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Wow!  How do I begin to describe the greatest event we have ever had in the history of TriVita? You can find lots of descriptions posted on Facebook by those who attended. From the follow-up emails I received, I do know that TriVita leadership took a major leap forward as a purpose-directed group in helping bring greater wellness to our world.  Many took notes and have since written out their mission, vision, values and goals.  This is very empowering to anyone who wants to achieve great results in their life and business. 

The KahaIa Resort was awesome and the staff was the best. I could not think of a better place to have such an important and meaningful event.  The resort is rich in history, with every President of the United States since Nixon staying there, Princess Diana, Hollywood and sports celebrities, entertainers… in fact, Elton John showed up with his entourage at the end of our event.  You can look up this fabulous little jewel online if you want more of its rich history.

 The Gathering of the Kings Luau performance was incredible. We had seen them on the Big Island of Hawaii last year and were amazed at the story and performance quality.  We wanted them to perform for our Director Leadership group and they literally brought their entire production with set and cast just for the TriVita leadership. It was extremely satisfying to know that not only did our leadership enjoy a magnificent performance, but that the Gathering of Kings cast had been dreaming about performing on another island for five years. The sound of the waves rolling up on the beach, and the gentle trade winds swaying the palms beneath a beautiful full moon certainly created the perfect evening for this island feast and performance. 

The show is a fabulously produced story of the journey of the Polynesian people as they made their way across the Pacific Ocean and found new islands to populate and raise up their people. It so reminded me of our own journey and mission at TriVita – from its beginning to where we are today in our efforts of helping people experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.  The struggles, the progress, the joy and satisfaction of the journey and who you take with you is what life is all about.  An optimal lifestyle is about having purpose and feeling it connected to God’s purpose! 

Watching the dolphins from my ninth floor lanai again reminded me of how powerful the principle of reciprocity is; I watched it in action day after day as the dolphins in the pool did all kinds of tricks THEN were rewarded with a fish from their handlers.  The trainers did not have to coax them first by giving fish; the dolphins gladly performed in advance knowing their reward was coming!! What a wonderful demonstration and reminder to all of us.  Serve mankind with a product or service of value and mankind will gladly compensate you!!!  Here is a great picture of the Wirth family enjoying time with these amazing mammals.   I promised Bryan I would never tell or show what we captured on film of him falling into the pool. But I didn’t say I wouldn’t write about it.  Bryan, a Presidential Director, said that he now has a great recruiting story: anyone who desires to be Presidential Director can do it!!!   It is not about talent but desire! 

One surprise for the group is when I asked the surfing instructors to come and make a presentation with me on how leadership principles also apply to surfing or vice versa. They did a fantastic job of describing balance, timing, vision and fundamentals as being so important for success.  I am sure I surprised everyone with my crusty surfer story describing tubing, doggy doors, peak waves and other descriptions I will not put in writing.  It was fun. Comments like “You will never top this event” or “How will you ever even compare a future event to this event?” were shared with us frequently. The event team and I never have designed an event just to outshine the previous one but we certainly have tried to make them different.  Next year will certainly be different and if what I am dreaming of right now comes to pass, our Director leadership will be saying, “I did not think it was possible but you did it.” The 2012 event will be just as spectacular!!   Don’t miss it!


P.S. Oh…I forgot to mention, Bryan’s entire family is in the Directors’ Leadership Group.  What an amazing family achievement!

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