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Last night we had a wonderful response to the new ITBO business opportunity initiatives we announced via Live Stream. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you may find it at

We are extremely pleased that Dr. Conard will be joining TriVita as our Chief Medical Officer and President of the TriVita Wellness Center. The wellness-focused medical center will carry most major health insurers as we expand our physician services. The vision is to demonstrate the model and roll out centers in areas with a concentrated customer base. This will not only be for TriVita Members but will also serve the greater public. First in the USA and then in Canada and Australia. This announcement was received with great enthusiasm. Dr. Conard will be doing a Personal Wellness Plan for all our ITBOs around the world as we go forward in 2015!

I am also very pleased to announce our new Premier Membership program, available in the USA, Canada and Australia. This opt-in program is the next level of service for our Members—with no added costs or obligations, just added benefits. This adds significant value to the Member experience and gives our ITBOs a tremendous follow-up opportunity to share the benefits and referral rewards. We have many ideas for adding value to the Premier Membership over the course of the year.

I am looking forward to 2015 with the greatest anticipation since we launched TriVita in 1999. I want to offer my sincerest gratitude to each of you who have had the foresight and belief in TriVita’s destiny as a wellness company. We have incredible opportunity as we add value to our reciprocal exchange from God’s world of abundance. I know some may prefer to hear that in the form of the compensation plan—that too was greatly enhanced!

This is an awesome time for the entrepreneur as it is an age where the young people desire to be entrepreneurs and the 50 plus crowd need to be entrepreneurs to support their lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Aren’t we fortunate to be alive in these times when wellness, wealth and purpose are so much in demand!

May each of you have a wonderful and merry Christmas and may you have abundant joy and cheer for each of the special holidays you celebrate with family and friends! And may the new year of 2015 be filled with the anticipation of wellness and prosperity!






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