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There is only one “WHY” I blog, and that is to inform and hopefully offer some inspiration to those who aspire to live to their potential and life purpose.

The WHY in life is so important when it comes to success.  Without the WHY for TriVita there would have been many opportunities to find other things to do.  Making money is not a why but a reciprocal response to successfully doing the “WHY.”  In most every case where you find legal money flowing in unusual quantity, you will find a great product or service. For example, with Apple, Google and GoPro, it is the product or service that drives both revenue and capital.

The WHY is a driver of everything we create of value as it is fundamental to the development of the world we human beings live in.  If not, then caves and stones would still be our primary resources for survival.  The closer you can emotionally connect to your WHY, the more success and fulfillment you will enjoy in life, especially when the challenges and adversity appear—and they will—over a lifetime of achievement.

Below is a picture that so appropriately depicts most people’s view of success; they often only see the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Iceberg pictureHidden below the water are the things that really happen before quality products and services are brought to market and deemed a success. You may get cut on the sharp edges of risk, barely stay afloat in the murky waters of failure, and have trouble seeing an end to the hours of hard work and sacrifice. But alongside those things…focus, goals, persistence. Your WHY. You must know it, embrace it, and keep it in sight. It will help give you the willingness to persist—and to ultimately succeed.

As we in North America celebrate our days of freedom with July 4th in the US and July 1 Canada Day, may freedom ring and may God rein!  Enjoy your summer holidays and be grateful for those who have given the supreme sacrifice of their lives that we may enjoy the benefits of FREEDOM!!



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