We are officially launched in Australia!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

Here we are with some of the great people in Australia that came to celebrate the official announcement and opening of the TriVita office  in Australia. Peter cDonald, and Rod and June Glover are experienced leaders in Australia who flew in to celebrate the occasion, also demonstrating their  belief in the mission of TriVita.

It was exciting having the Edelman Public Relations firm there directing photo shots, as the story of our opening is now going into major
publications throughout Australia.  Plus, they presented us with an outstanding list of personalities to help endorse and spread the message of
wellness!  More on that in future blogs.

The offices are beautiful and in a fabulous location.  Todd Rimmer did a great job overseeing the location choice and build out.
The new staff in the Australian office are excited and engaged in our mission.  Todd Rimmer, our National Sales Director, Peter Gillespie,
manager of the Care Center,  Sue Donaldson, and Leticia Drumha are now taking calls and helping people understand the wellness benefits from our
products.  This is the beginning of something very powerful happening and will have major tentacles into many other parts of the world.

We have concluded our presentation and training events in Sydney and are now here in Adelaide.  We are hearing the same astonishing
testimonials here in Australia as all over North America.  Jan Speake is someone who had such a remarkable wellness experience that she flew from
Adelaide to be with us in Sydney, as well as coming to the celebration event at the new offices.  Jan and her husband Derek are passionate about
helping people experience the wonderful benefits of Nopalea.  Trevor Averay  is another outstanding Affiliate that joined us in Sydney for
these events even though we were coming to Adelaide (their home town) as the next stop.

When experience, belief and passion connect in a person’s life, I believe it opens the door for incredible possibilities.  While
Australia will always be known as the land “down under,” we are seeing new leaders on their way, rising to the top!

You can Google or Facebook these cities to see the wonderful beauty as we go city to city.  I will update you by the end of the


6 Responses to "We are officially launched in Australia!"

It was really great you could visit Adelaide, our team here was thrilled to meet you and the Trivita team. Job well done in bring the Trivita products to AUS.Now it is up to us to make it happen and grow our biz and with the tools Trivita have made available this will a dream ride. Meeting you and Susan personally was a real thrill and we look forward to making it to Scottsdale real soon.We have had so much support from our up line Blaine and having Tony on the ground too was a real bonus. Our journey has now begun

Congratulations Michael and Susan for your vision and all the amazing Trivita staff for a wonderful job in bringing Trivita to Australia , there are not many who are brave enough to tackle the TGA here inAustralia , well not any that I know of anyway. The thing that I was impressed by was the attention to detail, and how things went so smoothly , its not easy when your half way around the world. Loved the presentation in Brisbane and the training , once again thankyou and looking forward to the future events.
Marilyn Bellamy

Michael & Susan,

Thanks so very much for being our top models…role models that act on your dreams and step forth to open the launching pad (Australia)to take this wonderful wellness company to the world!

I can’t express how great it feels to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that TriVita is the ultimate home based business and truly my home!

When you said, “When experience, belief and passion connect in a person’s life, I believe it opens the door for incredible possibilities,” that really resonated with me. About 13 years ago, I named an optional income stream Open Door Enterprise knowing we needed something more..gratitude and excitement fills me up today knowing this is one door that I believe no man can shut! You have favor. Psalm 5:12 says favor surrounds you like a shield. Revelation 3:7-8 says God will open a door that no man can shut. Expect favor.

Thank you for an exciting journey ahead!
To Australia and beyond!

Kristin Fournier

Congratulations Michael and Susan for your incredible vision for wellness for the world and wealth for life’s purposes.
Australia you are so fortunate to be one of the first countries to be launched with many more countries to come.

Hello Michael,
Thankyou so much for following your dream of coming to Australia, and sharing your dream and journey of how you got here with us.
I have worked for a few Multi national organisations that had written Vision and Mission statement but could never live up to them. The other Multinationals I have been with write down their Vision and Mission Statements, display it in their front Foyer and few people act on them. Meeting you in Sydney you really lead by example living that Vision and Mission. I am looking forward to meeting you again in my home town Melbourne.
I am so exited to be part of growing a company with such great values.
Guy Pilens


Thanks so much to You and Susan, and the entire TriVita staff who have traveled down under to the great country to Australia. Also a big “thanks” to Terry Newsome, Todd Rimmer, Brazos Minshew and Ted Hernandez.

We have enjoyed meeting many new friends and business partners in Australia. What a fantastic place…. we look forward to visiting soon.

The goal of 100 countries in the next 10 years is on track. The exciting thing is that Australia is the 3rd country TriVita is open in. What an awesome opportunity that this presents!

We want to encourage everyone in TriVita to make new contacts and expand your vision so you can have your very own Global Wellness Business as we bring better health and wellness to the world!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

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