Stepping up to lead, serve and mentor as TriVita goes global

Posted on: May 2, 2011

If everyone would take the responsibility of leading by example, while serving and mentoring others, our world would certainly be a much different and better place.  Another way of saying it: “Live the way you desire the world to be!” 

The vision of seeing leaders lead has never been brighter since we went to Hawaii for our TriVita leadership retreat.  It was in Hawaii that we dealt with the subject of leading by example, serving and mentoring others. 

I am thrilled to see field leaders take hold of this, as we need leaders who will take the responsibility to lead.  I want to salute you leaders who have purposely made an all-out effort to lead this past month.  Here are some examples of the leadership happening throughout TriVita: 

  • Barry Borthistle launched Monday night leadership webinars on the essential principles of leadership.   Barry has taken complete responsibility for the company-approved content, delivery development and costs. It is FREE to the attendee. 
  • John Windscheffel was on a conference call helping a group outside his organization understand how to be more effective in leading others to greater wellness.  He described in detail his own way of living by example and was there to serve and mentor others out of that experience. 
  • Bryan and Tammi Wirth left for Australia on Easter evening to spend time in advance of TriVita’s launch to lead their future leaders there.  Leading first by example and serving and mentoring their organization. 
  • Tony Kent is also spending several weeks in Australia both recruiting and mentoring for his new organization “down under.” 

Both Bryan and Tammi, and Tony Kent have taken the full responsibility and cost for this effort.  This is leadership by example!  

My wife, Susan and I, along with corporate leaders Terry Newsome and Ted Hernandez, will be heading to Australia ourselves for a five-city tour in May.  We are looking forward to the launch of TriVita there.

 It is so exciting for me to watch leaders step into this leadership arena as we face the future of going global to 100 countries in 10 years. In TriVita, our leaders know the first step is to embrace wellness for their lives.   Our mission is that people may experience wellness, and if we are going to lead a wellness mission and vision then we must first embrace wellness!!

 This vision has escalated every day: The incredible possibilities of 100 countries in 10 years is attracting outstanding people who want to be a part of this vision and help others experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.   

You may be reading this and thinking, “I am not sure I can be a great leader.”  I received an email from an Affiliate who was concerned that they might not be able to be a truly top leader in TriVita.  Please don’t let that thought have even a 30-second lifespan in your brain.  

This reminds me of the grandkids who we had at our home for the Easter weekend.  Knowing about the birth and resurrection stories of Jesus also led to stories of His leadership with the disciples.  Our 6-year-old Miss Emma and 8-year-old, most properly named Chase (no end to his energy) were fascinated with the story in the Bible where Jesus walked on the water.   With the pool heated at our home, they spent about 30 minutes trying to walk on water as Jesus had done, but to no avail.  Chase with his curious mind simply refused to believe he could not walk on water.  Now we are not expecting our leaders to walk on water (do the improbable, not impossible!) so don’t spend time trying to do that;  just be authentic to yourself in leading by example, serving others the best you can and mentoring others in what you know.  That can really happen with anyone.  Now, we won’t refuse the leaders who are like Chase and desire and believe they can do the improbable!! 

Looking at it from a totally different perspective, let me close out my blog on leadership with this wonderful wit from Wil Howe.  Wil is a true western cowboy.  I have been looking for a cow horse for cutting and driving cattle at the ranch.  I found his wisdom about leadership with horses to be very inspiring and insightful. 

Here are Wil’s words of wisdom:  Horses think about food first, each other second and you… third.  Want to be first in a horse’s life?  You have to earn it!!  Only through consistent, fair leadership will you acquire the trust and respect needed to be that number one.  A good leader is worth following.  Be that good leader for your horse and he’ll be a happier creature for it.  Take the responsibility of being in charge.  It’s up to you! 

Good leaders that are worth following are fair, consistent, trustworthy, lead by example, serve others willingly and mentor others from their own experiences. 

I commend you for the steps you are taking in your life to become a better leader. 


P.S. It all starts with a desire to be a leader and do the things most people may not want to do.

9 Responses to "Stepping up to lead, serve and mentor as TriVita goes global"

Hello, Michael.

Thank you for being always inspirational. I especially loving new Monday webinar, lead by Barry Borthistle.

Since childhood, I got great leaders in my life. Starting my parents, teachers in school days, Each time when I put my mind to something, great teachers appears in front of me.

I am very fortunate that I am in SUE BUSCEMI’s organization. Not only she always inspires us, she really helps us, being there with you. I personally went through tough personal times in last year. My father passed away, and I had to go back and forth between in Japan and U.S. at the same time my husband developed serious medical condition.. Sue helped my customers when I could not. Because of her I could somehow keep everything together…

This is the leadership you are seeking in this company, and you have them ! I am really grateful that Sue came into my life.

Our team is looking forward to attending GOS.


Mayumi Pachkoski

Oh, the feeling is so mutual! One of the very, very, best things about TRIVITA is the wonderful people it has brought into my life. Mayumi is a special person and I feel so blessed to have her in our organization. Thank you for your kind words, Mayumi. Leading is a real pleasure when you are able to work with people who are like-minded, goal-oriented, with a willingness to work in a positive attitude. Working with Mayumi and others in my organization is pure joy for me! I feel I am fulfilling my calling through TRIVITA. It allows me to teach, share, mentor, care all while building a business! WOW!

