Having fun while changing lives

Posted on: April 2, 2012

As I stood before several hundred of our Affiliates and guests in a meeting in Charlotte, I asked if Robert was in the audience and if so to please raise his hand as I had never met him before.  As he raised his hand, I asked him to swear to God to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help him God. “Is your testimony true?  Is it true that you had three kidney transplants and that you were taking up to thirty pills a day to cope with life?  Is it true you have flown all the way from Houston, Texas to be in this meeting?”

I would have never dared to read the testimony he had had delivered to me before the meeting as it described such an extreme and radical – though positive – turn of events in his life since starting on Nopalea. He simply said it was true.  After the meeting he came with tears in his eyes to share his life experience since taking the Nopalea Wellness Challenge.

But it is not just Robert who is having remarkable results: many people are finding a greater quality of life when they no longer have chronic inflammation conditions.  Nearly every day someone is sharing their amazing results with me.  I have said it before but again I say, I believe Nopalea is a gift from God for us to share with the world.

A couple weeks later as I was driving through a spring snowstorm on my way home from the ranch in Colorado, I just could not get over the memory of Robert.  So, I pulled over to the side of road and called Barbara in Dallas, Texas, an outstanding leader and author of many published works, to ask her about how she had met Robert and if she could add any details to this amazing story – and quite frankly, if it was really true.   She added this exclamation point:  “What you do not realize, is that this was his first plane trip in many years.  His quality of life before Nopalea had deteriorated to the point where he could not even take a plane trip.”

We never know who will benefit from Nopalea or how people will benefit.  It must simply be experienced by the individual.  That is why we have the Nopalea Wellness Challenge with the 60-day money back guarantee.   Nopalea must be tried and if a wellness experience occurs, what a wonderful thing! If not, we will give the money back.  We are serious about having one million people take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge.  To support the goal we have the March to a Million Campaign with incredible rewards and grand prizes.  In fact, we are giving away over $1 million to fill the campaign with fun and excitement, just adding to the experience of so many people benefiting with a greater quality of life.

A good number of Affiliates have already won the just-released iPad 3.  No, sorry to say they have not received them yet, but they will at the Galaxy of Stars event in July.  The people I know who have seen the quality HD screen say it is the most amazing picture ever!  Additionally, every person who achieves the success of receiving an iPad 3 will have their name added to the drawing for a new 2012 Range Rover.  I have received emails from Affiliates who can’t wait to attend, such as Rod Glover in Australia who is flying all the way from down under – he’s already picked out his color, just knowing he is going to be the grand prize winner!  Life is fun and so fulfilling when you are involved in a cause bigger than yourself.  The mission of helping people experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes is that cause for TriVita, both corporately and in the field – and yes, we are having fun!

Ok, I know, stop now, this is a blog not an eBook.  But one last thought! I would like to welcome one of the most outstanding women I know to TriVita:  Fiona Ho is our new General Manager of TriVita Hong Kong and the Regional Director of Southeast Asia.  She is tops as a professional but what a dynamo.  Can I also tell you we just hired Kara Schelling as our new Medical Administrator of the soon-to-open TriVita Wellness Center!  I could not be more thrilled with such a competent but charming professional as Kara. She will take the center over the top in customer experience!

Pursue your purpose with passion!!!  That is the way to achieve optimal living!



5 Responses to "Having fun while changing lives"

Hi Michael,

Robert’s story is truly amazing. It’s really good to know that Nopalea can help with kidney problems.

It is so exciting to be associated with a Company like TriVita that is taking wellness to the world.
It makes me feel so good when I talk with new people that I have acquired through the Media bundles and find that Nopalea can truly help them. I have made many new friends because of being able to help them on their wellness journey.

Thank you, Michael for building such a wonderful company and producing products of such superb quality.

Nancy Finlon

I’m so glad I’ve discovered Nopalea because it gave me the benefit to be strong. My name is Tonia and I’m glad Nopalea is a part of my life. I was recently diagnosis of diabetes 12 years ago and I was living with pain,having appetite, and thirsty alot. We’ll one day I turned on the tv and saw the commercial and I said, let me order this product. I received my order and I open up the first bottle of Nopalea and a few days I felt liked I was on cloud nine.You’ll changed my life and amazed of what this product can do. Every thing changed my sugar were completely balanced and I’m not eating much sweets but that changed because of you guys. I wouldn’t never forget it because nopalea is now apart of my life and I wouldn’t turn to any other supplements out there. Nopalea is a mircle and gave me a chance to live better and end the suffering that started all. My comment is how you do it whats the secret in nopalea? I know we don’t know but who ever came up with this is a genius that know about welliness. I experienced the gift that was giving to me because God didn’t want me to suffer. I thank you all so much in giving my life back because it’s worth it.

Hi Michael,

It’s so great to hear about Robert’s wellness story! We continue to hear more and more stories like this as we “March to a Million” Nopalea Wellness Challenges!

Looking forward to Galaxy of Stars annual conference. It’s going to be an awesome event. Can’t wait to get our new iPad3.

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

Mr. Ellison,

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the wonderful products that are available from Trivita. Taking so many prescribed medications, I’m always dealing with side effects, but I’ve found that there are no side effects with Nopalea, only side benefits. I was focused on taking Nopalea to help relieve pain, which it did in less than a month, but I’m beginning to notice other things like less swelling and less dry skin.

Thank you Mr. Ellison for realizing that you are blessed to be a blessing! I know you probably hear it all the time but my life has truly been blessed by you and Trivita. I WILL do my part in the March to a Million campaign.

Robert Davis
Houston, TX

Hello Michael,

We were just discussing this how much fun this business is! Helping people experience wellness and wealth for their life purposes is so rewarding and just so much fun.

What a remarkable story about Robert and thank God for Nopalea to have transformed his life to such a degree.

We are so excited about the upcoming TriVita Wellness Center and can’t wait to see it in July at GOS.

As always Michael we are so grateful for TriVita’s product and purpose and all the fun we have along the way.


Terry & Gillian

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