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One thing I believe I have been able to do through this blog is to offer people another view of connecting to your life purpose to a more rewarding and fulfilling life, rather than the pursuit of accumulating lifestyle materialism. While I do not minimize a materialistic lifestyle as I have traveled the world and seen the ravages of health and financial poverty, my point is to help people know that true wealth and abundance is connected to life purpose being fulfilled.

The offering of your gift to mankind in which mankind will gladly compensate you for valued service and products is where your abundance is found. It is the paradigm shift towards connecting to life purpose that brings about the abundance of rewards and fulfillment. I heard a quote the other day which is so fitting, “The meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away.” In other words, a life purpose will always benefit other people. Find a way to share your purpose with as many people as possible.

This quote was shared with me by Kara Schell the Administrative Director of the new TriVita Wellness Center. The Wellness Center, opening next month, is absolutely going to be a fabulous place representing health and wellbeing. The gorgeous décor and advanced telemedicine technology, along with our medical staff that offers model care and wellbeing is one experience I would like to offer to everyone. It is the fullest expression of my life purpose.

I recently read a quote by Seth Godin, author and marketer, which again validates the point.  “You have everything you need to build something bigger than yourself.” I would like to add to that with my teaching of the Law of Awareness, “All around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purpose.”

A personal example of this truth was when I was explaining my desire to open a wellness center with Dave Cavin, a longtime friend and very successful real estate developer. I felt that I might not have the resources to do it at that time. He became a source of inspiration by simply reminding me that it never stopped me from pursuing my dreams of purpose in the past. No it had not.

I started Ellison Media Company because it was connected to my life purpose when I was a young man in my twenties with no wealth. When launching TriVita, if I would have known all the resources it would have taken to develop TriVita to what it is today, I may have never had the courage to start.  Not only would I have realized I had insufficient resources, I would have not known how to access them. But it was the next step in my life purpose being fulfilled. The TriVta Wellness Center about as a result of desiring to enhance the life purpose of helping people experience wellness.

If you will be authentic to your discovered life purpose, you will be amazed at the journey and the resources, rewards and fulfillment you will receive along the way.

I would like to suggest for each of you interested in furthering your insights to connecting to your passion and life purpose, go online to It is a great source of inspiration by authors and entrepreneurs who share their life purpose connections to a more fulfilled life!



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