Inspiration and Vision from the Hawaii Leadership Event

Posted on: March 1, 2011

Wow!  How do I begin to describe the greatest event we have ever had in the history of TriVita? You can find lots of descriptions posted on Facebook by those who attended. From the follow-up emails I received, I do know that TriVita leadership took a major leap forward as a purpose-directed group in helping bring greater wellness to our world.  Many took notes and have since written out their mission, vision, values and goals.  This is very empowering to anyone who wants to achieve great results in their life and business. 

The KahaIa Resort was awesome and the staff was the best. I could not think of a better place to have such an important and meaningful event.  The resort is rich in history, with every President of the United States since Nixon staying there, Princess Diana, Hollywood and sports celebrities, entertainers… in fact, Elton John showed up with his entourage at the end of our event.  You can look up this fabulous little jewel online if you want more of its rich history.

 The Gathering of the Kings Luau performance was incredible. We had seen them on the Big Island of Hawaii last year and were amazed at the story and performance quality.  We wanted them to perform for our Director Leadership group and they literally brought their entire production with set and cast just for the TriVita leadership. It was extremely satisfying to know that not only did our leadership enjoy a magnificent performance, but that the Gathering of Kings cast had been dreaming about performing on another island for five years. The sound of the waves rolling up on the beach, and the gentle trade winds swaying the palms beneath a beautiful full moon certainly created the perfect evening for this island feast and performance. 

The show is a fabulously produced story of the journey of the Polynesian people as they made their way across the Pacific Ocean and found new islands to populate and raise up their people. It so reminded me of our own journey and mission at TriVita – from its beginning to where we are today in our efforts of helping people experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.  The struggles, the progress, the joy and satisfaction of the journey and who you take with you is what life is all about.  An optimal lifestyle is about having purpose and feeling it connected to God’s purpose! 

Watching the dolphins from my ninth floor lanai again reminded me of how powerful the principle of reciprocity is; I watched it in action day after day as the dolphins in the pool did all kinds of tricks THEN were rewarded with a fish from their handlers.  The trainers did not have to coax them first by giving fish; the dolphins gladly performed in advance knowing their reward was coming!! What a wonderful demonstration and reminder to all of us.  Serve mankind with a product or service of value and mankind will gladly compensate you!!!  Here is a great picture of the Wirth family enjoying time with these amazing mammals.   I promised Bryan I would never tell or show what we captured on film of him falling into the pool. But I didn’t say I wouldn’t write about it.  Bryan, a Presidential Director, said that he now has a great recruiting story: anyone who desires to be Presidential Director can do it!!!   It is not about talent but desire! 

One surprise for the group is when I asked the surfing instructors to come and make a presentation with me on how leadership principles also apply to surfing or vice versa. They did a fantastic job of describing balance, timing, vision and fundamentals as being so important for success.  I am sure I surprised everyone with my crusty surfer story describing tubing, doggy doors, peak waves and other descriptions I will not put in writing.  It was fun. Comments like “You will never top this event” or “How will you ever even compare a future event to this event?” were shared with us frequently. The event team and I never have designed an event just to outshine the previous one but we certainly have tried to make them different.  Next year will certainly be different and if what I am dreaming of right now comes to pass, our Director leadership will be saying, “I did not think it was possible but you did it.” The 2012 event will be just as spectacular!!   Don’t miss it!


P.S. Oh…I forgot to mention, Bryan’s entire family is in the Directors’ Leadership Group.  What an amazing family achievement!

16 Responses to "Inspiration and Vision from the Hawaii Leadership Event"

My Toastmaster friend Charles Brookes introduced me to the Trivita website and I have just read a few of Mike’s blog posts, and I must say, I’m inspired. I watched CNN heroes in Dec. 2010 and I was amazed at the extraordinary things ordinary people can do when there is a will and focus. What a great mission Trivita has! John Kremer, the popular bogger once said, ”any smart person who has lived on earth for a while wants to help others. It’s just common sense. And it works. As you lift up others, you lift yourself as well.” I’m setting my sights to being part of this global movement to bring health and wealth to all mankind. Are you?

Dear Michael,

Words simply cannot express the profound effect felt by my husband Michael and I at the Leadership forum in Hawaii. After our construction business closed due to the economic downturn, we have been seeking a star with which to attach our wagon.

We have not only found that star with TriVita, we’ve found our new mission, an expanded family, and a renewed Spirit. As I type these words, I find myself filled once again with emotion and the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for not only you and your family’s generosity, but also that of all the leaders you have attracted to this extraordinary company.

In our search for that elusive “Star” we’ve attended many events where the message was “What are you going to get.” The epiphany heard in your message, was a much more important question, intrinsic to what I feel is at the heart of this company…
“What are you going to GIVE?’

Thank you for that awakening. The example of your family, Susan, Marcus, Luke, and Richard and Leona is one we are humbled and proud to follow. I bless the day Dan and Becky Maes dialed our number. TriVIta and your mission are now ours. This is not just a company.. it’s a movement.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Windsor and Michael Easley

Michael, Susan, and the entire Ellison Family,

Rachel and I have never been on such an extravagant vacation. The accomodations were fabulous and the training was extraordinary. We got so much out of this event. I just pray that we can make you proud.

Thank you so much for all you do.

