Still Sparkling from the Galaxy of Stars!

Posted on: August 2, 2011

The 2011 Galaxy of Stars conference was coming to a close.  It was the climactic moment all of the 600 attendees had been waiting for…  Nearly 200 beautiful crystal awards dazzled in the theatrical lights, waiting to be presented.  Over 100 feet of large video screens stretched across the stage, setting the atmosphere for recognizing our Affiliates and ITBOs (Independent TriVita Business Owners) who had worked hard in advancing the mission of wellness over the past year.  The stories attendees shared about people experiencing greater wellness was so thrilling to me.

Now it was my turn to go to the stage and present the highest award which is our Presidential Director award that recognizes outstanding achievement. This award is difficult to achieve and less than 30 have ever received it out of the many thousands who have joined our affiliate program over the last 12 years.  I was looking forward to presenting the award to two incredible people.  Last year I had the joy of presenting it to my parents who were 83 years old (the oldest people to ever receive the award), accomplishing something very significant in their lives in helping many people experience wellness through the products of TriVita.Andrew Haughn

This year the first award went to Andrew Haughn, a 27-year-old wellness business visionary.  In just 15 months he built a wellness business with over $250,000 per month in sales.  He had already expanded his business outside the U.S. into Australia; TriVita’s first Australian directors, Derek and Jan Speake are in his organization and attended the Galaxy event. His speech was very complimentary of both field and corporate leadership.  But I felt like doing cartwheels backwards on stage when he said, “I am so thankful that TriVita is a product-focused company.  I like spending my time looking in markets for people who can benefit from TriVita’s wellness products.”  That is a young man who will go far in advancing his wellness business on a global scale.

I was just as excited to present the next award to Tony Kent who is a seasoned professional in many ways: a professional photographer in France for 25 years, an author of 5 books, and a founder of a non- profit organization that supports over 200 children who are orphaned or from impoverished homes.  Tony made a profound statement that I wish everyone would embrace for their lives.  “So many people wish for good things to happen, somehow hoping luck will turn to their good fortune.  Some make their wish like winning the lottery.  But few lottery winners are able to transfer their winnings into sustainable wealth and end up losing most of it.”

Here is the insight from Tony I desire for each of you to act on and pursue: “I embrace building up yourself (personal development) as you cannot have a business bigger than yourself!”

Wow!! That is simple but so profound!

Be watching for all the ways you can build yourself up in the coming months: learn about the products from Chief Science Officer Brazos Minshew and take part in the coming leadership calls with Terry Newsome.  The next School of Business is in September.

We are preparing ourselves for taking wellness to the world – anyplace in the world!!


5 Responses to "Still Sparkling from the Galaxy of Stars!"

Hi Michael,

It sounds like you had the most fantastic Galaxy ever!! I was so looking forward to being there, but family illness prevented my coming.

congratulations to everyone who advanced in rank and achieved their dreams. It must have been a truly awesome site to see all of those glittering trophies. I’m waiting to see lots of great pictures of the event.

The “Your Business at Home” magazine is phenomenal!!! I can’t wait for my shipments of the magazines to arrive so I can begin sending them to all of my Affiliate Members to get them excited. I have lots of local people also who will be receiving a magazine. What an absolutely fantastic tool it is!!! Thank you once more for all that you do for those of us in the field.

The Media bundles are definitely better quality. I am thrilled with them. Thank you for such a wonderful program.

I am proud to be a part of the TriVita community.

Nancy Finlon

Dear Micihael, thank you for painting such a vivid picture of the 2011 Galaxy Of Stars. We were so disappointed not to be able to attend as we are in England but we felt your energy and gratitude for your mission all the way to London.

We phoned and talked to everyone in our group who shared their excitement and raved about yet another tremendous TriVita event.

We would very much appreciate it if you would pass along our thanks to all those who helped make Galaxy Of Stars 2011 such a roaring success..

Thank you Michael and Susan for never changing the vision of TriVita.

See you on the Big Island!

Terry & Gillian

Thanks so much for everything. It was a great event, well organized, and beautifully executed. Kudos to Ted Hernandez and all those who worked so hard to make the GOS a success. Special thanks to you, Michael. Your presentation was exceptionally well done and one none of us will soon forget. See you on Kona.
Martha Bankston


The Galaxy of Stars was an amazing event – so much energy and time and love that you folks at Trivita put into this event. I am so proud to be a Trivita ITBO!
All the best,

Mary-Kay Perris

Hi Michael,

THANKS so much to you and your family for an incredible Galaxy of Stars! It was outstanding in every way!

Congratulations to everyone who achieved new ranks and received awards.

Thanks again for the Experience Wellness award. We are very honored to receive this.

We had many new Affiliates come up to us at the event and tell us that they now understand why we promoted GOS so heavily to them. It far exceeded their expectations.

Your presentation on Friday morning was the finest that we have ever seen and heard, bar none!

We’re so looking forward to the leadership event in Hawaii coming soon (in 6 months), and to GOS in 2012 (in 11 1/2 months).

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

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