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We were returning home from the wedding of my son, Marcus, and his beautiful new bride, Annie, when I noticed a motorcycle quickly coming up from behind me, dodging in and out of the freeway traffic. No, it was not a California State Trooper or a Harley, it was someone riding a Ducati motorcycle. Now I have to admit I was in a rush to get back home to Arizona from California, but everyone on that freeway was in a rush. All five lanes of  traffic were moving quickly at just over 70 mph, but this biker had to be doing at least 100 mph.

Just next to the freeway was a California state patrol car, and I just knew he saw the speeding motorcyclist and believed the speed demon would get his due. But the motorcyclist must have seen the trooper also and dipped in behind a truck as we all went by the parked patrol car. A little further down the road and out of sight of the patrolman, the motorcyclist pulled up alongside me at about 75 mph, yanked on his handlebars and went into a perfect wheelie. Now standing up with his long hair flying in the wind (no helmet needed for this guy) and just on his back tire, he accelerated to at least 100 mph and the last time I saw him he was still in a perfect wheelie. He had escaped the state patrol and yes, he had escaped making a critical mistake that would have cost him his life and no doubt endangered the lives of many others.

I immediately thought of how so many people seemingly do the same thing with their lives, ignoring laws that have consequences if ignored but incredible benefits when followed. Then there are those times when we seem so invincible, when we can escape the consequences which allow us to enjoy the moment of self-indulgence.

In so many of my speeches I have shared truths which I call laws. That’s because a law is set to direct behavior with benefits when followed and consequences when ignored.  I have shared the Law of Reciprocity which states, “when we serve mankind with a valued service or product, mankind will gladly compensate us with money and what money cannot buy.” The Law of Expression defined by “Think it, speak it, act with corresponding actions” to bring forth the invisible world to visible form those ideas that can become manifested in some visible expression. These and other truths are guides to our behavior that help us achieve the extraordinary, as they help us to stay on track for the results we desire in life when there seemingly there is no evidence we are succeeding.

A new law I would like to share today is the Law of Intention. I define this truth as taking deliberate action to apply focus, resources and belief towards an intended result. Much material has been written about goal setting and manifesting intense desires, but I think the Law of Intention even takes it beyond those two powerful forces available in our lives.

To illustrate this truth or what I prefer to call a law, if we were to ask a farmer if he has a goal to harvest his crop we would get a yes. But, do you have an intense desire to harvest a crop? No doubt we would get a very strange look and perhaps a response, “not only do I have a goal and a desire for a harvest, I INTEND to harvest a crop!” Every action taken by a farmer is with intention and a deliberate action of focus, resources and belief to ensure a harvest. The farmer knows that not every seed planted germinates, or in the case of this year’s drought does every intended harvest result in a bumper crop, But it never changes the INTENTION of a farmer and the actions of preparing the soil, planting the seed and maintaining the equipment for the intended harvest.

Now, how does that apply to you?  Do you have goals in life you would like to achieve? Are their desires both hidden and expressed you would like to see manifested. I mention hidden as deep within us are desires we do not express because they seem to unachievable, or we don’t like to appear foolish to family or friends in discussing them.

What I would like to inspire you to consider is to apply the Law of Intention to achieve what you have as a desired goal in your life. Take deliberate actions to apply focus, resources and your belief for the intended result. As you take these steps daily in your life you will deliberately and intentionally move towards the fulfillment of the intended result. The plans will become clearer, the intentions will reveal new ideas and ways of solving any objection or problem that may stand in your way of achieving the intended result. The intentions will attract others to help you with the intended outcome.

One last word. Many people wait until they have the plans and the resources to ensure a desired result. While waiting they get distracted and yes even sometimes self-indulgent, waiting until the plan and the resources are evident. Life is full of these distractions and self-indulgent opportunities which cause us to seemingly escape the consequences of ignoring the laws that are there for our good. We put aside those hidden desires, those goals that seem unachievable and wait, wait and wait for something to happen. But  I would like to encourage you to follow the Law of Intention, to take deliberate actions to apply focus, resources and belief to an intended result as it will guide your behavior to get you what you INTEND in your life.

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