Final thoughts for 2011

Posted on: December 1, 2011

Here is my thought for you as we enter the last month of the year 2011.  It is a powerful thought to remind you how to put the good, the bad and the ugly that can happen in life in perspective.

“The rearview mirror is ALWAYS cleaner than the front windshield.  Yes, bugs always collect on the front windshield, not on the back windshield.  If you are going somewhere fast enough, bugs will splat on your window.   But I would rather have a dirty front window than have bugs swarming all over me sitting idle or slowly dying.”

So as you enter the last month of the year 2011, I offer you four of the 10 Essentials of Wellness to practice for the good things experienced in our lives along with the disappointments, the failed goals and even discouragement.

My counsel to you is to wipe the window clean through LOVE of what you are doing to help others; FORGIVE yourself and others for any mistakes or wrongdoings; ACCEPT what you cannot change; and be GRATEFUL for the opportunity you have to dream big, audacious dreams and work towards achieving them.

I am thrilled you have joined with me and all those at TriVita who are committed to taking wellness to the world.  I would like to give special recognition to Hong Soon Ler who flew to Singapore on October 30 and then to Malaysia in preparation for the announcement of Trivita’s expansion into ten countries.  Hong signed up 39 people and had 200 bottles of Nopalea sold in the two weeks while he was there.  Hong is an example of leaders who are excited about taking wellness to the world.

May you have happy holidays and prepare yourself for a great coming new year!



6 Responses to "Final thoughts for 2011"

I am truly living the dream I thought I would never have. God Bess You all.

I have been a smoker for 46 years. I started on Nopalea a week ago today taking 6 ounces daily. On Sat. I laid the cigarettes down and have not touched them. I have no craving for a cigarette. I have used Chantix, all kinds of suggestions, to no avail. I attribute this to the detoxifying Nopalea does in my body to remove the nicotine and other bad floating vessels. The detoxifying has been really remarkable, my inflammation has gone down considerabily in 7 days, my energy level has emerged, and my sugar levels are really down. I truly want to take the time to thank my cousin, who has been with your program for awhile, for sending me a catalog and telling me about Nopalea. Nopalea is wonderful. Since I have quit smoking, and my sugar levels are down, my family in California is going to order Nopalea and my friend in Texas has already ordered 3 bottles, as they are smokers also, I really want to say thank you for Nopalea. I never thought I would feel this good, be able to quit smoking, and have a life I haven’t had in a long long time. Janis Wilson, Walters, Ok

Thank you Michael for the wonderful thoughts! I will be politically incorrect and say – Merry Christmas!!

Nopalea is my next project for the coming year! I have read so much about it, and am looking forward to trying its healing properties.

My Greetings to you & your family for a wonderful Christmas season & a happy & Blessed 2012.
God Bless

Dear Michael,

We love your analysis of the rearview mirror. The 10 Essentials of Wellness have always been foundational for us. Personally, I have had to practice forgiveness this year as well as develop acceptance. These essentials are very freeing.

Well done Hong Soon Ler who caught the vision and flew with it!

We wish you and Susan a very special holiday time together and we look forward with anticipation to what lies ahead in 2012.

Merry Christmas and Aloha!

Gillian & Terry

Mom and Dad, you guys are the best leaders and mentors. Thank you. Michael. You speak with more wisdom than one man should have. It is evident you have truly lived life. Thank you for creating a culture and movement that I can embrace. You have done such special things and knowing that they have only begun makes it all the more exciting. I look forward to everyday because of what you went through and created years ago. Purpose is truly the new lifestyle.

We will take the 10 Essentials around the world. We will help people change the way they think about living life to the fullest. We will not be hype or superficially based and will not side step paying the price. For some of us this is a mission we have wrapped or beings around. A true calling worthy of all the energy, passion and commitment we can muster. Thank you for giving our family new hope and staying focused even when the “birds pick at the seeds you plant” and the bugs cover the windshield. I feel you.

Accepting that resistance is inevital in fast moving people has been a great relief to me. Your humility is so refreshing in a world of instant gratification, short cuts and self centred cultures. Thank you for building a system that rewards those who truly help others. Reciprocity does not skip. The order of things will always be…plant, cultivate and harvest. Mom, Dad and Michael, thank you for planting and cultivating so dilligently. It is your time to harvest. My turn to help plant! What an honor and blessing. Love you all, not just for who you are but because of what you stand for. Greatness is so “rare”…. well done!

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