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The Galaxy of Stars hallways echoed the message of the Law of Awareness: “Somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes.”  How thrilling it was for me to have many Affiliates repeating this phrase in their greetings to me.  It was pure joy to witness the anticipation of our Affiliates as they wondered who would be their someone, and what would the something be, that would help them fulfill their life purpose dreams. 

John Windscheffle went home so inspired from the event, that he discussed the possibility of moving his family to Scottsdale to be close to the home office for all the new Affiliate tours he plans to bring into the corporate office.  He said, “Scottsdale is my something!”  Tom Obey called me and said, “I am your someone to help you with your desire to help the people of the Sonoran Desert have a greater quality of life!” 

Many Affiliates were excited about the vision of 100 countries in 10 years.  Bill Shu – who must have taken 10,000 pictures at the Galaxy, as he was everywhere with his camera – said, “I am your someone to travel and photograph the opening of each country.  At the Galaxy of Stars I have found the answer.  I will rebuild the foundations of my life based on your vision and mission to bring wellness and wealth to the world.  Count me in!” 

Ambassador Newell left the Galaxy of Stars saying, “I am your someone to help you open up these 100 countries.”  Within three days of the conference he had left for Hong Kong and met with high-level diplomats, introducing them to TriVita and arranging for our reception with key business leaders. Not only did he meet with high-level diplomats, but he also met with prospective Affiliate business builders and prospects for our National Sales Director. He said the intensity and excitement for new products in Hong Kong was scintillating. 

Todd Rimmer, our National Sales Director for Australia, left the Galaxy of Stars saying, “The Galaxy of Stars presentations and video were fantastic, being second to none. I am going back with passion and purpose to build TriVita Australia!” He has booked three hotels in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a meet and greet with my wife Susan and I the first week of December.  I can’t wait to hand out my Koala gold coins to some very special Affiliates for their gold standard of service in helping us launch TriVita down under!!!  One year ago I had never heard the name of Todd Rimmer; now he is an advocate for our mission of helping people experience wellness in Australia and New Zealand. Somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes!!!!  This is the most exhilarating thought of every day with me and with those who have caught the illumination of this truth! 

Several Affiliates at Galaxy said to me, Michael could this also be that God is someone around you that is there to help you?  Yes, God is there to help you fulfill your life purposes!  You have no lack of resources for your life purpose!! 

I gave the Law of Awareness CD as a gift to our Directors.  I have had people email me and say they have listened to it over 10 times to help them expand and explore their awareness of the resources available to them to fulfill their life purposes.  Grab hold of this empowering truth! 

This is a most exciting time in TriVita as people are experiencing astonishing wellness results from Nopalea and we are taking wellness to the world.  

The new buzz phrase is now 100 in 10!!!!!


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