Happy New Year. Yes it will be a very Happy New Year!

Posted on: January 3, 2012

I have never entered a new year with more excitement and anticipation of the possibilities for what can happen at Trivita than 2012.  Our vision has expanded, our resources have expanded, our ideas are exploding in how to move our mission forward in helping people experience greater wellness.  This is the year we open the Trivita Wellness Center. I am so incredibly thrilled about this and how it will further enhance our mission efforts.

I am also thrilled with the new celebrity endorsements of people who have had positive experiences with Nopalea and desire to lend their support and brand to Trivita for our wellness mission.  This is the year for you to give every effort possible to the opportunity to build your wellness business.   The taste and see campaign (as I call it) to be  introduced at our Hawaii leadership event will be the most exciting campaign ever in our history.  I am biting my tongue not to tell you about it.

It may sound crazy for your CEO to be so fired up about the possibilities but something happened in the last six months.  We are no longer the start-up company, the purpose of founding Trivita while important to the foundation, is not the story.   It is actually doing the purpose with the recognition of the possibilities is the story, and the momentum for it has never been as intense as it is today at Trivita.  This is the year to release your belief and actions…abandon yourself to the opportunity.  Leave your doubts and inhibitions behind.

The other day I was walking down a sidewalk in Durango, Colorado about thirty miles from our ranch and over the sidewalk was an American flag hanging about 7 feet above.  Walking in front of me was a young man in his mid- twenties who all of sudden jumped up and with one hand pulled the flag to his lips and kissed the flag.  When he landed he raised his arms in a victory sign and then walked on down the street as if nothing had just happened.   I wish I would have ran up to him and asked him what prompted this inspired moment.  But something did happen with that event… perhaps it was just for me but  my own emotional response took over with a yeah-yeah- yeah response.  I was filled with pride that that flag flew for freedom.  Freedom to pursue our dreams.  Freedom of speech to share with others our values and opinions about anything.  Freedom to worship the way we desire to worship.  Free to share our message of wellness. Freedom to pursue the wealth we need to fulfill  our life purpose!!  One of the greatest gifts you have been given is the freedom to pursue your dreams.  Don’t let anyone take that from you including those in government!  Something happened inside me in those few moments where I   just knew that 2012 is going to be an awesome year for those who dare to dream big audacious dreams for their lives because we have the freedom to do so.

Two days later on New Year’s eve the sun had already set and I had taken a drive out to view the elk and deer on the ranch.  I had walked into a grassy area to catch a glimpse of a herd in the area but they were not there.  It was bitterly cold so getting back to the warm truck was my intention but when I returned to the truck which was parked at the top of a ridge I had the most incredible view and experience.  The background was the snowcapped majestic LA Plata mountains rising 12,000 feet with almost a pink glow now from the last rays of the sunset, the half-moon was overhead and the stars were starting to pop out shimmering against the darkening sky without any city lights to lessen their glow.  It was almost surreal quiet, no headlights on the country roads which I could see for miles from the knoll  as most people even in the country were preparing for the New Year’s eve celebrations.  And then it happened, my own surprising emotional response to the end of 2011….I raised my arms and begin to dance around in a circle in the snow.  I raised my voice as loud as I could in gratitude for all the blessings life had brought and praise to my Creator for giving me such a blessed life.  When I realized what I was doing I was rather embarrassed but then it was such an inspired moment and I realized no one was watching,  I just let it all go.  It was a moment in my life I will never forget.  Overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings I enjoy and the freedom to pursue the opportunities of taking wellness to the world.  I know this was to be blog not a book.

These two inspired events in the last couple days have truly impacted my life in two ways.  One, the realization of the freedom I have to pursue the dream of taking the wellness mission to the world.  Nothing to hold me back, the freedom to totally abandon myself to the opportunity.  The second, was the gratitude I feel for the life I have with freedom, health and opportunity.


May you have the greatest most inspired New Year ever and may the freedom to pursue your dreams also fill your life with gratitude for such opportunities life has brought to you.

