Is something BIG happening in your life?

Posted on: June 2, 2014

No matter your age or season in life, there is always the possibility of something BIG happening in your life. Sometimes that something BIG may appear almost impossibly good but there are also times when a very serious BIG may have a negative impact in your life. That is what BIG offers!! There are really only two ways to look at what is BIG in our lives: If I succeed, what are the rewards and if I fail, what are the consequences. Sometimes we cannot choose what is BIG in our lives—it just happens—but most of the time we can choose what is BIG in our lives. Here is what I also realize: living with BIG in our lives can bring out the best of our character and potential.

Fifteen years ago the launching of TriVita as a wellness company to help people experience greater wellness was BIG in my life and the lives of many others. It has at times been most challenging to push forward as change is happening all around us. We must change and overcome adversity, because the BIG is important! But what has not changed and is BIG at TriVita, is the fact that many people are experiencing greater wellness!! This is our anniversary month of 15 years and I want to thank everyone who has participated in making TriVita a success. A special thanks to all of our Members who buy our products and share their life stories with us.

Today the challenge of BIG is even BIGGER! How can we engage more with our customers, and be of greater service with wellness information and new products that contribute to wellness? Now, that is big!

If you are not living with something BIG you have the opportunity to choose something BIG for your life. Sometimes we get bogged down and life seems as if it were a rut. We have all heard that the only difference between a rut and a grave is that the grave has dirt at both ends. When you choose to live with a BIG in your life, and focus on the hope and possibility of the rewards of success, you will find renewed energy, focus and clarity.

No matter what is BIG in your life, the “what ifs” are always there. It is amazing how easy it is to allow self-talk to go negative with the “what ifs.” What if I fail, what if I lose, what if it doesn’t work out. But living with anything BIG in our lives should always carry the question of “what if” I succeed, “what if” it works out, “what if” I make a difference with my life in helping others?

I would like to hope that if you drink a nutritious Leanology Shake and feed a child a vitamin-fortified meal it could be a BIG in your life. When my wife Susan and I were in Africa looking into the eyes of those children and seeing hope and possibilities, it seemed very BIG to us and we felt it could be BIG with others. When we traveled with JAM founders Peter and Ann Pretorius, and saw the sacrifice of their lives to help the poor and malnourished children and families all over central and southern Africa, we knew what was BIG in their lives. What if you could share with others this wellness concept of “drink a shake and feed a child,” and buddy up in a wellness weight loss journey…could that be BIG in your life?

What if you could build an organization of passionate people with something BIG in their lives to share with others like the Leanology and Leanforward program? Well there are some BIG things happening today and I applaud the efforts of each of you in your vision and efforts to make them possible. It is always worth the effort in sacrifice and commitment to deal with the BIG in our lives. If you have not listened to the Admiral McRaven commencement speech of 2014 at University of Texas, I would encourage you to search it on the web. It will be one of the most inspirational 19 minutes you will spend in your lifetime. You just have to see it!!

1 Response to "Is something BIG happening in your life?"

I agree, Michael! The speech that Admiral McRaven gave should be heard at every commencement event from now on!! Outstanding!!

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