Excitement continues in Australia!

Posted on: May 27, 2011

As we were leaving Sydney which has some of the most beautiful spots on earth, I realized that the Law of Expression had again manifested itself.  It brings about a remarkable opening of the Australian office with TGA approval of both the Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea.  While North Americans may not understand the significance of it, the Australians certainly do.  With many doubting it would ever happen, it did happen, and now many other remarkable things are beginning to unfold here.

As we landed in Adelaide, which was our first time, we knew we were pioneering new territory.  We received a welcoming telephone call by Derek Speake.  He and his wife Jan are two outstanding people with a passion for our wellness mission.  Watch their organization grow as they will be on the platform someday sooner than later sharing their story.  It is also a Facebook connection story!!  Am I ever excited about our Facebook initiative supporting worldwide connections!  You will be hearing much more about that in coming weeks.  Then, another incredible thing happened… we had the opportunity of meeting for the first time Marc Aubin and Josee Provencher shown here in the picture with Todd.  They flew from Quebec, Canada with the intention of going to every tour stop with TriVita in Australia.  Such an amazing story here… as they had no business contacts just a passion for the mission.  They have been spreading the word everywhere, going to nearly every health food store in Perth passing out brochures about the event.   As we all know, reciprocity seeks to reward the giver.  They now are building in Australia!!  You might want to know they retired from business at age 40!!  They are just doing this because they love the mission of helping people experience wellness!

Perth, as you see Susan and me with the group, was the astonishing surprise.  We had nearly double the attendance of what was registered for the event.  Fortunately the room was large enough for additional chairs to be brought in for some outstanding people we had the privilege of meeting.   Before the event began, we had the opportunity of meeting a family, Paul, Mary and their daughter Sarah Mandelt who will be great leaders in Perth and other parts of the world.  Perth is a stunningly beautiful city that has become a treasure for many people from all over the globe.  I am so excited about building TriVita in Perth.  In fact I could live here!!

It was also so fulfilling to have people come up to us here in Perth and mention they were contacted by people in both the US and Canada.  Technology is opening up the world to us.  Tula Savisky living in a small area in the middle of British Columbia continues to build worldwide using the web.  Tula’s story is one of my favorite to tell as her first goal as an affiliate was to buy a new canoe.  She is a remarkable woman with passion for the mission and now incredibly successful in her own wellness business!

Not everything is mission based but it is about wellness.  Susan and I had some down time and she has always wanted to see kangaroos so we set out to find them.  People here told us it was not likely to happen without going a long ways into the interior so we went to a wildlife park to see some 2000 indigenous species of Australia.  You can tell she is certainly attractive not only to me but Kangaroos.  And to our surprise, we saw about 50 of them in the wild on the way back to the city.  Pursuing your dreams, even if the outcome is not likely by most people brings about remarkable events!!  Like TGA listings, seeing Kangaroos in the wild and in the future… 100 countries in 10 years!!

We are off to Melbourne today.


3 Responses to "Excitement continues in Australia!"

Thank you Michael and all of the team who came out to Australia to “Officially” launch the business over here. The Tour is now finished, with the Brisbane event ending tonight.

Now we have the joy of being “Health Coaches” as Brazos calls us, spreading the benefits that our products can give to everyone. We are so excited with the prospect of growing the business and with TriVita’s help, look forward to helping our fellow Australians lead a more healthier lifestyle.

May thanks,
Bernard & Maree

It is so thrilling to hear about your successful trip to Australia. I only wish that I could be there with you. I am so thankful for TriVita and what you share with us. I’m really excited to be able to tell people that Nopalea is TGA listed in Australia. I am honored and blessed to be a part of the TriVita family and your mission. I love it when the members in my organization tell me about the fantastic wellness experiences they’re having. I can’t wait to be a part of our global expansion and help take wellness to the world.
I’ll see you at GOS. I am really looking forward to it.

Nancy Finlon

What a joy to see all the news from Australia! It is so exciting to be part of TriVita as it expands globally with a mission of wellness. We are so grateful for how Noplaea and TriVita have changed our lives and given us greater wellness and a focused mission to share it with others! I love the stories of God bringing more than you could ask or think to the launch there in Australia! What an incredible confirmation that following His call brings blessings beyond our imagination and abilities!! What a fun picture of your beautiful wife with the kangaroos! I truly believe that God does want to bless us in both the big and the seemingly small things of life.
You and the entire Australia team are in our thoughts and prayers.
Blessings & Gratitude,
Susie & John

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