There’s still time to get to Hawaii as a Director!

Posted on: December 1, 2010

The Dash to Director Program has been so successful; it has gone far beyond our expectations. By the way, if you plan on going to Hawaii as a Director, there are still open slots, but there is a fire marshal in Hawaii that will close the door to the event when the ballroom is full!! I think this event is going to be the most exciting and fun-filled event we have ever hosted.  The content in the morning sessions will be powerful and the afternoons will be sun, sand and surf and anything you can think of.  There will be a Luau on Friday night and a Saturday dinner ending on the beach with a bonfire session as we cut the curtain to our global expansion starting in Australia and New Zealand. 

When we did our stop in Hawaii for the Sonoran Bloom tour last year, I will never forget that special night and the Luau.  We gathered under a beautiful, bright moon, and gentle tropical breezes caused the palm trees to sway almost in harmony with the grass-skirted hula dancers on stage.  The fire danced from the torches of the dancing warriors as they told the story of the people of the islands.  It was an incredible event and the memories and fellowship will last a lifetime.  But we believe this upcoming event will be the greatest team-building event ever as it melds us together to take wellness to the world.  It is happening even now!! 

I have to mention, isn’t the new website awesome!  Our marketing and IT teams worked so incredibly hard to bring forward this new amazing tool which will only get better as we enhance the content in the Wellness Center.  We are serious about our mission and believe as you join with us in this great life-purpose mission that there is also a reciprocal reward for those who serve mankind with products and services of value. 

Many Affiliates responded immediately with praise for our team, recognizing their achievement.  Thank you for edifying them as it means so much when they hear from you.  Yes, your responses also matter at corporate!!  Here is what one Affiliate said: 

“TriVita has outdone itself, I love my new TriVita website!!!! It is so easy to use, it has so much information and it is so organized. The product videos are the bomb and it is now going to be so easy to share and share and share and then share again…all that I can say is WOW  WOW  WOW, I am speechless. The team at TriVita deserves a standing ovation and the highest of praise!  This is what most companies dream of and never deliver. Michael Ellison must be so proud of his team of professionals who have accomplished what to most is the un-accomplishable. I do not say this lightly as in my years in high tech I have never seen this type of result with this type of performance and continuity. 

Most people will not be able to appreciate the difficulty in putting such a masterpiece together. It is one-of-a-kind and needs to be put on display. It is truly a technical breakthrough, in multimedia design and presentation. Congratulations. A job well done and the entire TriVita technical and marketing teams should be extremely proud of this remarkable accomplishment.” 

Check back in two weeks for my mid-month blog when Susan and I return from Australia.  We are going down under for a meet and greet with our new Affiliates and to cast the vision of wellness with them for Australia and the Pan-Asia world.  We are also looking forward to our first Christmas season in the summertime!!  


6 Responses to "There’s still time to get to Hawaii as a Director!"

Thanks to the wonderful opportunity of TriVita. I am able to travel to Phoenix, Tuson, Colorado Springs and soon, to Hawaii and beyond.
Special thanks to the Ellison family and the staff, especially, Terry Newsome, for bringing TriVita into my life. I know my life will never be the same again. Ultimate thanks to Michael Ellison for his vision of bringing health and wealth to the world.

Hi Michael. So far, I am feeling at home here from what I have seen so far. I just had an hour conversation with Terry Newsome yesterday and that was great to have all of my questions answered that I needed to get started with my new home here.

My Vision is Simple.

To give value to others.

Thanks for allowing another path in my life to do just that through your wellness products.

To our Mutual Success,

vic hutchinson



The Black Hills TriVita team is constantly growing. We are so excited for the opportunity to get together in Hawaii!
I know this will be a great time and another pivotal point in our TriVita business.

Thank you to Michael Ellison, the Ellison family and the whole TriVita family
See you on the beach 🙂

Right place. Right time. Very exciting times. I am so incredibly thankful. 2011 is going to be the year that the world takes notice of TriVita. Buckle up! Kudos to the IT staff. Looking forward to Hawaii and spending time with my TriVita family. Thanks Michael for all you and your staff do for us. Simply Amazing!

God bless,

Jon Dunn

Hi Michael and all at Trivita!

The new Trivita website is fantastic and super user friendly. It is great to have one place to order and refer people to as well as log in to and manage my Trivita business. This last year has been so fantastic for me in Trivita. *Trivita has become my dream job*!!! This company has been one of the greatest blessings GOD has ever given me! My mother,my sister, my wife, my kids and even my pastor are all benefiting together. We have truly built a family business! Never in my life have I seen or experienced anything like Trivita. I couldn’t be more pleased with my outcome since I joined 2 short years ago.

I have dared to dream like never before! I’m so sold out that I’m following through on my vision to move to AZ. I’m in escrow on my WA property and if all goes through My family and I will be living in Scottsdale AZ first week of January. Trivita you better be ready cause I plan on showing anybody who will listen not only how to improve their health but also their wealth! Again thank you Trivita for giving me the avenue to have so radically improved my own health and wealth I’m with you for life!

PS: I just registered today for the Hawaii event and I want to personally thank the Ellison family for your generosity in covering the cost for all who Dashed to Director this was unbelievable generosity which again shows me just how great a company Trivita is. Ive said it before and ill say it again for me there has never been a company more worthy of my time , energy, or resources!!! I LOVE TRIVITA AND ALL IT STANDS FOR!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Michael, for your wonderful blog entries. I always look forward to reading them and totally agree with your enthusiasm for the new website and upcoming Hawaiian adventure!!

I am humbled and honored to be a part of this most amazing company! It is so great to partner with the many lives that are being changed in so many ways!

I will be praying for your Australian trip and know that great things will happen there…you truly are the missionary leader for a company headed for greatness!

Looking forward to keepsake memories in Hawaii!

Peace, love, & joy,
Kristin Fournier

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