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This blog is written specifically for the entrepreneur and yes, it is different than my usual story blog.

I have written on many different laws like the law of reciprocity, law of awareness, law of attraction and many other universal truths. I call them laws because ignoring them always offers a consequence but recognizing them offers an opportunity of reward.

Today I would like to introduce another universal truth called the law of dissatisfaction. I am convinced it is within the heart and soul of every individual and is a driving force for good but can also potentially be a driving force for creating bad habits, addictions and loss of well-being. Why is it that people seem driven to do the things they do? Even when these behaviors can harm them or sabotage their health and well-being? Could it be the law of dissatisfaction at work?

But let’s only focus on the good and how it drives us forward. Why do we need a new car, new home, new dress, new anything? Why do we collect stuff, and then better stuff? Why do we spend a lifetime collecting stuff and then at the end of our lives get rid of that stuff? It is no doubt a result of the powerful force in our lives I call the law of dissatisfaction.

To better understand this constant inner dissatisfaction, it may serve us well to look at our tribal roots or even a part of our DNA or genetic code. You see, for thousands of years we were hunters and gatherers, driven by survival instincts. Compare this to the ants. Why are they in constant motion creating their hills and trails, and carrying loads beyond their own weight and size? Why do chipmunks gather all through the summer? The law of dissatisfaction helps them survive. Today, we do not need to constantly hunt or gather for our survival but the dissatisfaction is still within us as a part of our survival instinct. That may bring you a sense of great relief to know you come by it naturally and that it is no respecter of persons whether rich or poor. Ladies, now you know why there is an immediate desire to purchase more of what you already have when you are window shopping or shopping online! We are all driven by the universal law of dissatisfaction.

People are dissatisfied and are in a constant state of desire for more love, security, money, pleasure, success, health, well-being and yes, more stuff!

We recently purchased a piece of land contiguous to the ranch and it had a small 18-foot trailer on it. I remember the shocking surprise when I opened the door, as every square inch of wall space was covered with shelving holding every conceivable shape of shot glass. If you have seen the hoarder show on television, the owner of this trailer would have qualified. This is the law of dissatisfaction displayed in the weirdest sense.

So if you have something of value to offer mankind, relax and enjoy offering it to people who live with dissatisfaction: they always desire more and are willing to offer something of value in exchange for more of anything that may satisfy them.

In your presentations, remember a tip given by the movie actor Warren Beatty: “People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

How you make people feel has a lot to do with whether they choose what you have to offer. Once, a very successful person who created extraordinary wealth gave me similar advice about presentations. He said, “They are not going to remember what you say nearly as much as how you make them feel, so give them the feeling of hope.”

So here is my blog tip: Everyone has this drive of dissatisfaction and desires more. Do you have something “more” to offer of value as an entrepreneur? Then present it with the feeling of hope to satisfy their never-ending dissatisfaction.

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