All things in good time – even wellness

Posted on: July 1, 2011

I went hurriedly out the door for a lunch meeting, passing the receptionist on my way out.  Just as the door was closing I heard my name called repeatedly, “Michael, Michael, please stop, I have a special letter from someone who asked I give it to you today.”  I went back and took the envelope and noticed the outside address from someone I had known for many years.  This was a person who had suffered a great deal.  But not someone easily influenced or persuaded to try something new.

That evening I sat down in my home office, pulled out the letter and read:

“Michael, I want to share what a difference you have made in my life.  I have not shared this with very many but I was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic lupus) over a year ago.  For many years I’ve had few days that pain was not my constant companion.  My joints (every one of them I think) and some muscles have been affected by this disease.  Although I had developed a high tolerance of pain, I have been taking 6-8 pain relievers each day and some days more.  Most of last year I took 5 prednisone tablets a day.

“In May after 5 days in the hospital (where morphine did not help) I ordered Nopalea and have been taking it now for almost a month.  I am a skeptic by nature and survival and did not believe that it would help but I was desperate.  For the last three weeks I have been reducing my pain medication and now taking 2-3 a day and hoping to reduce it more.  My desire that I shared with my physician, was to get off the prednisone and with his direction I am now taking 1 per day.  Although I often wonder if it is the Nopalea or possibly the current stage of the lupus, the fact is that my relief has come after taking Nopalea.

“I have been sharing this with many and even gave 2 of my bottles to friends that suffer some sort of pain due to inflammation.  I truly thank you for making this available.  God heals in many ways and I believe this is the way for me at this time.

God bless and again thank you.”

I marvel at the amazing ability of the body to do what it was designed to do, when it receives the nutrients (fuel) it needs. At TriVita, we do not examine, diagnose or treat disease.  What we attempt to do is design and formulate products that aid the body systems in helping people live well.

Each of you as ITBOs share the mission of helping people experience wellness, but we can only share the inspiration of living with wellness and encourage others to take the steps that may lead to greater wellness.   Even though my friend knew of this product for two years, never once did they consider it might help them live with a greater quality of life. I could not persuade or influence the timing – only keep sharing the wonderful results others were having.  You see, I have learned it is not about me (you) but about who!!!  In the right time it will happen if I only consistently share and care!!

As I am writing this article, another friend called me and asked me to read a verse of Scripture.  He said, “You will get it!  This is for you.”  It was Habakkuk 2:3 MSG: “This vision-message is a witness pointing to what is coming.  It aches for the coming.  It can hardly wait – and it doesn’t lie.  If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on the way.  It will come right on time.”

I hope you get it… marinate the thought, it’s on the way, it will come right on time!!

Write the vision, hope for its fulfillment for your life.  As you are prepared and tempered in the process, it will come right on time.


6 Responses to "All things in good time – even wellness"

Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing this story. I have a person who was very instrumental in my development suffering with Lupus. Immediately after I finished reading your blog I had to call her and read your message to her. I am hoping this will give her hope and she will one day agree to the 30 day wellness challenge. This is my 4th and 8th grade teacher that i have maintained a relationship with for 53 yrs. I always wished that I could repay her for instilling in me the belief in excellence. I am going to be thrilled, when the day comes, when she agrees to try Nopalea. I believe this is her answer. I will continue to be consistant, talk about the product and encourage her to give it a try.

Lou Rawls, my favorite singer, sang a verse in a song that says, “all things in their time.” You know patience is a virtue. I will be patient. Thanks again Michael. See you at GOS.

Until the next time we meet I am

Alkways Serving Others,
Charles, ITBO

That was an inspiring story and words of encouragement about your friend’s success and that he wants to share his success with others. Your words, “In the right time it will happen if I only consistently share and care!!” are so fitting.
Thank you for your passion in helping others and extending that to Joyce and me in TriVita as ITBO’s.
Looking forward to seeing you at the GOS.
Thanks for being a man of God.
Ivan and Joyce Secord

Michael, I have also believed that everyone to thier own time. I have experienced numerous customers/friends that have found much relief in Nopalea.

We all thank you for pursueing a way to get this great product in the hand of the ones who’s time is right.

May God Bless you and yours.

Dennis & Rachel Anderson

Michael, Your story is so inspirational. How true it is that things happen when they are supposed to. I am always impatient waiting for things to move faster.

It is truly a privilege to be associated with TriVita. I hear wonderful stories every day of people being helped by our fantastic wellness drink.

Nopalea is so phenomenal it almost defies all logic. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that one product can help so many, many people in different ways.

Thank you, Michael for being such a great leader. I can’t wait for GOS!

Nancy Finlon

Great message for all of us who try our best to spread wellness and share TRIVITA products with others. Be patient. Everyone is on their own journey and the time may not be NOW…for them to hear your message. Be patient….be consistent, keep talking about our products, keep sharing informaton… never know when it just may be, “the right time”!
Fortunately for this man, he was not overlooked…the message was shared with him….and “the right time” came in his own time. What if the message had not been given? Imagine the suffering? Imagine the loss?
Keep sharing, keep caring enough to share….be proud of what you have to offer others…never be timid…never be pushy….just put the information out there, be sincerely interested in someone else’s health and let God do the rest….

Michael, this is a wonderful story of your friend. There must be so many others waiting for the message of Nopalea and they will receive it when the time is right. It is however helpful if the message is given for someone to receive.

It is particularly nice to know your friend took the time to write you the letter.

Yes the Scripture is so right on. There is no stopping TriVita.

We leave tomorrow for London and and will be sharing TriVita’s message with our U.K. friends and family for the upcoming opening.

Terry & Gillian

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