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In my last live stream event I introduced the book, BOLD, written by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler. It is one of the greatest sources and illustrations of exponential entrepreneurialism, where people-ideas-money come together to create MTP, massive transformational purpose!

I have evangelized the life purpose message for 45 years, pushing myself and hopefully inspiring others to break through the imposed limitations to pursue and fulfill their life of purpose. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and most of you were not either. We were not born into royalty nor did we have the good fortune of inheriting wealth with purpose and a mentor to go along with it.

But in BOLD, Peter and Steven take purpose to a whole new level of possibilities: to not only fulfill a life of purpose but also to connect to massively transformational purpose. You don’t have to lead the community but you can participate in the community MTP! It is totally possible by how we are connected and with whom we are connected. It is a connected world!

As I read through the book, I came to realize we are on the edge of time when we have the technology to have massive transformational purpose in helping our world experience wellness. As an example, the accelerated speed of knowledge in this arena will soon manifest as self-diagnostic tools for disease conditions. Even at the TriVita Wellness Center we will soon be able to offer an examination with leading and lagging indicators of imbalance, simmering, emerging and gross disease conditions. To the degree one wants to pursue self-directed wellness, the tools and programs in telemedicine will soon make that possible. Significant breakthroughs in the field of immunology are leading to increased understanding of how to work with the body to fight disease. These are truly exciting times.

But even with these incredible technological breakthroughs that are occurring at an exponential rate, we must realize wellness is more than the absence of disease but is experienced through the practice of the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness. While TriVita has adopted these essentials, they are not ours alone—they are truly universal principles of wellness. To punctuate the idea: wellness cannot be experienced where there is the absence of love, gratitude and forgiveness. We see that in many parts of our world today.

We have so much to share about wellness and I do believe wellness is for every home. As I read BOLD, I realized more than ever that wellness for every home is my massive transformational purpose. To lead this MTP is not even a consideration, but to participate in the community of leaders who believe in its possibility is where I will spend the rest of my life. This is the greatest time ever in the history of mankind to be an entrepreneur and I believe we are connected as never before to share our passion as wellness entrepreneurs.

Today, I want to proclaim what you can do to participate in this MTP! You have heard from me and others what you can’t do concerning product and compensation claims—now let’s hear what you can do! I want as many of you who will to blog about wellness or share in some way your wellness views in both social and digital media. You can share from the topics of each of the 10 Essentials of Wellness. Huge opportunity of subject matter. And next month I will give you the Seven Thieves of Wellness to add to your 10 Essential subjects, which will give you 17 topics on wellness.

We are extending the privilege for you to use these brand names in your wellness evangelism: Gift of Wellness, TriVita,, TriVita Wellness Center, Premier Member, Bioenergetics. Let’s be a part of massive transformational purpose and enjoy the reciprocal benefits that go along with every MTP!

Perhaps the greatest tool TriVita has ever developed is the new Wellness Gift Card program. As I said on the live stream, the Gift of Health we launched in 2002 just became a whole lot better with the Gift of Wellness digital card. And you can go digital with your card! It is coming soon: March 16, 2015!

I invite you to participate in the massive transformational purpose of wellness that is occurring in our world. The next 10 years will be mindboggling!

Also, if you haven’t read BOLD, may I give you the Nike proclamation: please, “Just Do It!”




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