Dennis & Rachel Anderson

Hi Micheal, My Husband Jay and I were able to come to this amazing event in beautiful Hawaii. Thank you so much to you and your family and staff for making this event so out of this world fantastic. We loved working together to get our mission statements hashed out under a palm on the resort….so inspiring, so peaceful. Working together is the best part of knowing our true purpose in serving the world to have healthier, happy lives. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Love your Canadian friends Robyne and Jay Timms

Thank you so much Michael for your leadership, vision and for having an event like this in Hawaii. I was not able to attend but I heard back from many from my team who were able to attend and they shared with me how inspired they were and how much they appreciated all that TriVita did and especially how amazing your message was and how fantastic the training was – I am looking forward to GOS and next year’s Leadership Forum.
Kathy Smith

Michael, Susan, Marcus and Luke

Thank you for the most generous gift to all the Directors who were able to attend the event. It was greater than “Spectacular”, one of my favorite words.

TriVita Corporate staff went over and beyond to make this event perfect and as a matter of fact, a staff member of the hotel told a few of us leaders that we were the most friendly guests that he has ever met who has stayed at the resort.

These events create wonderful friendships in and out of your own group who continue to connect all year long which spills over into success for you.

Our teams are like family and to be part of this vision casting opportunity will help us all develop team skills, confidence and encourage one another to succeed and enjoy this wonderful journey.

It is a thrill to stand beside your friends/partners and watch them blossom into their full potential.

To leave this event with audacious faith and a goal to help touch millions of lives through wellness either directly or indirectly will help The Ellison family carry on this mission for generations to come.

Whatever your strengths, use them and believe in yourself and partner up with friends who you want to go on this journey with you because TriVita is going to be an incredible ride.

See you all at Galaxy of Stars in July…..Don’t Miss It! This is an investment in yourself and your business.

Grateful for the TriVita “Way of Life” for me and my family.

Tina Gonda


Many thanks to you and your family and the entire TriVita team for a spectacular leadership forum in Hawaii! The resort setting was gorgeous, the presentations were inspiring, and your generosity set a stunning example for us to follow as leaders. During your talk, I received a clarity about my key life’s purpose that I have never had before.

This was a very special experience that our whole family will remember for the rest of our lives. We returned home filled with gratitude, guided by a powerful vision for the future, and fired with enthusiasm.

God bless you and your family and may He bless us all as we bring the wellness experience to the world.

Dr. Elizabeth Rose, Tony Kent, and the Kent family

Hi Michael, thanks again for an amazing event. I look forward to GOS in July.


Jon Dunn

This was the most enriching event I have attended with TriVita. My soul was fed and I think we could have stayed and listened for hours of “your stories” and inspiration. TriVita and the staff were outstanding in every way. Thank you TriVita for the trip of a lifetime!


The 2011 Leadership event in Hawaii was by far the best ever on a number of levels.

We had an amazing time sharing this experience with our family. They were blown away with your generosity. We are so grateful they are learning valuable life lessons and principles to live by at such a young age.

As we’ve said before, the 2007 leadership event at the Broadmoor was a defining moment for our family. But, this event took us to a whole new level. Our mission and vision for our TriVita business has never been more crystal clear.

If a video clip of me falling in to the pool will convince everyone that it doesn’t require talent to reach PD, roll the video!

Thanks for all that you do and forever changing the destiny and legacy of the Wirth family.

Bryan & Tammi Wirth

Thank you for the profound thoughts so aptly stated in this statement. “The struggles, the progress, the joy and satisfaction of the journey and who you take with you is what life is all about. An optimal lifestyle is about having purpose and feeling it connected to God’s purpose!”

Thank you, Thank you, Michael, Susan,Marcus & Luke, What a wonderful place and what a great time everyone had.It will rate at the very top of the list of great places for directors to meet and greet. Sarah.

Thank you Michael for writing and capturing the essence and feeling of the wonderful time we spent together in Hawaii. In our previous business we travelled all over the world and stayed in beautiful first class hotels but what took place at the Kahala Resort was magical.

There was a sense of a big wave, the Directors attending, joining together even stronger in TriVita’s mission and purpose of taking wellness for the world.

Thank you again for a very special time It was first class from start to finish.

We appreciate your blog and look forward to reading it on the first.

Terry, Gillian and family.

Hi Michael,

Even though I had to cancel my trip to Hawaii, I have heard the most amazing stories about the trip. Michael, you always do phenomenal things for those of us in the field. When I’m talking to people about TriVita, and changes in the Company Policy are mentioned, I always say that every change that you have made in the years that I’ve been with TriVita has ultimately been a change for the betterment of those of us in the field. Sometimes it takes time to digest the changes, but the result is always the same…a better Independent TriVita business for each of us.
Thank you Michael for sharing this opportunity with me.

I’ll see you at GOS in July. I already have my hotel room booked. I can’t wait to sign up for the Galaxy of Stars.

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much to you, Susan, Marcus and Luke, along with all of TriVita’s staff for making the Hawaii Leadership Conference such a wonderful event. We continue to receive calls and emails daily from our team who are still excited about this special time that we all shared together.

We are seeing more of our leaders focused on their mission and vision, and they have defined their life purposes.

We look forward to Galaxy of Stars in July, and to the leadership event in 2012!!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Hawaii is a favorite place to visit and I certainly wish I could have been there to enjoy this great event, however I kept myself busy sharing the wonderful products that Trivita have and most recently have had great testimonials on both Nopalea and Adaptogen 10 Plus . Having Adaptogen on special this month allowed me to encourage people to enhance their wellness journey with yet another powerful product and within days I was getting amazing feed back.
My group are excited for the journey they and their contacts are on.
Michael, thanks for your patience and dedication to leaders like myself who are now getting actively onboard.

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