Free yourself of toxins – through forgiveness!

Posted on: February 3, 2013

TriVita Wellness Entrepreneurs came from all over North America for training on the new Daily Detox product and program. The Event Auditorium was packed at the new TriVita Wellness Center. What an exciting time for me.

I had the joy of addressing this passionate group of wellness advocates. I spoke of how Daily Detox is more than just physical; it is understanding that the immune system is intelligent and is compromised when it is overwhelmed with physical, emotional and spiritual toxins. We are all aware of toxins in the air, water and food but there are also emotional and spiritual toxins.

I presented a very simple garbage bag illustration: we go through life stuffing our bag with negative experiences, without dealing with their toxic effects. For me, I always thought it was about trying to forget and move on. What I did not realize was that the toxic effect remained there in my subconscious. I just stuffed the experience in my life garbage bag. Most everyone in the audience began to think of some really tough life experiences that they had not dealt with through forgiveness. Sometimes we even need to forgive ourselves for making toxic bad choices. Forgiveness is one of the most empowering things we can do in our lives to eliminate the toxic effects of a bad experience. We can detoxify our lives!

I shared a prayer I have used; it has worked for me and I have witnessed amazing experiences in others who have used it as a way to free themselves of life’s toxic effects. The prayer should be prayed until the word YOU has no face or person attached to it but is simply a word. I encourage you to just start this by saying you will read this prayer daily for one week. You will be amazed at its power. It is called a Prayer of Blessing:

I forgive YOU right now – wherever you are – whatever you are doing – whoever you are with –whatever you are thinking – whatever you are feeling about me or anyone else. I forgive you and bless you and I let go of all resentment, hurt and pain. I pray this prayer of blessing for your life. I know I have been also set free to be blessed in my life. We are blessed!

The more we are free from life toxins, the more powerful we become. The less our immune system is compromised by dealing with toxins, the more vitality we have in life. The more vitality, the more joyful and rewarding is the life we can live! If you want more wellness, relationship and financial rewards in life, you must learn to live a less toxic life!

Forgiveness is God’s way for us to cleanse ourselves, so be a host to God and not a hostage to self!


5 Responses to "Free yourself of toxins – through forgiveness!"

Forgiveness is the centerpiece of the way home to to the peace of God. The most powerful act that a person can do….is forgive. It releases you and you can walk in peace and joy.’


I cannot and will not forget that powerful packed testimony of yourself and Marcus on forgiveness and the pains concerning the toxicity of life, WE ALL HAVE HAD THEM. As I mentioned to you on Sunday Morning after the Detox Challenge event, this is what separates the mission from others, the testimony of our past toxic lifestyles which in turns gives the receiver our past toxic lives a sense of hope and belief. This is a part of the true knowledge of self. It releases what we call emotional struggles that we carry unknowingly which affects our daily health and wealth.

You have been a great Minister(Servant) in delivering this message, this is one of the main reasons I joined with TriVita because I found that there was a broader mission than just a business opportunity. May the Supreme Creator bless you and Marcus from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet for being standard bearers in these troubled times. I release the positive energy of increase(spirit) of blessings to you all.


To this day, I still remember an extremely toxic situation I was in many years ago. The unforgiveness I was carrying was literally crushing me. I remember carrying it for 5 months. I then came to the realization that the unforgiveness I was holding was only hurting me…and no one else. I then decided to forgive the person, and the weights were lifted. It was one of the most traumatic times of my life.

After that I experienced a new freedom with more joy in my life.

You said it well, Michael: “Forgiveness is one of the most empowering things we can do in our lives to eliminate the toxic effects of a bad experience.”

Thanks for again making us aware of the benefits of Forgiveness.

God bless,
Fred Gondzar

Hi Michael,

Thanks so much for sharing this powerful information during the TriVita Detox Challenge Kick-off event, and now for sharing it with everyone in TriVita.

Forgiveness is such an important part of having a healthy and meaningful life. Many people on our team are enjoying all of the benefits of detoxifying our lives.

Mike Riedmiller

What an exciting time we had at the opening of the TriVita Wellness Center. It is a state of the art facility and Michael’s dream come true to help so many on their wellness journey. Thank you Michael for opening your heart as you demonstrated stuffing negative pasts into your garbage bag. As you say we all have “stuff” that we need to release. We love Robert for opening his heart as to his past experiences and hurts. He ended by saying, “I am home with TriVita”. After an unfortunate experience with my brother I feel so much better for forgiving not only him but me as well. It is so freeing. It is when the ego takes over from love. A big aha moment for me was Brazos Minshew talking about “YOU MATTER”.

The next day four of us went for a fitness and nutritional assessment with Jolene. We left with very concise information and a printout of our journey onto one of the measuring machines.

Michael, thank you as always for your vision and integrity.

Blessings, Terry & Gillian

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