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I am reading the book written years ago by Norman Vincent Peale, which features this powerful quote: “What you think about your obstacles, largely determines what you do about them.”

I immediately thought of an unusual experience that so vividly illustrated this truth. A couple of weeks ago, my wife Susan and I celebrated our 47th anniversary. Still passionately in love, we decided we needed to do something special to punctuate another year of traveling our journey together making memories. We chose San Diego as our destination, and stayed at the Marriott Marques which is right on the marina, with shops and restaurants as the primary attraction. Each night from our 16th floor suite we watched spectacular fireworks out in the bay. We imagined they were celebrating with us the 47th year of our marriage — why else would they do two spectacular fireworks shows in the middle of August!

The two-day celebration was over and we were ready to return to our other passion: TriVita. The return flight to Phoenix was full including all 16 first-class seats. The door closed and we were ready to move away from the gate. The first-class attendant came to our seats, 4D&F, to close the overhead bin door. A push down on the bin door did not latch it; a harder slam of the door followed by several more attempts did not secure the bin door so the plane was grounded until the door could be properly secured.

Soon the focus of the whole plane was bin door 4D&F. Another attendant joined in, announcing that the door had to close or she would have to pay $40 more for her poodle’s kennel if she missed the dog pick-up time. She proceeded to slam the bin door with more enthusiasm than the other attendant who was now calling for maintenance. At that point, many of the passengers in first class began to vocalize their disapproval for what was happening as they were going to miss flights, some had people waiting to pick them up and they would be inconvenienced. At this most raucous time another flight attendant offered to see if duct tape might be the answer. Well, I thought that was pretty interesting as we know duct tape has been used for many different things but this would be the first time to see duct tape release an A321 for departure!!

About then the maintenance man showed up. His paradigm view of the latch problem was totally different than any flight attendant’s, especially the one whose poodle kennel bill was going to be $40 more. He wasn’t missing a flight or wasting hours he would never recover in his lifetime. He simply was there to solve a problem. Again the quote, “What you think about your obstacles, largely determines what you do about them.” His first comment was so profound: let’s look at the latch on the bin door opposite 4D&F and see what it looks like as it is working properly. So he opened the door and noticed the prongs were extended while the door was open and then he looked back to the bin door that was not working and the prongs were not extending. With a simple pull on two prongs to properly extend them, he closed the door calmly and the fully loaded A321 was released to fly to Phoenix. No missed flights and a happy flight attendant who saved $40 on poodle care.

Yes, you know the point of this blog. How many times do we bring the emotions of what we need, want, deserve or desire into a simple problem? Rather than focusing on finding a solution, we focus on the why that clutters our mind and emotions, keeping the solution from view. And, I may add, as the problem escalates in proportion to significance, the greater the chance of escalating the emotions and paradigm view that keeps us from solving the problem.

As Wellness Entrepreneurs this is a powerful truth to write down as a guiding principle, “what you think about your obstacles, largely determines what you do about them.” You can well imagine what you attract and create when you follow the principle or what you attract and create when you do not.

The power of a positive mind is an expression of faith that does not ignore life’s problems, but does follow a practical approach to life’s full potential when overcoming obstacles.

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