When insignificance becomes significant

Posted on: April 1, 2014

DSC03251Here I am being presented with the very thoughtful gift of a professional World Soccer ball by Michael Newsome. He was really moved by the children of Africa being so excited about receiving their school’s first soccer balls when Susan and I presented them as gifts. It was thrilling to see children in Africa have a pandemonium moment!!!

When I received this very thoughtful gift from Michael and the Newsome family team, I was emotionally impacted by the significance of such an insignificant piece of material. A soccer ball is not all that impressive until it becomes the object of focus by talented athletes and millions of wildly passionate fans. Then it becomes a motivational tool where billions of dollars are spent in promotion through media, advertising, merchandise and fan clubs. Men, women, boys and girls compete for the right to demonstrate their talent and to be a part of a team and to declare their wins! Players are paid millions of dollars to play for professional teams!

Insignificance becomes significant when people make something the object of their focus and passion. I believe the children of the world can become the object of our focus and passion—and we can help give them the hope and possibility of having a better life. Can you imagine when the children of the world become as much of a focus of our lives as a round ball? Like anything that becomes the object of focus and passion, someone first has to make that a focus of their passion so others can follow.

I also believe that the people who may lack the courage, willpower, or desire to pursue wellness can be inspired to pursue wellness when wellness becomes the focus of our passion and daily activities.

I believe rewards of our efforts in money and what money cannot buy can become significant when the focus of our day is to help people experience wellness, whether they have the resources they need, or, like the children of Africa, they do not. It is when talented and passionate people focus their passions on something that it becomes the object that drives success. Think about the insignificant that becomes significant like the soccer ball, football, baseball, basketball, a hamburger, a shoe, a rock (diamond)…the list goes on.

What I have observed in human behavior is that the thing that becomes the object of our focus, becomes the passion and motivational drive of our lives. The question is simply, what do we choose as the object of our focus?!


1 Response to "When insignificance becomes significant"

Every time we enjoy a nutritional shake we know we are changing a life. Over the past 8 weeks we have had about 125 shakes between us and as delicious as the shake is it carries something so much more significant when we know a hungry child is being fed. Our loss is their gain. Love the picture of Michael Newsome and you Michael. Yes, that ball holds a great deal of significance for us.

Terry & Gillian

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