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The time between birth and death is what we call life! It can be a long life or a short life but we all get a chance at living life. Take a moment and reflect on your life. How would you characterize your life?

Here are a couple questions you might want to ask yourself: If you knew you had a short life, how would you live your life differently? If you knew you had a long life, would you live it differently than the short life plan? No doubt you had different answers for the two questions and most likely the bucket list (things you really want to do before your death) was a higher priority on the short life question.

While they are intriguing questions that give us a peephole look into our behavior and priorities, the fact is, we do not know how long our life will be. So there is another question we can ask and we can determine exactly how we would answer it and live it. Are we living a life that matters? Do you matter? To whom and what do you matter? And if you matter, then your answer to why you matter is important in the way you live life.

For me, when I had my health crisis years ago, I did not know how long I would live and I did not know the quality of life I might have, but I did know I wanted to live a life that mattered. I wanted to start a company that would be dedicated to helping people experience wellness. That was the life that mattered to me.

When we know our WHY matters, we will do in life those things that align to our why. And that brings us to the question of why wellness matters to each of us. Without wellness, we cannot effectively reach our potential of the why that matters in our life. But with wellness, we have abundant vitality and energy to do the whats of our whys!

While that may seem like a play on words, if you meditate and reflect on it, your priorities, actions and resources will begin to align to your why. So if you matter, then your why matters and wellness matters!

It is in these truths and insights you will find the value of TriVita as your wellness partner. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal wellness so you can fulfill your whys and purpose in living life.

It is our WHY that drives Susan and me…we will be boarding a plane this month for Mozambique Africa to document how we will be advancing the feeding program with LeanForward and helping those who do not have sufficient food to live healthy. Why matters!

Establish your strong WHY and what you do will begin to align to your WHY and make it come to pass in your life. In every way your WHY matters to the way you live life!

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