Live the life of your dreams by connecting to your life purpose

Posted on: September 7, 2011

I am sitting here at the ranch and like many throughout North America and Australia, I am listening to the constant news feeds about the major speech President Obama is going to make on job creation.  Most everyone in the world knows that a healthy jobs environment in America is also healthier for many other parts of the world, as we are the ultimate consumers.

Not to be disrespectful to anyone who might be unemployed or the President of the United States, but this thought goes through the very core of my belief and being:  Could this be a time when people have the opportunity to connect to their life purpose rather than chasing a job? Could this be the opportunity to pursue the purpose and dreams they have always really wanted?  If the career path is not visible, is the life purpose path now more clear?  Now, this message might not be for everyone but there are people who need the nudge and the
encouragement and you could provide that inspiration.

I received an email from Tina Gonda who said August was the all-time best volume month for her and her husband, Mark.   Tina chose to follow her purpose and passion when she could have chosen to simply be employed, as she was facing some serious financial challenges when the economy collapsed in 2008.  Instead she chose to help people enjoy a better quality of life with health from the inside out!!

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller continue to enrich their lives and the lives of many others as they have found their purpose and not a job.  Mike walked away from a job that paid well over 150K a year to fulfill his purpose in helping people experience greater wellness and to help them discover the potential in creating wealth for their life purpose. Today he and Carisa are being rewarded far beyond what a job ever paid in money – with what money cannot buy!!

The point I am making is simply this: Your purpose will lead you to far greater success than a job will.  You can find a way to exist, but finding a way to live the life of your dreams is through your purpose.  Your latent talents and abilities (that you may not even know you have) are always connected to your life purpose and the contribution you will make to mankind.

I got an email yesterday inviting me to participate in the celebration of Dr. Martha M. Bigelow’s 90th birthday. Dr. Bigelow retired as the Director of the Michigan Historical Museum  and now wants to concentrate on her TriVita business.  Happy birthday, Dr. Bigelow, what an inspiration you are.   A person who has vision, passion and purpose cannot be stopped no matter what their age.

I woke up this morning with this overwhelming wonderful feeling; I “get” to do what I desire and feel purposed to do, not what I have to do.  I have the freedom to share wellness with anyone interested and soon, anywhere in the world.  For example, yesterday it was a thrilling moment for me when I “got” to (not “had to”) give a case of Nopalea away to a woman who loves the outdoors.  She manages a fishing club on a beautiful private lake on the edge of the mountains where I went to fish.  She spoke of her aches and pains and how hard it is to be on the ski slopes now with her family.  She said when you have experienced the wind in your face, it is hard to give up the slopes.  I have hopes and prayers for her that Nopalea will bring about a reduction of the inflammation she is experiencing and that she will again be able to enjoy one of her passions with her family on the slopes.

You see, if I just had a CEO job, I would have missed the thrill of offering a product to a person seeking a better quality of life.  That thrill is something money cannot buy or a job replace; it is the thrill of knowing I am living a life of purpose and being rewarded for doing so.

Don’t let the weight of the cares of this world rob you of the true quality of life you were destined to live.  Do not give up no matter how hard it is, as there are unlimited resources for your life purpose.


9 Responses to "Live the life of your dreams by connecting to your life purpose"

After reading Michael’s blog today, I felt ,as I always do, a renewed sense of passion. I find TriVita’s mission and purpose to be what so many people are missing in their lives and they don’t even know it; atleast not yet.This is something that is much deeper than the company,. this is something that our kid’s need to learn in school at an early age and Michael has set in motion something that will change the way we live our lives on a daily basis.Thank You for the mission that you have made me so aware of and the importance of living my life with this purpose. I always thought I was living my life with purpose but never quite felt it,now I understand.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you something exciting!

Yesterday we had our first Dash to Director in the Chinese group that are marching into Asia led by Barry, Ruth and Garth Borthistle ! It was an exciting moment in history for us! Oct.10 is significant as a National Day for Taiwan ! We’re very proud to present Sheila Yang, a 19 year old girl from Shanghai , who has caught the vision of our company in wellness and wealth. She is also attracted to the Kingdom principals that you and Barry have been promoting, doing business with integrity and caring. Sheila and her group of rising young people have a calling to take “the business mountain” and watch out: they are coming!! When He is for us, who can be against us?

I also wanted to say how wonderful it is to have a team of very supportive and caring leaders that are willing to do anything to make it happen for everybody in this business. We work together and we overcome differences including cultural ones. We are unstoppable!!

Hello Sir:
My name is Deborah and I am merely a baby learning to crawl… my husband Martin, and I are doing the dash to Director. We are anxious and excited about the opportunity before us.
We have both seen unbelievable results taking The Nopalea…
We feel somewhat anxious about the money we are putting out monthly, yet excited for the future.
Thank you for all of you above in our lineage who have shared this product with friends and family.
Wellness is a nobel goal to strive for and if that goal comes with monetary benefits… then its a win win situation.
I hope to someday meet you and your family.

