part of taking wellness and hope to the world.

Negative self talk is probably one of the greatest diseases in our world. We all suffer from time to time. Knowing that everyone is human. Knowing that despite our tendancy we can actually choose better…that is liberating. I know thousands of Affiliate Members will rally behind you and carry a bit of the weight to really build this. I for one am totally commited to having a team of people get the mission you have shared since day one. What a beautiful world this would be if more people read and applied the heart of your ten keys to wealth and wellness.

My brother and I always say a little something to each other to let each other know that we never do life alone. We talk almost everyday and end by telling each other “love ya bro” but the words that warm our hearts the most are…” got ur back bro”. You see sometimes when self talk gets the best of us…those people that know us the best can see that something is off or wrong…they can then remind us where we have been who we are and where we are going… As TriVita Ambassadors…we are creating a Legacy, we are going around the world. We are only as strong as the newest wellness experience we have helped. So I say let’s help as many people as possible experience wellness and wealth for their life purposes. I would love to see how many Affiliate Members will be as bold as you and stake their support (claim) for the whole world to see. As for me and my house…


got ur back

Any one else?????

Mr. Ellison,

Your blog is truly inspiring! It reaffirms my decision to take the plunge and Dash to Director. My wife & I thought long and hard (and prayed) about this move. To her credit, she has supported me throughout this entire process.

I must admit just a little over one month ago I was thinking that becoming a Director was a delayed dream. But thankfully I have been blessed with magnificent up line leadership. John Windscheffel, Nancy Finlon and Dennis Anderson have helped me tap into the greatness that God instilled in each of us. As they encouraged me to “stretch” beyond my comfort zone, “self talk” was always there casting doubt. But you know what I discovered? I found out that John, Nancy and Dennis believed in me. Thank God for them!

Growing up in a single-parent home, my mother did the best that she could to provide for my siblings and me. I am grateful to God for her as she enjoys her 82nd year of life. However, with the challenges of being a widow in south Alabama, and lacking skills in the early to mid 60’s, I can remember many days that she would walk out of our home in a white uniform to go and clean Mrs. Steveson house (after 40+ years I still remember her name). As a young boy this made an indelible impression on me. During the era in which I grew up, “self talk” was a constant companion.

Fast forward to 2010…I find myself asking, “Why were the people in my up line placed in my pathway?” Without a doubt, I know that it was God’s providence that arranged this long before I even knew anything about TriVita.

Mr. Ellison (Michael), thank you for your timely blog. Thank your for inpiring me to reach out for my life purpose potential. Thank you for not listening to your self talk, but instead, listening to that “still small voice” that led you to bring TriVita to the world. I look forward to building a great TriVita business.

Wow, Michael,

What you wrote here really resonated with me. Yes, there have been times
when my “terrain” looked formidable and I wondered if I could safely navigate
it. Yes, I heard the threatening voice trying to paralyze me with fear. Sometimes
it was, is, and probably will once again be successful at stopping me, at least momentarily. Yes, shaking it off, looking to the Lord who promises to never forsake me, who has a plan and a purpose for me and an appointed time to accomplish that plan…well, then the voice has to quiet itself. Perfect love casts out all fear, and His love is perfect.

This journey we’ve embarked upon with you brings breathless moments when we must, rather than be fearful, grab hold of the truth that this is a good and worthy endeavor. When we can bring people in distress some relief, even great relief, we have done an awesome thing. New life comes from that, as we’ve heard from several people who’ve had no hope for years.

Thank you for sharing your wilderness trip with us. As one with a vivid imagination, I took your story to heart and felt the danger and the victory with you. I can’t wait to hear about next year’s trip.

Hey Michael,

WOW!!! What an eye opening letter and very timely! Our self voice is so very powerful it can be our best friend or our worst enemy. That voice has led me onto victory and other times it left me in the valley alone!

I want you and all to know I’m thrilled to be here at Trivita. Men like you set an example and inspire the rest of us by your living example.