7 Responses to "Happy New Year. Yes it will be a very Happy New Year!"

The young man you saw jumping up to kiss the American flag re-assures us that the spirit of America is alive and well amongst many good ordinary people. The spirit and possibilities of a good life, which inspired many to leave their old country to seek something better for themselves and their family. TriVita is offering us that!

Absolutely love the vision I now have of you dancing and chanting in the snow with your arms raised out there by yourself in the beauty of the natural landscape in gratefulness of all you have in your own life and in gratefulness of what you are able to offer all who are willing to step up to the plate and receive. Passion is priceless and I thank you for sharing yours. You experienced a beautiful moment of Heaven on Earth Michael.

Two such emotional and surreal moments that I have experienced come to my mind. One being the absolute most amazing sunset I have ever seen. It happened when I had arrived back in Denmark for my mother’s funeral. The end of a life of a loved mother and the end of a long day traveling. Watching the HUGE golden red/yellow sun across the water gently disappearing as if into the water and leaving a fantastic after glow. All the while I was having the church in sight where my mother and sisters had been married and where my mother’s funeral service would be conducted the next day. I felt there was a real message for me in that symbol of day/night and life/death. Much to be grateful fo.r

Another time was very different. I lived out in the country by myself on a beautiful property. I was very much in touch with nature and appreciated my good luck living in such beauty every day, On a cold night with lots of clean white snow I found myself getting dressed and wondering around outside in the stillness amongst the big trees. The full “Woolf Moon” was very haunting and beautiful and I was howling at the moon on top of my lungs and laughing because I was so grateful for all the beauty Mother Earth was giving us.

Michael I so understand what you were doing that night while dancing and chanting and really feel that being able to appreciate Nature and the Creator is part of bringing wellness to the world.

Thank you so much to you and Susan for your leadership and all you do for us.

Let 2012 unfold.

Love from

Alicia Pokluda
Kitchener, Ontario

Such an inspired post, Michael!!! we are so blessed to be part of the story and the possibilities! I have always called myself a “possibilitarian” and I love your vision for the future!!


You continue to lead by example – Thank you, Michael!

Thank you Michael for such a vivid picture of your experience and feelings of the young man with the flag! And oh the spectacular description of the land, mountains, sky and feelings that overwhelmed you into dance and jubilation! I felt your passion and had to chuckle at the sight the deer and elk may have seen as you danced and chanted to the moon and stars in the night sky. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Dave and I are so looking forward to seeing all of you in Hawaii. 🙂

Happy New Year Michael and Susan!!

We can hear your excitement and intent from here!! You are such a beautiful visual writer as we felt as though we were right there with you at the ranch taking in the beautiful sunset.

There is a great sense of being at the pinnacle of a very positive change happening. We have had so many positive changes but this feels different; bigger and stronger. There is a sense now that TriVita will become that household name we have talked about. It is only a matter of time and a time not far out of reach. TriVita has been built on integrity and that has been such a guiding light for us this past 13+ years. We have seen lives changed dramatically in both health and wellness stories and financial freedom for life purposes; both attainable through TriVita in these difficult times.

We look forward with anticipation the announcements that will be made at the Directors’ Forum in Hawaii. This year we will have 3 generations attending; a testimonial to the legacy TriVita has offered our family.

Thank you Michael; and we always say it; for your never wavering vision of a healthier world. We love it when you raise your arms and dance in the snow; we just love that you have dedicated yourself to this cause. There is any army with you in the quest for wellness freedom! An old cliche but without our health we have nothing!!

This year is going to be awesome!!


Terry & Gillian


I saw this business because of the needs my wife had.
I looked at it more because of the Co-Operative Marketing Opportunity.
I pursued it because of my respect for and connection with you Michael.
I will be faithful till the end because of the calling and purpose placed in my life.
There is nothing better than the sigh of contentment after you gave your all…
That is what 2012 holds for me and each person that chooses.

Amazing things are happening…we are blessed!
Thank you Michael for being driven with integrity!

Michael: All the best to you & your family in 2012, I look forward to a awesome year with Trivita.Thank you, Sarah McFarlane

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