Hi Michael, I quite often leave a special e-mail to go back and read. I did that with your message after I read it again. Since Iam purchasing Margaret Edwards TriVita business it was a little scary until the I prayed about it. Since then I have been calling many of that group, sharing TriVita and the blessings that it has brought me. The main blessing being that TriVita is such a caring and loving Christian Family. This calling and e-mailing has brought together many people that have been with TirVita as long as I have . We have been able to share ways of helping each other to not only grow our business but to grow in the power that only Jesus can help us with!! Thank you for an awesome company and sharing of Jesus Christ with so many!! I plan to truly grow the TriVita business putting Jesus first,and showing HIS kindness and acceptence in all I do. Sioncerely, in Christ, Ida Anderson

Hello Michael,

You are truly an awesome leader who leads by example, serve when asked and mentors us with what you know and have done. You have proven that good leadership is necessary to motivate people to bring forward the very best they have. It is your mission, your purpose, your vision that we are partnering with to help bring wellness to the world. I lead, serve and mentor in order to develop leaders down in the organization in an effort to help them rise to excellence, which is possible for any hard working person to accomplish.Ii am truly looking forward to the Galaxy of Stars so I can meet you face to face and let you know how much I appreciate the kind of opportunity you and the Trivita leadership have put together. So, until the next time we meet I am

Always Serving Others,
Charles H. Brooks


As I’m writing this email, Tammi and I are enjoying a great view of the Ocean in the Gold Coast. What an amazing gift you have given us.We can travel to great places like Australia and bring the message of Health & Wealth so others can fufill their life purposes.

After having been disappointed so many times,the Aussies are looking for principled leadership from Corporate and the field. They found this in TriVita when they met you and Susan. You’ve set the bar, now it’s up to us to provide the leadership in the field. It’s a tall order, but with leaders like John Windscheffel,Barry Borthistle,Tony Kent and so many others, I’m confident we will make you proud!

Bryan Wirth

Hello Michael,

First and foremost we want to thank you for having a thought, then speaking aloud on that thought and finally acting on the thought. Because of that one thought look at what it has brought forth for people like us, a business that can take us to exotic places, meet great friends and be inspired to do things for ourselves and other like minded individuals.

You are also responsible for bringing individuals like John Windscheffel into the Trivita family. John Windscheffel has not only been a role model but a great friend for us and through his belief in lead, serve and mentor has transformed us into people who look forward to each day as a new beginning through his guidance and blessings we have launched an exciting business that will help us build a legacy for our future

We are so looking forward to seeing you for more inspiring words of wisdom at the 2011 Galaxy of Stars. Thank you for all that you do for us.

You are truly an awe inspiring individual and we are blessed for having you among us to lead, serve and mentor us.


I wanted to personally thank you, as you are a living example of leadership! In my entire working career I have never grown more in my personal or business life then I have here in Trivita and I owe a lot of that to embracing what you have taught through the 10 essentials and your living example of leadership. This is the first time I have experienced true purpose in business! I now consider myself to be a “messenger of hope” through Trivita!

May God richly bless you and your family!

*Presidential Director*
John Windscheffel

Thank you Michael for your vision, your leadership and your ability to attract the right people, to the right palace, with the right gifts to help fulfill everyone’s life purpose who have chosen to come on this journey. Since 2005, it has been an encouraging experience to watch as you have lived out your vision. I do not think I can adequately express the life changing impact it has had on my life.
My journey has probably taken longer than it should have, but with the encouragement of Gene Henderson, Terry Newsome, Brazos Minshew and many others with Trivita, has helped me remain confident of what I can accomplish. When you introduced me to John Windscheffel, I immediately knew I had found a great mentor for my Trivita business. John and I connected right off the bat spiritualy and he has worked unselfishly to help me build my business. He shares a passion in today’s world which is refreshing to find.
To have the opportunity to help people find hope for eternity and hope for wellness today is exciting. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to help people in their life and wellnesss journey and Trivita has given be the opportunity to help me fulfill my passion.
I look forward to the future with great excitement.

Hi Michael,

I want to grow into being a great leader. I have a great friend and mentor in John Windscheffel. I have learned so much from him. And I wouldn’t miss Terry Newsome’s weekly trainings and Lenore does such a great job assisting Terry.

We are so blessed to have so many great leaders in TriVita. What Barry is doing with these webinars is truly amazing. I hope everyone really appreciates what these leaders do for us.

Bryan and Tammi Wirth are always out in front leading everyone.

Michael, I have to say that you were positively fantastic on the webinar tonight.
I have said to many people that I cannot put into words what it’s like to hear you speak. You are phenomenal. I think it’s because you speak from the heart and you’re so willing to lead, serve and mentor us yourself. Thank you for being you and giving of yourself to those of us in the field. You make me believe that I can really take wellness to the world and build a very successful TriVita business in the process.

Nancy Finlon

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