The “Law of Awareness” is manifesting itself among the TriVita family

Posted on: November 1, 2010

The Galaxy of Stars hallways echoed the message of the Law of Awareness: “Somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes.”  How thrilling it was for me to have many Affiliates repeating this phrase in their greetings to me.  It was pure joy to witness the anticipation of our Affiliates as they wondered who would be their someone, and what would the something be, that would help them fulfill their life purpose dreams. 

John Windscheffle went home so inspired from the event, that he discussed the possibility of moving his family to Scottsdale to be close to the home office for all the new Affiliate tours he plans to bring into the corporate office.  He said, “Scottsdale is my something!”  Tom Obey called me and said, “I am your someone to help you with your desire to help the people of the Sonoran Desert have a greater quality of life!” 

Many Affiliates were excited about the vision of 100 countries in 10 years.  Bill Shu – who must have taken 10,000 pictures at the Galaxy, as he was everywhere with his camera – said, “I am your someone to travel and photograph the opening of each country.  At the Galaxy of Stars I have found the answer.  I will rebuild the foundations of my life based on your vision and mission to bring wellness and wealth to the world.  Count me in!” 

Ambassador Newell left the Galaxy of Stars saying, “I am your someone to help you open up these 100 countries.”  Within three days of the conference he had left for Hong Kong and met with high-level diplomats, introducing them to TriVita and arranging for our reception with key business leaders. Not only did he meet with high-level diplomats, but he also met with prospective Affiliate business builders and prospects for our National Sales Director. He said the intensity and excitement for new products in Hong Kong was scintillating. 

Todd Rimmer, our National Sales Director for Australia, left the Galaxy of Stars saying, “The Galaxy of Stars presentations and video were fantastic, being second to none. I am going back with passion and purpose to build TriVita Australia!” He has booked three hotels in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for a meet and greet with my wife Susan and I the first week of December.  I can’t wait to hand out my Koala gold coins to some very special Affiliates for their gold standard of service in helping us launch TriVita down under!!!  One year ago I had never heard the name of Todd Rimmer; now he is an advocate for our mission of helping people experience wellness in Australia and New Zealand. Somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes!!!!  This is the most exhilarating thought of every day with me and with those who have caught the illumination of this truth! 

Several Affiliates at Galaxy said to me, Michael could this also be that God is someone around you that is there to help you?  Yes, God is there to help you fulfill your life purposes!  You have no lack of resources for your life purpose!! 

I gave the Law of Awareness CD as a gift to our Directors.  I have had people email me and say they have listened to it over 10 times to help them expand and explore their awareness of the resources available to them to fulfill their life purposes.  Grab hold of this empowering truth! 

This is a most exciting time in TriVita as people are experiencing astonishing wellness results from Nopalea and we are taking wellness to the world.  

The new buzz phrase is now 100 in 10!!!!!


22 Responses to "The “Law of Awareness” is manifesting itself among the TriVita family"

Good morning Michael,

Someone…Something….Something showed up this morning on our computer.
What a beautiful new website. We have waited with anticipation since the fabulous G.O.S. It is everything and more than we expected. Kudos to the I.T. Team, Luke and his team and everyone else involved in producing the best healthy living website on the planet.

We laugh when we answer the phone or make a call….”someone”…..”something” is our mantra

Thank you as always Michael for your vision and purpose

Terry & Gillian

Hi Michael,

Thank you to ALL of the Ellison (and TriVita Corporate) Families for making this year’s GOS so positively unforgettable!

Who could ever forget your great “Law of Awareness” speech that is still ringing in our
ears…or Dr. Peter Daniels very practical and informative, yet down-to-earth presentation,…and so many, many others??!! Every one was OUTSTANDING!!

“Where have you ever experienced anything to equal the lovely outdoor Welcome Reception Buffet with its unexpected and delightful fireworks at the end??…. Or how about the classy Director’s Banquet…and the Saturday Night Gala Event???”
ALL WERE SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Not one thing was overlooked or spared to show TriVita’s appreciation FOR US, for the work that WE do!!!

