When we believe, we can truly make a difference!

Posted on: March 3, 2014

Wellness for the world is more than a slogan at TriVita. Susan and I just returned from Mozambique, Africa to visit the school-affiliated feeding programs; we started supporting the feeding programs in that war- and famine-torn country 27 years ago. When we first heard about Mozambique, it was listed at the bottom of the misery index, with the worst living conditions of any nation. I have seen the impact of long periods of malnutrition and even starvation in the faces of the children and their mothers. The dull sunken eyes, the gaunt face, the bloated belly caused by the liver’s lack of protein, the skin looking as though it’s covered by dirt and the reddish look to their hair.

But we know through the years of supporting these programs that combining balanced nutrition with education can break the chains of poverty and greatly improve quality of life. We were there to witness the results of the school feeding program, which is in hundreds of schools. We were also there to develop the future LeanForward programs in Africa and secure the long-term promise of Leanology: “When you drink a shake, a meal will be provided to a child in Africa.” The possibilities are incredible—we can truly make a difference in African children’s lives and participate in raising up a new generation with hope for a different quality of life.

As we arrived at the first school, to our amazement, standing out front was a greeting group singing “welcome to my school, welcome to my school!” We looked into their eyes and saw hope, we saw excitement and gratitude, we saw personality. Yes, these were children still living in a very rural area where little had changed in regard to lifestyle. They live in grass huts with no electricity, no running water or plumbing, but with education and nutritional support, a new generation is being raised with new opportunities and future growth potential. It was so exciting to see the possibilities and to know we could make a huge difference in the lives of so many children and their parents.

One of the most memorable experiences was meeting the administrator over the area that had the responsibility of helping place orphan children in homes during the war and famine. We helped support the building of the orphanage. He shared that even though it was one of the most difficult times in all modern history, some of the orphan children had become doctors and policemen. They had been given a chance to reach their potential.

Wellness for the world? We think it is possible. Through the efforts of many people catching the vision for wellness and drinking a Leanology shake, we can help change the life outcome of literally thousands of children in Africa. We do not have to accept the idea that the lifestyle diseases that are nearly epidemic today such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease are the norm with modern life. Neither do we have to accept the idea that the children in Africa will always live with malnutrition and in poverty. Africa is the new frontier of the world for change! We can participate and share in wellness!

At TriVita we believe there is a reciprocal reward for those who choose this way of purposeful living in sharing and inspiring wellness. And if you have read this far, most likely you are one of those special people who believe we can make a difference.

Peter and Ann Pretorious, the founders of Jam (Joint Aid Management), are believers and have seen millions of people’s lives saved through the feeding programs. They are also the distributors of Tom’s shoes. Last year they distributed over 345,000 pairs of shoes. Somebody had to believe a pair of shoes could make a difference in quality of life!

We believe daily balanced nutrition and education can break the chains of poverty for these children. This month as we launch the Leanology weight loss program with the LeanForward promise—when you drink a Leanology shake, TriVita will give a meal to a child in Africa—it is the beginning of an era of ITBO entrepreneurs making a difference in the lives of children in Africa, who are waiting for someone to believe in them and their potential.

This is certainly weight loss with a purpose even greater than oneself!

As a business opportunity, it offers purpose greater than oneself with reciprocal rewards!


Susan and I feeding the children

Susan and I feeding the children

2 Responses to "When we believe, we can truly make a difference!"

Great Program, It speaks of a values on a persons, that is making life worth, the program speaks by Itself, Congratulations to you and your family and your big extended family at TriVita

We welcome you and Susan home from an incredibly worthwhile trip to Mozambique. We agree Wellness for the World is not just a slogan, it is deep purposeful effort to give opportunities through nutrition to those who may never have such an opportunity.

We thank you for your dedication over the past 27 years and feel grateful for the opportunity we have in front of us to feed many more children through sharing the message we have been presented. We are reciprocated with, to quote Michael Ellison, “what money can buy and what money cannot buy.” There is no better feeling than to make a difference in the lives of others, especially children.

Thank you Michael and Susan for all you continue to do.

Best to you both,

Terry & Gillian

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