A powerful promise, an incredible opportunity

Posted on: May 6, 2014

If you are an Independent TriVita Business Owner, you will especially want to read this blog.

We live in a fast-changing world where visionaries promote a future others cannot see; however, these changes also create opportunities for “doom and gloomers” to promote their negative visions, as they cannot see the opportunities change brings but only the insecurity of what they are leaving behind. It is why the same stock market has buyers and sellers. Some see visions of bulls charging ahead while others see bears roaring and mauling.

What I can promise you is this: today’s world offers us unlimited possibilities if we are willing to change and charge ahead with the opportunities offered to us. With that in mind, TriVita has focused on the weight management opportunity. This market is creating incredible opportunities for those who are visionaries and see the bull charging ahead in these changing times.

You will notice that I did not say “weight loss.” That was intentional; weight management offers a significantly larger marketplace, as people spend more time in life managing weight than losing weight. Weight management programs engage people of all ages, with a variety of different goals, whether to add lean muscle, lose unwanted fat, maintain weight, etc. People are beginning to realize the dangers of excessive weight and the exceedingly greater quality of life opportunities that come with good weight management. A significant trend is developing, , people are seeking out low-calorie, nutritionally dense foods to replace the calorie-dense, low-nutrition processed foods that have been a staple of consumer diets for the last 25 years. This means the opportunity has never been greater for those who want a business that meets the wellness needs of the consumer.

Now, TriVita offers you the incredible opportunity to engage with your own weight management business. Never has our promise been more powerful, never has our unique value proposition been more engaging than today with “Drink a shake, feed a child, receive free interactive weight loss coaching.” This is all backed by our Trivita Wellness Center a medical licensed facility to support your business of weight loss for wellness. This powerful promise is beginning to resonate. And just like a farmer, when you have good seed and plant it in fertile ground, it brings forth a harvest. We are hearing wonderful weight loss stories both here in the corporate office where the excitement has never been higher for our products and from ITBOs across North America. I truly believe this is the greatest opportunity for our wellness story we have ever had the joy of sharing.

Plus, the new business-building enhancements are rolling out: the Online Wellness Store is operational with new features being added like the new Leanology videos, single serve shake packs and personal invitation cards to help you share the story and demonstrate the quality and taste of the shake. The new ways to earn bonuses and expand your business is taking a whole new look. Be sure and watch the Build Forward 2014 live stream event or the summary for exciting training and features.

The vision is for the Leanology product line to continue to expand with low calorie dense nutritional foods to help enhance the weight management program. Plus this marketing initiative will be able to reveal a transfer of food budget so as not purely an add on expense.

When I was in India as a teenager it had a profound impact on my life even to this day. There is a saying held as a parable of truth among the people. It is such a quieting and reassuring truth that says, “You have control over your work alone, never the fruit.” We do have control over our vision of the work we desire to do and how it can contribute to people’s lives, but we do not have control over the fruit. If we (you) only look at the fruit, you will never truly look at what you do or see how it fits into the purpose of your life and that of your customer. Perhaps the fruit is not there as you would desire, but if you will focus on what you do as being the correct thing to do, the fruit will follow.

The scriptures say it this way: Some may plant, some may water, but God gives the increase. When we do the right things consistently without focusing on the fruit or increase, but knowing it will come, we can live less stressful lives. You are an intelligent person. You will define this message in the many ways it can affect your life. Meditate on this powerful truth quietly each day so that you may focus on your work alone, and not on the fruit. You will find the joy of giving and the abundance of receiving from your work.

Pursue wellness with passion!


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