The thing that quickly becomes so clear with every aspect of TriVita’s GALAXY OF STARS is that it has “FIRST CLASS” stamped all over it!!. But, also, that it took a whole lot of HARD WORK AND PLANNING,…PEOPLE… AND LOVE… to put this magnificent event together!


It really goes without saying…TriVita is truly a company every one of us can be so proud to be a part of!! TriVita IS OUR SPARK that will light all of our LAW OF AWARENESS connections!!

Michael, I just want to send my gratitude and blessings for all you do for us.


Norma Windscheffel

Hi Micheal, Your Law of Awareness has opened up my mind about the people I call. I see the person in a completely new light. A very special human being.

Here is how I prepare myself before calling. I have this pasted on my computer.

Read this before calling customers

The Law of Awareness.
“Somewhere around you there is someone or something to help you fulfill your life’s purpose”. Michael Ellison

The person on the other end of the phone is:
Someone special
Someone who has a story to tell
Someone who wants to be understood
Someone who longs to be known
Someone who believes in something
Someone who stands for something
Someone who lives for something
Someone who counts for something

Someone who has problems and fears
Someone who has aches and pains
Someone looking for relief
Someone who wants to feel better
Someone searching for health solutions

Someone who is glad you called
Someone who appreciates that you care

At the end of your call thank that person for their time.

WOW! Curt Moline, this is AWESOME!!! Thanks, Norma Windscheffel

Dear Michael,

This came to me as I pondered the “Law of Awareness”. There are two sides to this coin. On one side the awareness is for fulfilling our personal life purposes; on the other side of the coin we have the opportunity to fulfill some one else’s life purpose.

Please allow me to explain.

“Somewhere around you there is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purpose.”

Our passion and purpose is to share health and wellness around the world.

On the other side of the coin; we are the someone; for individuals who want relief from pain and better health; TriVita is the something that will facilitate the path way and journey to health and wellness.

So our awareness needs to be that their are millions of people out there somewhere; with one purpose in life; to get better and acquire permanent relief from their pain and suffering.

The question is are we aware of this? Are we willing to become the help to fulfill their life purpose! As they are all looking for this, but guest what. They are “unaware” why because they are absorbed and focused on their pain; just as you were driving to your office.

They are unable to focus on the fact that we are available to help them fulfill their real and number one life purpose to rid them self of pain.

So the question is how to help them become “aware”; to become possibility of eliminating their pain for life!

TriVita a company bringing health and wellness around the world; become “Aware” TriVita life’s purpose is to assist “YOU” to a life of health and wellness.

Thank you Trivita family. I want to thank my upline Steve McDaniel. I have not met this wonderfully generous man, but i’m grateful to be on his team. Only a God driven purposeful company could offer an awesome opportunity to thrive beyond your borders.
Thank you Michael Ellison and your family for living out your pupose through affiliate members like me.
I’m looking forward t GOS 2011.

Carol Wright


You are such an inspiration to us all. THANK YOU for your promotion of the “Law of Awaremeness” at the GOS!! The “Experience Wellness and Wealth Essentials” is a wonderful daily reminder of the purposes and goals we should have, and especially, how to obtain them.

We have listened to the CD numerous times and when that one no longer works, we’ll insert the other copy we received at GOS. You have helped us lay the foundation of our business by observing and being aware of who or what around us will be made available to us to fulfill our life purposes.

While we are laying out our goals for achievement and our life purposes become more realistic, we will be more aware of the who and how it will draw toward us.


Another amazing GOS! There were so many great “take aways” from this event. But, the Law of Awareness was by far the most valuable thing we took away. This alone was worth the price of admission! Anyone who listens to this powerful message, BELIEVES it, and APPLIES it will fufill their life purposes!

These are the principles we are teaching our family. The Law of Reciprocity,The Law of Expression, and now the Law of Awareness. This is the legacy we are building. Life principles that we will pass from generation to generation. This is the greatest gift you have given us, and we are truly grateful!

