Never stop caring, sharing and inviting!

Posted on: October 3, 2011

This past Saturday was such a thrill for me as I interacted with people all over the globe involved in the mission of TriVita.  I was communicating with Affiliate leaders in Australia, leaders from eastern and western Canada, then with USA leaders in the Midwest, New York and Florida.  Then I placed a call to Stockholm, Sweden and spent two hours in consultation with Ambassador Greg Newell on the new hire for our Hong Kong office next year.  I ended Saturday with the overwhelming feeling it really has moved from Think It and Speak It to Act On It.  We are no longer just thinking and speaking of taking wellness to the world – we are in action!!

The Law of Expression does work; in fact, many of the most simple and profound principles we teach in TriVita can make such a life-impacting difference.  One of my communications was with Alain in Quebec who is working hard for the Presidential Director award.  He emailed me such an inspirational and uplifting message of his gratitude for what is happening in his life.  He writes, “My first gratitude is for sharing with us at Galaxy of Stars in your speech, that if I want to go places I have never been before, I would have to start thinking in a way I have never thought before. So simple but so profound.  It is now a part of my everyday life and I am convinced it is leading me directly to happiness.  My second gratitude is for the new French website ( Another gratitude is for the clothes series with the TriVita logo.  All I am wearing is the shirts and golf shirts with the TriVita logo and it is bringing me new customers on a regular basis.”  He goes on to share about being at the dentist and going to a garage to have his car fixed and ending the day with several new customers.  I have heard from other ITBOs who are finding that wearing the logo is a great way to start a conversation.  If you are not doing this (and training this), I would encourage you to find some of the accessories to brand your public image, as it is an engaging way to share.

I received another incredible email from Martha who is 90 years old in her third career now as a network marketer, in which she says it was a little uncomfortable and even embarrassing until she found the mission of wellness with TriVita.  I will feature her next month if she gives me permission as it is such an inspirational story on finding purpose.

Am I having fun? Yes, and it could not be more enjoyable and fulfilling than to see lives being changed through wellness experiences, and seeing people empowered to believe in their purpose and destiny and to believe there is unlimited resources available for their important life purposes.  Top that with a lack of geographical boundaries – we get to take this all over the world.   I started on a wellness journey 15 years ago inviting people to go with me and now look at what is happening. I say that as I have not sold or bought anybody to go with us (perhaps begged a few!), just invited people to a mission of helping people experience wellness and wealth for their life purposes.  Many of you are experiencing the same thing.  Never stop caring, sharing and inviting!

I am already wondering what we are going to do when we are in every country with people excited about the mission of TriVita. Perhaps by that time, space travel will be more affordable and we can have someone take a bottle of Nopalea out to one of the space stations just to say
we have opened a new frontier.

You may not be humored by my lightness but my point is this:  Sharing and caring is enjoyable and it has incredible rewards.  We need not be victims to any condition, whether it is the economy, the lack of resources, the way we were raised or the previous bad experiences in life.  We can tap into our purpose where all our real potential and resources will be found – and that does lead directly to happiness.

Pursue it with passion and intention!!






7 Responses to "Never stop caring, sharing and inviting!"

THANK YOU Michael for being a humble leader and for these encouraging words! May these words be an encouragement to you today: “He has showed you , O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humble with your God!” (Micah 6:8)

Michael, You are totally correct. Never, never, stop sharing, caring and inviting. It is a thrill and a privilege for me when my Members and Affiliate Members call me and refer others to me. I have many in my organization who feel comfortable calling me to help them with questions and to help them place their order. Yes, they call me. I have encouraged them to do that.

I have “done” a lot of other businesses and I NEVER had a customer call me “out of the blue” just to chat or ask for help.

I had a wonderful member, Betty, call me yesterday. She has very serious problems and didn’t want to run out of nopalea. We called in and she ordered 2 4 packs.

Thank you, Michael for giving me the opportunity to help so many people. It is an amazing feeling to really help people.

Thank you for the Media program. It has allowed me to reach more people than I ever dreamed of.

Nancy Finlon

This is truly an exciting time to be involved with TriVita! Carisa and I look forward to 2012 and beyond as we bring better health and wellness to the world.

Mike Riedmiller

Dear Micheal: You are an inspiration to all of us, I look forward to the expansion into the other countries.and I will volunteer to take the Nopalea up to the space stations when the time comes that we can do it. My own experience with Nopalea has been the very best..Sharing & Caring is a lot of fun and it makes my day fly by,. Sarah McFarlane.

Thanks, so much, for your caring and sharing!! I’m on my way to a neighbor meeting to share and care. These people, too, are wanting to share wellness!! Your enthusiasm helped me, even more, to prepare for the meeting. Thanks, Ida Anderson one star Director.

Michael, your blog is so inspirational. We look forward to the first of the month to read it!

As you know we have had a very interesting travel year, five weeks in England and three weeks in Turkey and Georgia. Wherever we travel we ask about health, nutrition and the medical care in these countries. We believe they are waiting for TriVita to arrive. There is such a need, both in the pharmaceuticals, the 10 Essentials and for wealth for life’s purposes.

After our travels to some of these countries we came home full of gratitude to live in Canada and the United States during the winter. We are truly blessed to life where we do.

We saw this need wherever we went and have cared, shared and invited people we met along the way to be part of TriVita.

You invited us to go on a wellness journey 15 years ago and we decided to come along, that was over 13 years ago before there was a product but always a purpose.

Thank you Michael for never wavering from your purpose and intention.

Look where TriVita is now!! And look at the difference it has made in so very many lives. The stories just keep coming and where TriVita is now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Best regards,

Terry & Gillian

All the efforts are coming to roost, the dream is moving to reality. It gives me goosebumps, what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve encouraged others to accomplish, the number of people whose lives have been changed and the number that will be changed. I am without words to fully express my gratitude, thank you.

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