TriVita Australia is launched – and wide open to wellness!

Posted on: June 3, 2011

We left Perth, the city that surprised us the most with its stunning beauty, and landed in Melbourne.  Susan and I were returning to the shopping Mecca of Australia, but more importantly, to a city very strategic to TriVita.   As we arrived in each city, our anticipation was incredibly high, knowing that the law of awareness always seemed to reveal new leaders who could take the TriVita mission to a new level.  Yes, as the law of awareness says: “Somewhere around us is someone or something to help us fulfill our life purposes.”

In Melbourne I was  impressed with Guy Pilens.  He just oozed with a new belief and purpose for his life.  He had caught the vision and the mission of TriVita.  We had the joy of meeting Valerie Bosevska, a future leader introduced to us by Presidential Directors Bryan and Tammi Wirth. We are very grateful for Peter and Pam McDonald who have worked so hard and helped us during the 10 months of pre-launch building efforts.  They are truly great people with mission, vision and values that align with TriVita.  Peter told me he is booked for Galaxy of Stars.  Can’t wait to present our new Aussie leaders at GOS! 

We had a great training meeting in Melbourne, leaving an excited group to build on the cornerstone we laid.  The room was elegant and right across from the footie stadium (Aussie football).  Terry Newsome loves sports and went to the footie game between Western Australia and Collingwood during some down time on the weekend.  Arriving at his seat he found himself surrounded by very loud and intensely loyal local fans and the one seated next to him had only one arm.  Just coming from Perth and always cheering for the underdog, Terry decided the Perth team needed some cheering, as they were getting whipped pretty badly.  So Terry, being the big boy he is, started cheering for Perth in the middle of this group.  When the game got a little closer in score, the one-armed fan turned to Terry and said, “Mate, you might want to tone it down right now; I lost my arm cheering for Perth in a close game.  These fans are serious.”  Terry bought him a
Collingwood beanie cap and snuck out with both arms intact.  Terry, Ted and Brazos did a great job in the training in Melbourne.  What a great team effort.

We are now airborne, leaving Brisbane for our 22-hour journey back home.  We love Brisbane and the fabulous group of people we met there.  Leadership is the key to TriVita being able to accomplish our mission and vision. I had to give some gold coins in recognition of the outstanding leadership effort of Barbara McGlung, Mike Spiro, Dr. Andrew Fell and our own Brad Rininger who spent nearly three months in Australia hiring and training the office staff.   It was nice to be back with the friends we had made there in December.  Rod Glover and June Howe are truly gracious and remarkable people.  They are determined to be our first Presidential Directors in Australia.  If so, we could not ask for better representatives, but I must say, they have some pretty stiff

Speaking of December, Brisbane was hit with horrific floods as many of us saw on the news.  It was great to take the river walk in Brisbane and see the remarkable effort by the city and its volunteers to restore the area back to its beauty.  The last night of the tour in Brisbane, we were presented with a lovely picture of the Sydney Opera House and harbor, a piece to always remind us of the launch of TriVita in Australia. But really it will always remind us of the launch of taking wellness to the world.

I have never been more excited about the possibilities for TriVita and its mission of helping people experience wellness and wealth for their life purposes!  My extended appreciation goes to each person who worked hard to make this tour a great success.


1 Response to "TriVita Australia is launched – and wide open to wellness!"

How exciting!

Michael’s post gives me “goose bumps”. LOL

And to think, we have many more countries to open up in!!

This excitement will continue.

Get ready people, this is just the beginning!!

Fred and Paula Gondzar
Presidential Directors

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