Team Australia is a go! The doors are wide open in Australia!

Posted on: October 12, 2010

As Leo and I felt the humongous Boeing 777 lift off the runway by the force of the giant jet engines, I knew my trip to Australia had been an amazing success. 

I am sitting here overcome with emotions of excitement, joy, anticipation and gratitude because I know this is the right time for TriVita to take its mission of helping people experience wellness to the world.  I also know Australia is the first country for us to demonstrate our co-operative marketing model as being unique to TriVita.  And the fact that we are starting out with TGA certification for our products puts us way ahead of most all companies that have entered Australia. 

The week started off with Todd Rimmer (our National Sales Director) and me visiting potential office sites throughout the area.  Just visualizing a TriVita sign and an office with employees dedicated to serving both our new Affiliates and Members – indicating our long-term commitment – was a thrill to me. 

Most of the next two days were dedicated to interviewing and selecting the public relations firm that would help us tell our authentic story through Australian media.  The response to our presentations was most gratifying, as TriVita certainly has many differentiators over the start-ups that simply seem to fish in the Australia pond for profits.  I am very excited about the international firm we selected, as they are also in many of the countries where we desire to launch in the future. They started out with reservations about representing a direct sales company but our compelling story and mission won their hearts.  I look for great things to come from this relationship. 

The highlight of the trip was a private luncheon at Consul General Marquardt’s residence for a few special invitees on Thursday.  David Murphy, who is the Senior Commercial Counselor over Australia and New Zealand, had helped make this luncheon possible by representing us to the embassy and Consul General. Mr. Marquardt is a three-time appointed ambassador so many possibilities could come from a successful luncheon. 

As Leo and I, along with Ambassador Newell and Todd Rimmer, waited outside for our official signal to enter up the drive to the residence, we knew this had to be a very high-level meeting: federal police lined both sides of the street offering security protection for the diplomats. 

I should introduce Leo to you as Leo took this long trip with me.  I had agreed to take Leo as it would not cost much except some time for me to take him to the various sites like the harbor with the signature opera house.  Actually, my grandson Parker Ellison introduced me to Leo and asked if I would please take him with me.  Today, Leo was going to this high-level meeting with me and meeting Ambassador Marquardt.  Leo is to report back to the sixth grade social studies class that Parker attends.  You will see Leo in the picture with me and the very tall Ambassador: Leo is the small stuffed animal.  

Family is very important to me, even if it means taking a risk by asking a high-ranking diplomat to send a message back to an anxious group of young people that my grandson Parker will report to.  By the way, Ambassador Marquardt is a very fine family man of values himself. 

My TriVita family is also very important to me and that is why I take the time to blog of my personal experiences, hoping our relationship will grow stronger and you will feel the connection to the family and hear of our mission, purpose and goals.  The luncheon was so successful we have a commitment from the Consul General to help us worldwide.  They also agreed to attend our launch cities in Australia when we return in February. 

Watch for the names of three new Australian Affiliates who were in attendance: Joe Tobey, Peter McDonald and John Hunter.  I was so thrilled at the depth of their experience and quality.  To have them commit to building by leading with the mission was most gratifying, as that is not usually how it is done in Australia.  I expect some big things from this group.  We only had 10 chairs at the table so there were other outstanding Affiliates I would have loved to have there, but there was no room at the inn!! 

My special thanks to Ambassador Greg Newell for opening these doors and the intense effort he gave to ensure a very successful week.  Now we have our sights on Hong Kong and Taiwan where Greg will start opening doors next month. 

Wellness for the world is now a driving passion!! 


15 Responses to "Team Australia is a go! The doors are wide open in Australia!"

Thank you for being you! You inspire all of us! Sue

We down here are looking forward to this company of integrity and thank you for your inspirational energy- both of you – Michael and Susan!! Till we meet again.

Thank you for being you!You inspire all of us! Sue

At last – a step down-under is a step for the betterment of our business. But I can’t help wondering, when will New Zealand benefit from this expansion ? best wishes on behalf of the “kiwis”!

This is an exciting time for you and for everyone involved with TriVita. We look forward to being part of generating more wellness for more people.
Continued success for all involved,
Terry and Gillian

Michael, your summation at the end really captured the essense of this whirlwind trip, “Wellness for the world is now a driving passion!” We are so pleased to be a part of this movement to introduce our excellent products to our friends “down under.” Doesn’t everyone deserve the gift of improved health and wellness? We’ll be closely following your efforts to expand in the other markets mentioned.

Best to you,

Linda and Gary Krajci

It sounds so Exciting (yes with a capitol “E” ) r. Ellison, I am determined to connect with many of the fine people of Australia. Ca you offer any insight into the culture which will help us have the best chance of connecting on a personal level with prospective Australian contacts? It’s so encouraging that the doors have opened to TriVita, and that the mission was accomplished in style, and your reception there was so warm . (including our friend Leo. Maybe he can be a mascot if we ever start a baseball, basketball or some other sports team. Thank you so much Mr. Ellison for sending this information and sharing a part of you with us.

And welcome back, I am glad to hear you had a great trip. I don’t get to go anywhereand havn’t fo quite some timedue to finances mostly and also my illness
But I am now taking Nopalea, and other than being tired lots I am feeling better. So, one day maybe I will be able to afford to go. That is why I like to hear someone had a good trip and especially if you achieved your goal that is even better Thanks Gwen

Hi Michael,

Parker is so blessed to have you as a grandfather. Next to God, family is the most important thing there is. It is amazingly refreshing to know that there is a man like you, in the position you hold, who is not afraid to take Leo with you to the highest level meetings. I’ll bet it gave you a good measure of the type of men you were meeting with too.

I am very proud to be a part of your company and to be associated with you and your msision. I have 3 small grandsons and they are the center of our universe. Maybe someday I can take them traveling with me to our different TriVita locations in other countries.

I’m here in Arizona. I’ll see you on Friday if not before. Thank you so much for all you have given us with TriVita. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!!

Nancy Finlon

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing your heart and your vision. You have given so many of us hope. I look forward to spending time with you and my TriVita family.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

Prayers of safe travels for our TriVita family.

God bless,

Jon Dunn

Wonderful report Michael. So glad. You must be very thrilled and satisfied – so far! TriVita in some ways is just beginning!

See you soon, and looking forward to Galaxy and beyond.

Laura Matsuda

All that I can say is WOW!!! The timing has never been better… I can not wait to get GOS on Thursday to here the rest of the story.

Great report,

Welcome back!

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for sharing some of your photos and events from your trip to Australia. We are looking forward to spreading wellness “down under” and to traveling there in 2011.

This really is a special time to be involved with TriVita. Thanks for all that you, your family and everyone at TriVita is doing!

See you soon at the Galaxy of Stars.

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Tremendously exciting!

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