Getting past the “pings” to reach your potential and purpose

Posted on: August 4, 2014

Oh, wow!  How did I get on this website when I was looking for a resort where my wife Susan and I could celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary? My web-surfing experience brought to mind a quote I had read on Grant Cardone’s blog: “You will always have the pings in life…” I found that very interesting; I had never heard the term used. But more on Grant’s blog in a minute…

Susan and I are in a celebratory mood, knowing our life purpose and potential is still on course to help people experience greater wellness. Oh yes, we have taken our lumps, felt the pings over these 48 years, but we have also had our great success working with wonderful people.  Every day people are experiencing greater wellness and we could not be more thrilled.

In just five months we have given over 170,000 vitamin-fortified meals to hungry children in Africa through our Leanology/LeanForward program.  And thousands of people are experiencing greater wellness, like Sue Buscemi. I just received a fabulous testimonial from Sue about her experience at the TriVita Wellness Center. She says, “I feel restored from years of feeling I had half my brain tied behind my back, as Rush Limbaugh would say. My daughter has participated in the same program at the center and she says she feels ECSTATIC!”  This is why we started TriVita 15 years ago—so people can experience greater wellness!

Back to the website of Grant Cardone, bestselling author and personal trainer and coach to Fortune 500 companies. He says: “Face it, there are more people saying you can’t, you shouldn’t, it’s too risky, there is no way, than you have cheerleaders and supporters who believe in you.  My wife Elena, my biggest supporter, describes it as a ping—the feeling you get when someone throws a dig at you, a judgment or a little criticism.  The ping can take place when you are rolling or when you have already been derailed.  Whenever you find yourself operating below your potential, you must assume you have been affected.”

It was an interesting read and my conclusion was that when you are attempting to do something great with your life, there are the cheerleaders, the supporters, but also the “pingers.”  All of us at times in our lives have lived with a ping… what we need to do is look at the people who live with pings and succeed anyway.  If you feel you are not living up to your potential, you can assume you have been pinged!

But don’t let the feeling of ping hold you back. Life pays far more when you do something great with your life and just know there are cheerleaders, supporters and pingers.  Develop your team with cheerleaders and supporters and cut off and out the people who ping.  You will need and accomplish far more if you follow this advice and fulfill your life purpose and potential.

These are exciting days for those who really have purpose and desire to help others enjoy a greater quality of life.  The world is changing and people are beginning to “get it”… life is better with wellness!!!

If you want to add some fire to your motivation, I would encourage you to search for Grant Cardone online.




1 Response to "Getting past the “pings” to reach your potential and purpose"

Michael – Thank you for this, and for the message you delivered Saturday. Good medicine for someone trying to look past obstacles to see the potential for success. With gratitude, Joe Q., ITBO, Delaware.

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