Thanks to you, Susan,Marcus and Luke for sacrificing so much for so many. Your family has changed so many lives here in North America over the past ten years. You will change millions of people’s lives in 100 countires over the next ten years. We want to be a part of this. What a legacy!

Bryan & Tammi Wirth


It is amazing how 14 simple words in the “Law of Awareness” can be so transforming!

I was really impressed with your honesty, and teaching us ” LAW IF AWARENESS “.
Your message really resonates with me, I felt so proud being an Affiliate member.

This year’s GOS were more REIFNED than last year. TRIVITA relly always evolving to give us the best in many ways. In Jappanese, we call KAIZEN to meke ourselves better each day. Company examines what is not serving, what need to be improving.
This company is already TOP NOTCH, but this year, I truly felt that there is no other company to compare… TRIVITA is above and beyond.

Thank you so mucch for such an inspirational GOS.
See you in next year.

Mayumi Pachkoski

Michael, I just want to say Thank You, Thank You Thank You, I too have been so Blessed to have stumbled across this Great company. I know there were many things and against all odds of me even getting involved with a Health and Wellness company. I only have one answer for how I got here and that is “God”. I am so thankful to be a part of this “Mission” to take Wellness to the world.

This has truly been “Life Changing”, it is so humbling to be a part of so many people experiencing wellness. I have recently been talking to many people who have had some amazing experiences. A lady Saturday told me she had gone a full month now without taking her insulin, Monday a lady said Nopalea had already improved her eye sight in the short time she had been taking it. Also on Mon a man had told me that it was helping with his wife’s brain tumor. A week ago a lady that had had 2 strokes and was in bed and having to use a cane to get around, said she was out playing kickball with the kids. Something she said she hadn’t done since grade school.

At GOS you talked to a few of us and asked us where would we be next year at this time. You prophesied (at least that’s the way I’m taking it) and looked at me and said 3 Star Director. I know I have my work cut out for me. But I am thinking it and here I am speaking it! Now I am acting on it.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Todd Rutledge

Hello and appreciably in advance, I look forward to being able to use the Napolea for myself, my husband and family.

It seems an integral ingredient in your ‘Galaxy’ event was the Law of Awareness. I am wondering if it is possible to acquire/purchase this material so that I may consider its application. Should this be available in Australia then of course, it wont take long to utilize.

Trusting an appreciable day to all .. … .. … .. lorna.

I am an affiliate and I would like to know how to obtain “The Law of Awareness” CD.

I have been going thru depression for over a year and one of my issues has been
a feeling of not having a purpose in life. I would like to be that person who is there
help others fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Thank you Trivita for helping others in so many different areas of Life.

Hi Wilma,
I’m Michael Ellison’s assistant and wanted you to know that very soon TriVita will be making the CD, The Law of Awarness available to all Affiliates. Keep an eye out for this in the near future.

Thank you for your interest and I know it will inspire you!


The Law of Awareness brings to mind the principle of “reverse paranoia.” People are conspiring to improve my life.

Maybe it’s not a question of exactly who is going to be helpful, so much as seeing how everybody is helping some way.

Nov. 1st was our “Maine Gala” and we presented everyone with Michael’s CD on “Law of Awareness” – apply this concept to your entire life. Thank you again Michael for continuing to push us beyond our comfort zones. God does not exist for our purposes, we exist for His. It is such a privilege to share TriVita with the world. We need to show the world that “we care.”

Thank you for being you.

