Get ahead of the pack: Write down your 2013 goals today!

Posted on: December 31, 2012

Starting off the new year with a written list of goals and the plans to achieve them will get you out front of 97% of all people.  Only 3% of people take the time to write down their goals. Which group do you think achieves more in their lives?  This reminds me of a humorous quote I heard: “Life is like a dog sled race – if you are not the lead dog the scenery never changes.”  I keep this quote by my big relaxing chair where I ponder life and my purpose.  It not only inspires me, but I think it is one of the funniest quotes I have ever heard.  Stop and think about it: The lead dog gets the full view of not only what is right out front but also the entire horizon, with all its possibilities.  Any other dog in the pack simply looks at the rear-end of another dog and follows where it goes.  I don’t know about you, but lead dog looks far more appealing to me!

I have named 2013 “The Year of Possibilities.”  They are endless for the possibility thinker!  Some people seem to think the only option for us all is to run off the fiscal cliff together.  I did not plan on participating in the Great Recession and do not intend to follow the pack off the cliff.  It does not mean we don’t have to contend with the consequences of poor political leadership choices, but setting individual goals and writing our plans for achieving them will certainly give each of us the opportunity to run as the lead dog in the pack.

For those of you who have heard the “yellow pad” story of how TriVita was launched, you know how powerful written goals are.  Written goals are etched in destiny to be fulfilled.  It costs nothing but time; it is free except for the cost of a yellow pad and a pen.  But you will be amazed by the power of the written word.  In every single religious circle I have ever been exposed to around the world, there is something considered sacred about the written word.  While I am in no way intending to be sacrilegious, there is something sacred about the written form of goals and the plans to achieve them.

Here is what Brian Tracey writes in his blog about goal setting:  “If you follow my work, you probably know the success I’ve experienced by helping millions of people to set and achieve goals. The one thing I have discovered in over 30 years of researching success patterns is that a person of average intelligence who has the ability to set clear goals and has the discipline to maintain a goal-achieving mindset is 90% more likely to succeed than a genius without a plan.”

Start off 2013 ahead of the pack with your first 30-day written goals and achievement plan.  The sooner you do this, the closer you are to the success you desire for the new year and for your life purpose.

May you experience a lead dog life in 2013!!



5 Responses to "Get ahead of the pack: Write down your 2013 goals today!"

Awesome, this reminds me of how we started Jahkur with only a vision and $25 and we made our own fiscal responsibility by Having written goals down years ago, the success from that allowed us to take advantage of the opportunity with TriVita. Keeping bringing the wisdom

Great article.
I have focused like a laser on my TriVita business, and that kind of focus has allowed me to become a “lead dog”, and I love the view!
The future for TriVita is so exciting, I don’t want to miss the view of anything.


We are very excited about the possibilities for 2013. Tammi and I refuse to participate in the recession and are very fortunate that you as our CEO feel exactly the same way. As for the so called fiscal cliff,those that choose to fall off will.Those of us who set our goals and commit to them with TriVita don’t have to worry. Thanks for everything, Bryan & Tammi Wirth

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for another great blog post.

Having written goals allowed me to achieve Presidential Director back in 2010, and then retire from my 6-figure income corporate job at a company that I had worked at for 20 years. In less than 3 years, I was making more money part time with TriVita than I was from my full-time corporate job.

Written goals are so very POWERFUL.

Carisa and I have set our new goals for 2013, and we are excited!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Mike Riedmiller

Very true and inspiring. I certainly don’t intend to look at another dog’s butt for the rest of 2013.

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