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Each of us have established boundaries for the comfort zones of our lives and when we get out of them, either by external events creating loss or success of our own makings, we get very uncomfortable. No doubt a born instinct from womb days! Like when I shot my first subpar round of golf. I had never had this happen but after the first three holes at even par, I reeled off six consecutive birdies, score 30 for first nine holes!!! You would think I was elated and jumping for joy but instead I was overwhelmed with emotions I had never experienced in golf. Obviously I was uncomfortable there or I may not be writing this blog because of enjoying the PGA.

Comfort and security is something that can be very appealing in any category or component of our lives. The idea that bliss and happiness are our birthright is a very popular message today in spiritual teaching, patronizing political messages, and even in some direct selling circles promising future successes we all should enjoy. But in reality not going out of your comfort zone is very self-limiting whether in your first direct selling experience, social pursuits, world travel to experience new cultures, or your career choices to determine your financial earning success.

I was talking with Jim Janz, a friend of the family for over 30 years, about his successful career in direct selling. Jim and Sharon are one of the few who have built billion dollar volumes worldwide. He was quick to say when he started in his early 20s he was determined to set extremely challenging goals that forced him out of his comfort zone. In his book on living a life of destiny, he has a chapter on “Going outside our comfort zone” as he has such high regard for this personal development experience. It reads, “Living outside of our comfort zone is definitely part of the deal; part of getting there from here. We go to every place in our lives twice, once mentally and emotionally, then physically. Imagination is one of the most powerful concepts to adopt. Like a captain of a ship, we have to know where we are going to berth next, before we leave port.”

“To bridge the gap from here to there, we may often have to do things that are far beyond what we thought we were capable of doing or even thought we had the ability to perform. We have to be willing to fail forward as John Maxwell says, ‘if we are afraid to fail, we are also doomed to fail.’”

I like what Kay Napier had to say in an interview, “It took a great deal of energy to learn effective approaches, strategies and styles. You are growing and developing every day but it is important to grow in your core of who you are. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and be the best you can personally.”

Going outside your comfort zone is what every leader has done to push their performance levels beyond what is comfortable. Do you know your comfort zone limitations? Start with what you fear and you will find your comfort zone limitations very quickly. It really is not about everything going perfect, it is how you respond to your discomfort and staying passionate to your beliefs and commitments of helping others succeed in life. If you help enough people succeed, your reciprocal reward will be equal in significance.

This is what I love about this business. Helping others experience greater wellness and wealth for their important life purposes. With that come our rewards!!

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