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I have never seen a more excited, enthusiastic and engaged group of people than those in Hawaii at our annual leadership event!!

Here they were – men and women, some professional people with various degrees, people with conservative backgrounds from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., from ages 30-70 – yelling out the answers to the recap questions covering the Hawaii leadership event. Some even stood on their chairs!  The decibels of sound had risen to a peak that almost hurt our ears. Before going to the stage for the final few minutes to see if our leaders “got it” over the past couple days,  I thought I would encourage their participation with some Hawaii memorabilia if they could yell out the answers and not be timid.  Timid, they were not!!

When I asked about our new 2012 campaign, it was a unanimous roar of “March to a Million Wellness Challenge Campaign.” The goal of this campaign is to get one million people to take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge. If you could have heard the stories of people who have had incredible wellness experiences with Nopalea, you would understand the excitement and passion of these leaders; they would love to have one million people (and more!) have the opportunity to experience greater wellness. In fact, the first person to take the Wellness Challenge before we could even leave the island was a former NBA superstar who happened to be at the resort; he wanted to try Nopalea to see if it would help with the inflammation in his knees!

They also answered the most significant question of all with a deafening roar: “Your WHY matters!”  I have said this before but the most empowering action you can take in life is to get a WHY that matters.  It is one of the most powerful things you can do in life.  It is more motivational than any goal you can set.  When your Why is connected to the benefit of others and is bigger than yourself, it will help you find a way to do the WHATs and HOWs that matter to fulfill your WHY.

It was never more real to me than in Hawaii.  Eleven years ago my wife, Susan, and I had flown to Hawaii to stay a few days at the Mauna Lani resort after she had finished her treatment for breast cancer at Mayo Clinic.  She was exhausted and weakened from the whole ordeal.  I remember her telling me, “I just want to put my toes in the sand, feel the waves wash around my legs, and watch the palms sway in the gentle trade winds.”   I will never forget those few days in Hawaii as we had just launched TriVita and we were experiencing such a rough start.  Things were tough as we had used all our resources to start the company and my wife had just been treated for a very aggressive cancer.  When we stood in the sand 11 years ago we had not envisioned a leadership event on the beach like we were experiencing in 2012. But we did have hopes and dreams that our WHY would drive us forward to fulfill our mission of helping people experience greater wellness, including wellness for ourselves.

Now 11 years later, we stood in the exact same spot with a couple hundred excited leaders from several countries who are experiencing incredible growth with a product that is helping people experience greater wellness. A couple from Australia that had been in the industry for over 40 years wrote a thank you note that said, “These few days of outstanding TriVita corporate leadership – you supporting the Affiliates – rank higher than any other industry event we’ve attended in our combined careers.”  I share those intimate and personal opinions only to contrast how my wife and I felt 11 years ago with what we experienced in Hawaii last week.

Eleven years ago we had more than just a goal of establishing a company, we had an audacious WHY!  A WHY that even during our bleakest moment, as we stood holding each other on the beach, inspired hopes, dreams and a determination that we would find the WHATs and HOWs to push our WHY mission forward.  Today our goal is to have TriVita products and wellness information in 100 countries in 10 years.  Even though that might sound like a big, almost impossible goal, that is not our WHY!!  Our WHY of helping people experience greater wellness is just as strong when we are talking to one person as when we are in the presence of an enthusiastic group like the one in Hawaii.   WHY is not a goal but a powerful life purpose force.

Your WHY does matter.  It is a force that attracts the resources to fulfill a person’s life purpose.  Today we are seeing another dream come to pass that furthers our WHY, and that is the new TriVita Wellness Center.  I have never been more excited about something that has incredible possibilities to further our mission.  The Wellness Center grand opening is scheduled for our Galaxy of Stars event in July! I hope you can come and celebrate this great occasion with us, again demonstrating and proving that WHY matters!

I am so grateful for the many people who have joined with us in this mission.  From the hundreds of corporate people to the thousands of Affiliates and Members who have caught the vision that we can experience greater wellness!!!

Your WHY matters.


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