Aligning what you do with what you want

Posted on: March 4, 2013

Do your appetites, habits and yes, addictions, support your life dreams and purpose? It is an intriguing thought if we get really real with ourselves.

Susan and I went to Hawaii last month, which we have been doing for the last 43 consecutive years. We were at a fabulous resort which we truly love with an affluent clientele of interesting people. It has a little general store that is representative of an old Hawaiian building with wood floors and wood plank walls. It is not overly big but is jammed with everything from beach towels to eggs from a local farm. Well, this properly attired, middle-aged woman went to the counter right in front of me to purchase a dozen eggs. The clerk asked her if she wanted a receipt. The woman emphatically said, “Yes, of course, my husband is a CPA and he goes over every receipt. You would be surprised how many mistakes he finds.” I smiled and the clerk smiled, appreciating her sincerity.

She then proceeded to the door but suddenly stopped and said, “I had better open up this carton and count the eggs to make sure that all twelve are there and to make sure there isn’t a broken one.” Now that just blew me away. In my 67 years (and yes, I admit I don’t regularly do the shopping for our groceries but I have purchased many cartons of eggs), I have never thought about opening the carton to see if I had been cheated an egg. But what I found so intriguing is the practice and habitual thinking of this woman; obviously, she and her husband have a life goal of never being cheated.

But it did make me stop and think: Do my habitual actions, appetites and even addictions align with the goals and purpose for my life? The more I thought about it and reflected on so many other people I know, the intriguing thought became worthy of a blog. So many people want to be successful in life. They want to earn a bigger income, they want recognition for their efforts and success – but they think they can go into their closet where no one sees them and indulge in appetites, habits and addictions that really sabotage their goals rather than support them. As I tell our TriVita leadership, your private life can really never be separated from your professional life. We are not chameleons but we are always reflecting who we are inside.

So here are a series of questions that might help you get a better idea of what really drives you and if your goals and purpose align:

• What do you dream about when you are alone?
• What do you talk about when in public?
• What are you happy about?
• What are you sad about?
• What do you want in life… and how badly do you want it?
• WHY do you want it?

You may want to take the time to write out an answer to each one of these along with a description of your appetites, habits and addictions. You may be cringing a little, but if you are honest with yourself in answering the questions, you will gain insight as to what you really want in life – and if you are aligning your everyday actions to reach those goals.

Now some may struggle defining their appetites, habits and addictions. Some may find the word ‘addictions’ to be offensive but it really is a word to describe what we just cannot do without, such as cravings, needs and compulsions that make us feel functional. I have one that is less intense than what it has been in the past, but I am addicted to exercise. If I do not have it regularly in my life, I feel lousy, grumpy, and get down on myself. I am addicted to exercise. Fortunately, that addiction supports my wellness purpose in life! I have another addiction that is not supportive; I am addicted to spending as much time out of bed in a 24-hour day as possible. I fight that feeling and I embrace sleep as my friend, but I am not addicted to sleep. I acknowledge sleep as my friend to rejuvenate me but if it were possible to go 24 hours a day and not have physical consequence, I would never sleep. Life is to be experienced and the more experiences the better. Yes, I know and discovered that sleep is one the essentials of wellness!!

So here is my conclusion: If we can recognize and embrace our goals and purpose in life, be honest about aligning our appetites, habits and addictions with them, we have the wonderful opportunity of living out those goals and fulfilling our life purpose. But if we do not align those appetites, habits and addictions with what we desire in life, the chances of fulfilling those wishes are greatly diminished.

Pursue your dreams, goals and life purpose with passion and intention!


3 Responses to "Aligning what you do with what you want"

Hi Michael
I really enjoyed the relevance of your blog this month. I love your honesty and openess. It certainly makes you stop and think.Inspirational and something everyone can relate to!
Trevor Averay.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for another great blog post.

What we think about on the inside really is manifested on the outside. The wellness information on the website and in your blogs along with the TriVita conference calls and webinars can improve anyone’s life if they have that desire which is where it all starts.

I have written down the answers to all of the questions in your blog, and will reflect upon them daily for this entire month.

Best Regards,

Mike Riedmiller

Hi Michael,

You have really made me think…

“Do my habitual actions, appetites and addictions align
with the goals and purpose for my life?”

Definitely food for thought.

God bless,

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