What are you doing with life’s lemon juice?

Posted on: October 31, 2014

Sometimes I think of intriguing questions like this one: Where and when did lemonade get invented?!  Now, you will get the point of my blog if you stay with me.

The first clear evidence of the lemon fruit is found in an early tenth century Arabic work by Qustus-al-Rumi (a book on farming).  Egyptians of the fourteenth century knew of the lemon but as a juice it was bitter and tart—nothing like the popular drink of the day which was a sweet date and honey wine. Along the Mediterranean coast, people drank a kashkab drink of fermented barley and mint, rue, black pepper and citron leaf, which was significantly different than lemon juice. Remember this is way before North America was discovered!

But at some point—and history does not seem clear on how or who—someone had an “ah ha” moment and determined they could take the bitter lemon juice, add a solution of water, some sugar for sweetener and make an incredibly refreshing drink. It was such a success, that hundreds of years later, children set up roadside and neighborhood lemonade stands to offer anyone a cool refreshing drink and made some spending money in the process.

There are always those who can see a bigger vision of the possibilities for something that meets people’s needs. So they took the bitter juice, added some sweetener along with the right solution of water and packaged and bottled it attractively. Companies have joined in and now have mass marketing to promote lemonade under their brand and are selling hundreds of millions of dollars of this drink. What is interesting is that the bitter juice is a necessary ingredient in the mixture.

I think there is a life lesson here, as life will always offer us lemon juice. It is up to us to find the sweetener and the right solution of water for the blend, in order to create something people desire and need. We all need our “ah ha” moment!

Map is back, and so is the excitement of field leaders and TriVita.

Hope to see all of you who want to sell lemonade in 2015 on our November 13, 2014 Livestream event.



1 Response to "What are you doing with life’s lemon juice?"

Great livestream, you certainly added the sweetener (musta been stevia or honey) to the new year!

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