I love your honesty about the global expansion being daunting but I know we can accomplish this goal because we believe we can! You will be supported and surrounded by Trivita men and woman of like mind and we will make this a reality!

God bless you my friend you have been and amazing example to many!

64 years old huh? Hardly!

Lets do this!!!

Dear John,
Thanks for the mention on tonight’s TRIVITA call! I was honored to be mentioned and elated to hear my message touched your heart. My heartfelt congratulations on reaching Presidential!
I loved what you said about loving TRIVITA. Me too. It has been “home” for me since 1999. I hope to reach Presidential in 2011. Look forward to meeting you at GOS.
My warmest regards, Sue Buscemi

What a gift you give in your transparency of feelings, doubts and questions in this post. So many of us harbor similar feelings, and your honest about them, coupled with your resolve to not let them hinder you spoke deeply to me.
Thank you.
Our self talk or “inner dialogue” as I call it can be paralyzing when we listen to the fears, untruths and limitations. But when we hear the Voice of TRuth and trust our calling, our inner dialgoue can bring life, energy and action.

I am so grateful for your post and the reminders it brought to me personally, as we have made some major transitions & choices to pursue our life purposes and committed to sharing wellness with the world through TriVita. Your leadership and vision, along with the mentoring and guidance we receive from the Gonda’s, Wirth’s & Terry Newsome, have helped us boldy live out and speak out the Law of Expression as we set our sights on growing a wellness business that will bless and serve many.

We are thrilled to be on this new adventure with TriVita, and the Ellison family, along with all the affiliates that are part of our Team Miller 🙂 What a joy to be a part of something bigger and grander than we can even imagine.

As a psychologist, I have worked with so many peopel who let their self talk inhibit them, convince them of futility and dictate fear, such that they give up thier dreams or live in a chronic state of doubt. Your honest reflections and your encouragement to listen to truthful self talk echo what i have taught for years, and am still learning to practice in many life situations.

One of these was my quest for wellness, and the inner dialogue that dsicouraged me, dashed my hopes and made me wonder if i would ever be well again. I worked hard to develop an inner dialogue of hope, possibility and health and I truly believe that in doing so, God led me to TriVita & Nopalea. Not only am i enjoying the health & wellness that i had expressed desire for, but we are also so excited to be builidng wellness & wealth for our life purposes, thanks to the TriVita mission & vision.

Blessings to you Michael and prayers as you continue to live out the Law of Expression and speak hope, possibility and vision over everyone invovled in TriVita!

With Gratitude,
Susie (and for John too 🙂

This is a great life story with a great life lesson. We truly are made in the image and likeness of our Creator. Why would we expect anything less than our greatest in all things? Why would we allow anyone or anything to stop us from being all we can be?
Why would we allow a voice in our head or a voice from someone else, to separate us from our dreams and full potential?
As TriVita Health Coaches, we should be an inspiration to others, and we should inspire others to reach their full potential. Dr. Minshew teaches us to ask our customers to talk about their dreams. If they had good health and unlimited wealth what woould you do differently? Asking them to say it out loud is putting the law of expression to action. Say it, write it, work it…do the work required to learn what you must to make your dreams come true.
Michael’s climb was not done in 1 day, it was done bit by bit, day by day, to reach the summit.
This is analagous to life. It takes healthy habits practiced daily to impact positive cellular health.
For a TriVita business, it takes daily work, done over and over and over again, to build a huge organization. Nothing can happen in one day. Nothing can happen if you allow negative thoughts to cloud your enthusiasm to reach for the stars! There is nothing to fear but fear itself!

Truly inspiring, practical and timely for this 67 year young person.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for such a powerful blog post, and for sharing some wonderful photos. We really do become what we think about and tell ourselves.

Like the saying goes: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. Sometimes that person who is saying it cannot be done is ourself.

Carisa and I hope that everyone in TriVita takes this message to heart.

Thanks again!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

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