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Life has its surprises that extend beyond our plans.   How we respond to the opportunities or adversities will most often reveal the significant pivot points in our lives.

When faced with an unexpected opportunity that may stretch your comfort level,  it becomes a time to realize it can create a growth outcome that is beyond the incremental planned growth.  I believe that happened on August 31,2012 when John Easterling, known as Amazon John, signed the agreement merging Amazon Herb Company with TriVita.

With the Amazon Herb Company came Olivia Newton-John, alongside Amazon John, to join with TriVita in sharing a wellness message with the world.  It seemed far beyond coincidence that Olivia had just opened her Wellness Center and Cancer Treatment Center in Melbourne, Australia.  I am thrilled to announce she has also agreed to be a featured speaker at our grand opening of the TriVita Wellness Center.  As we toured the facility under construction with the anticipated services, it was also thrilling to me to hear Olivia and John say this is far bigger and better than what they expected.  John followed up with an email to say, “the TriVita Wellness Center is something to be excited about and proud of!”   Amazon John and  wife Olivia are two outstanding people who have merged their mission, vision and values into TriVita.  I believe this synergy will create something far more powerful than the sum total of its parts.  And, it will create something far more influential than if we had just stayed on the planned course of growth for TriVita.

This is going to be a significant forward momentum for those who have determined to build their future with TriVita!!  The products,  the media, the tools, the opportunity all become significantly enhanced with this unplanned but realized event.

The other day I heard a professional athlete say,  we are best defined in our response to adversity.  I agree that when the surprise of extreme adversity occurs, how we respond generally leads us to a bitter or better life.

Example, one of our leadership couples, which I will not mention by name as yet because do they have a story to tell, have just recently been faced with extreme adversity.  I have met with this couple several times, known their extended plans and when they were going to go full-time with TriVita.  Not an easy decision when you are making over 200k per year in a corporate job.  As many say today, “keep your day job and build for the future.”   Then the surprise!!  NOT according to their plans, the company made plans to significantly change the course of the business and this couple was notified the position was no longer in the future plans of the company.  Yes, the end of the fabulous paying day job!  Adversity for sure.  It was not what was planned, but choosing to be not bitter but better, they accepted it as a premature path to go full-time with TriVita and accelerate their growth.  As Terry Newsome would say, they are on fire far surpassing their previous growth!!

As I have taught on some of the laws that govern our lives, the Law of Awareness is one I would like to draw attention to in closing, as defined by “somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purposes.”  The surprise event, while many times not desirable as it makes us move out of the “life womb,” it can be life’s greatest pivot point to fulfillment of purpose.  Make sure at this time you are watching and looking for the surprise, for the unexpected, the unplanned event for your life.  It can be a pivot point!!

For those distributors who have faithfully followed John and Olivia in Amazon Herb Company, I am sure this merger was not in your planning, but I would like to invite you to think of it as the surprise event that could launch your wellness business to a whole new growth outcome.   I welcome you to the TriVita family and our shared mission together in taking wellness to the world!!

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