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If you read the headline, I am not referring to TriVita, but to a special lady who is passionate about wellness. 

I called to congratulate her on such a remarkable achievement for her life.  She said, “Michael, it has been one baby step at a time, one product, one customer, one Affiliate who is excited about the wellness opportunity TriVita offers with its products.  The satisfaction my husband, Terry, and I get from interacting with our customers and hearing their remarkable and many times astonishing wellness experiences is hard to put in words.”  She added, “Terry has played such an important role in supporting and offering advice to me in building the wellness business.” 

Let me re-introduce Tula Savisky.  I featured her in my August 2009 blog.  You can access it here:  I met Tula and Terry in Calgary, Alberta when I did the 19-city tour launching Nopalea.  They had driven over from interior British Columbia hundreds of miles away.  In 2009, Tula said to me, “Michael, my personal development to overcome fear and doubts has been incredible.  I could have never talked with you about my goals and life when I first started with TriVita.  I attribute much of that to the life-changing effects Sublingual B-12 had on my focus, emotional stability and physical energy.  I am a different person.” 

This is the same Tula who shared with me in Calgary her goal of purchasing a canoe so her family could enhance their enjoyment of the great outdoors in British Columbia. (It is also my fabulous playground I have enjoyed for years.)  

But today on the call, I was talking to a very confident and competent woman who is taking her wellness business to the world.  In fact, last year when we did our “Across Australia Tour” introducing TriVita, in every city someone would say to me, Tula wanted me to come up and introduce myself to you.  During the call, Tula said, “I just love to connect with new people in new countries and introduce them to TriVita and our wellness mission.  And I am laying a foundation for my worldwide wellness business.” 

Wow, baby steps to a global wellness business.  Her passion started when she had a wellness experience with the products.  She also told me that although she was shy, she was not gullible.  She said, “Michael, before I started my business with TriVita, I researched you, the corporate executives, the company history, Dr. Libby who was formulating your products, and anything I could find out about the stability and reputation of your company. I wanted to know that if I spent the time learning the baby steps to build a wellness business, the company would be there to support it long term.”  Amen, sister Tula!!  I can admire that tenacity. 

I asked Tula at what point she had believed she could be successful. Her answer involved three things:  her wellness experience with the products, her research on the company and when she got the first $9 check.

Today, Tula has her sights set on Presidential Director, which is the highest level of achievement for wellness-business builders. But an award and title are not her passion; her passion is to help people experience a greater quality of life starting with wellness.  I cannot wait to have the pleasure and privilege of presenting the award to her. 

Your WHY matters as it will cause you to do the WHATs and HOWs that matter!!  For Tula, her WHY is wanting people to experience a greater quality of life! 

One baby step at a time learning the important things that matter in developing the WHAT and HOW can lead to a life of achievement and significant contribution and inspiration for others.  That truly is living with purpose and reward!  RECIPROCITY!! 

May each of you be inspired to reach for your life dreams even if it requires taking one baby step at a time. 



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