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If you’ve read my blogs or heard me speak, you know that I love nature and ranch life. It is so fascinating because it is full of anecdotal truths that apply to everyday life.

In one of my blogs, I wrote about Ferdinand, the bull on our Colorado ranch (see picture). He weighs well over 1,300 pounds and demonstrates his strength by bending most metal corral gates when we have had to contain him. But it is always fascinating to watch him come to a gate held by a very small chain that separates him from another pasture. He has never tested the strength of the chain although it would require very little effort for him to go through it. He is psychologically held within the comfort of the existing pasture, therefore also constrained physically by a simple little chain. Of course you know where I am going with this blog. But let me give you another ranch story while you ponder what might keep you bound to the comfort zones of life while much of the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and most likely your life purpose lies beyond.

This year at the ranch, we decided we would develop agricultural greens to help start our yearling grass- fed cattle beyond just natural grasses. Obviously, we needed a fenced area to protect the newly planted area from being uprooted by grazing young steers. Finally, the day came to open the gates. The planting was ready for grazing and the fresh greens were thick and dark green, and even looked appetizing to me. I love dark greens and rich-colored vegetables and I could only imagine how much these yearlings would enjoy this pasture, especially coming out of a long, cold winter and spring.

I opened the gates and walked away to observe the stampede for the greens. To my amazement, they walked by the open gates down to the creek, crossing it to a pasture they go to every day at that time. Quite frankly I was shocked, but decided to observe them and see how long it would take them to enter this lush pasture where they had never been. Later that day, I watched them again cross the creek, walk by the open gates, and slowly head toward a higher elevation where they spend the afternoons in the breezes.

I would like you to ponder and identify the habits, comforts and conveniences that make up your normal behavior but that may also be holding you back from your dreams. Something else to identify is your dreams and what you need to fulfill them. Sometimes it may be as simple as applying the law of awareness: somewhere around you is someone or something to help you fulfill your life purpose and dreams. I do believe that if we can dream it for our lives, there is a source to help us fulfill it.

We should never let discomfort, painful, embarrassing experiences or feelings of inadequacy become the chains that keep us locked out of our greener pastures, or become so distracted by those experiences that we are locked out. And certainly all of us struggle with leaving the comfort zones of life to walk through open gates to greener pastures.

Did those yearlings ever walk through the gates? Yes, they eventually did and as you might guess, they were not leaving anytime soon. Whether standing grazing or lying down chewing their cud, they were enjoying the new experience. Have you ever broken through a barrier in life or achieved a goal that seemed so challenging only to later wonder why you did not attempt to achieve it sooner?

There are new opportunities for you to enjoy! There are new goals for you to set and achieve! The gates are open!

I would like to invite each of you to join me at TriVita’s annual Galaxy of Stars event and let’s break through together to new achievements as Wellness Entrepreneurs. Let’s make the world a better place by offering greater wellness to all!

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