Trivita Baby learning to crawl.


this blog was especially encouraging to me as I begin to try to build my Trivita business. Like so many others I “have” to go to work every day. but I have always longed to be able to find something that I would be able to do that helps others and that I “want” to go do everyday. I am so happy to have been introduced to a company that aligns with my own thoughts and feelings. I look forward to learning and being more effective in taking wellness to the world.

Wishing you continued success!

Every day Carisa and I wake up and are so thankful for the opportunity that we have with TriVita to help spread better health and wellness, and to fulfill our life purposes. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when we decided to truly help others and build our TriVita business (in June 2007). We feel truly blessed to have made many new friends and business partners from all over North America, and now Australia and New Zealand, and very soon the entire world!

As I sit here on a Friday afternoon writing this message, my family and I have the time freedom and resources to do what we want, where we want and with who we want. I really appreciate this after a 20 year career in the corporate world.

Plus the benefits to our health is something that is priceless. Our children use a lot of the TriVita products already (Kid’s Vitamins, Leanology drink mix, Nopalea, Adaptogen). Carisa and I use over 20 different products, and look forward to some new ones coming later this year and in 2012.

TriVita is the very best company from top to bottom, bar none. Thank you so much Michael and to your family for a fine company with a great mission!

To Your Health and Wellness,

Mike Riedmiller

When ordinary people do extraordinary things, they transform their lives and the lives of those around them.-O Winfrey. Michael you have done just that and I know I speak for so many in saying that in transforming your life, you impacted the person I love the most in this world and I will forever be in debt for the gift of wellness Gloria and I have recieved. I choose to live my purpose connected with you and TriVita as a way to share with others this blessing that you have sharedf with me. I hope that many people will be brave enough to stand up and become ambassadors for the life changing 10 Keys and the company that makes it all possible. If it takes a life changing challenge like job, health or financial adversity…so be it…bring it on!

Michael – I’m so grateful for God’s intentional alignment with you! You are truly an inspiration and a reminder that God is using each of us if we’re willing to be used! You have provided so many of us the opportunity of a lifetime through our partnership with TriVita – all founded on your passion for reaching people with wellness!
As you know, this is truly a ministry for me. My Mission field is endless as I pursue my purpose and passion for Moms and The Family! I am devoted to mentoring Moms with a desire to see the Family well in mind, body and spirit! All the tools are in place for me through my partnership with TriVita and having a Mentor like you speaking into my life! Thank you for this blog post that is straight from your heart! Blessings and abundant Favor to you and your family! With love – Passionate Patti Weirich


When I see your Blogs come through I stop everything because I am always thrilled to see what you have written as it is always of great value to my life and my TriVita business.

This blog surprised me as you have mentioned my recent email to you and how very proud I was to see our group continue to increase which represents many people who are discovering wellness both Members and Affiliates. Like you, that excites me!

I reflect back many times about our conversation in 2008 and was very blessed that my mentor and friend Presidential Director Bryan Wirth wanted to connect us due to the fact that we had both faced health challenges in our life.

I so remember how Mark and I felt when we saw our stocks and real estate investing decline or some would say “tank” as well as my healthy 6-digit income from rental loss, employment and home business and stepping away to focus on what we thought would be our way to work and retire together.

Thank you TriVita for offering us a much better opportunity to build our family legacy.

Now, what if we had waited around for what many people thought would be a quick rebound to actually “wait” and then did face financial ruin which has made us very sad and yet thankful for wealth and wellness that we discovered less than 3 years ago. TriVita has been a way to build income in addition to the passion I had to get on the ultimate wellness journey by following The 10 Essentials from TriVita.

We can’t possibly understand what others have gone through if we have not been there ourselves. TriVita has been a wellness and financial blessing and we have been able to lead, serve and mentor others both in and out of our group with many also having had their best month in TriVita during a month that some say is slow in this industry.

I am incredibly thankful for the gift of better wellness, to be connected to a mission driven company and to live a life with more meaning and purpose all while keeping my faith and family in balance and getting paid to do it is a huge blessing.

Thank you Michael for the mission of TriVita and teaching us to find our life purpose and not just chase money.

It has been so inspiring to watch Mike and his entire family live the lifestyle that TriVita offers anyone who is willing to step out, do the work and then make a difference in the lives of others.

Efforts certainly bring results and very rewarding when you are helping people discover wellness.

TriVita and The Ellison Family is bringing good into our world and congrats to everyone who is taking part and helping to make a difference.


Tina Gonda

Thank you Michael. You are an encourager to me!

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