I am convinced that we are doing greater work than many realise. Michael Team C3 is ready to grow nonstop from GOS to GOS. We will continue to fire on all cylinders no matter what challenge comes. We are committed to the cause you have layed out. Johann came back and immediately sent out 15 GOH, Jay came back and helped his wife dash to Director. I have had people call me after watching me for several months and tell me that now is the time for them to start sharing wellness. We as a united organisation feel blessed to call TriVita home. You won’t be able to stop us from sharing wellness and wealth. “Life is beautiful” – I loved connecting with all the amazing “old” friends Mark and Tina, John W, Mike T, and new ones like John and Suzie M, Dan and Becky,. I already miss the corporate team, Marcus, Terry, Kelly, James etc. There are so many more that I am missing but all i can say is this is the best company to be a part of. Kendall is looking forward to making a huge difference with TriVita and several more people are choosing to go Director and Presidential as a result of all the opportunity to help people experience a life filled with wellness. We are change agents and this is our home. I thank God for Terry and Gillian (my other mom and dad) Peter and Stephanie Bob and Bonnie and Barry and Ruth Borthistle. I could not ask for a better group of people to leat and temper me. Some big things are going to happen. It is time to move double time!

Thank you Michael and the Ellison family.

Famous quotes have stood the test of time and will remain a part of history for their life changing impact. I sincerely believe your “Law of Awareness” statement, “Somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes,” will inspire and impact lives all around the world and will become one of the most famous ever! One of TriVita’s very special Affiliates and I were enjoying a conversation together last week sharing thoughts and wonderful memories of our Galaxy of Stars experience. She summed up her many positive comments with a profound statement, “this conference was unique…it was supernatural!” With all my heart I agreed! Thank you for the CD gift given at the Director’s awards banquet. It is a priceless gift!
May I take this opportunity to thank you and Susan, your sons Marcus and Luke and all of your family including all of the corporate TriVita family for the most life changing, excellent, exciting, first class and fabulous Galaxy of Stars conference. We will never forget it! It really was supernatural.
If I were asked to wrap up in only one statement what I was the most thankful for regarding TriVita I would have to say, thank you for providing us the “opportunity” to help us fulfill our life’s purposes on a unique mission path of integrity, values and passion which will bless humanity around the world.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Priscilla & Doug Smith

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for another great Galaxy of Stars. We had a great time and it was a first class event as always.

Count us in as your someone to help you take TriVita Wellness to 100 countries in the next 10 years. The Law of Awareness is a very powerful principle. We have listened to the audio recording of this over 50 times already. We are hearing many people on our team repeat this law, and now we are seeing it manifest itself. It’s so exciting and rewarding!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Michael The “Law of Awareness” CD was indeed a beautiful and inspiring gift, it’s all I’ve listened to whenever I am driving since returning from GoS ! Also “Experience Wellness & Wealth Essentials” again a beautiful and inspiring gift and keepsake, a real treasure ! I have it displayed now where guests to my home are simply drawn to it ! Thank you so much for being the wonderful person you are!

Hi Michael,

I keep asking God to help me with my TriVita business. I ask for help finding people who are looking for wellness, because I know if I help enough people get well, the wealth for my life purposes will automatically follow.

I am certainly more aware of what’s going on around me. Your CD is absolutely amazing. I will keep listening to it. It seems like each time I listen, I pick up something else.

I have been blessed with a LOT of embroidery and screenprint orders. Actually to the point of being totally “swamped” with them. I think I’m becoming more aware of what God is trying to tell me. It certainly seems like I’m supposed to be working on my financial health so that I can really concentrate on buying more bundles and building more relationships and helping a lot more people toward wellness.

It is so phenomenal to be involved with a Company who is really and truly taking wellness to the world. I love TriVita and I LOVE nopalea. It is so fulfilling to be able to actually help people get rid of their pain and have a better quality of life.

Thank you so much for reminding us of the “Law of Awareness”. It is so exciting to see what can happen when you become more aware of people and things around you. I’m on the first step of my “something” that is helping me.

I will become more and more aware of people and things around me, because I have big things to do in life and I have no idea how to accomplish them. One of the things I want to do is just an abstract idea and I have to figure out how to make it happen. It seems insurmountable, but if I truly learn how to apply the Law of Awareness it will all come together.

Thank you for a totally wonderful Galaxy of Stars. I came away completely recharged!

Nancy Finlon

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