There was Friday and then came Sunday!

Posted on: April 6, 2015

There was Friday and then came Sunday!

I am writing this on Saturday the day after Friday and yes, the day before Sunday of the Easter weekend. An interesting perspective of life intrigued me and I would like to share it with you. In reflecting on the historical events we now celebrate as Easter, I came to an aha moment: many times, out of the darkest times of our lives come the brightest times. This is not just true of our individual lives but sometimes society as a whole, such as the prosperity that followed World War II. Companies can experience this as well, such as Apple when it was faced with possible bankruptcy a number of years ago. We have all heard the expression “the darkest of night is just before the dawn.” Perhaps this is a principle of the creative and innovative process. For sure the principle of resurrection!

This Easter is being celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world. But as history reveals, what we now call Good Friday appeared as the darkest time in the history of Christianity. It was a day when the political leaders of the day determined the spiritual leader that many called the Messiah was to die by the way of the cross. Friday saw His death. His burial was determined to prevent his followers from stealing the body: a huge stone was placed in front of the tomb and soldiers were posted to secure it. It was a dark day with tears and hopelessness for many of His followers. That was Friday. But then came Sunday, the day of resurrection. The brightest and most glorious day filled with hope and joy. The day that nearly two billion people put their hope and faith in celebrating today. It was also this contrasting experience of darkness and radiant light that caused a small group of people to take their experiences, beliefs and passion to the ends of the earth.

My point is not to make this a religious message but to take one of the most celebrated and significant historical events of darkness and brightness to point to the fact that the greatest period of darkness in our lives can usher in the brightest times. Many times the darkest moments can produce the greatest recognition of belief, passion and purpose for our lives. It is like when a person faces death and then the fear of death no longer has any power over them. They are free to make decisions to live life at its fullest expression. I urge you to always remember, after Friday then comes Sunday!!

From a business standpoint, billionaire Elon Musk said: “Every innovative company being true to its mission should experience a near death experience one time.” Could that be the Friday and Sunday principle that forever changes its participants? It can be an experience that causes belief and passion to overcome all obstacles in order to fulfill the mission and vision! While it’s in our nature to seek protection and comfort, what I call “the womb effect,” it is the adversity in life that melds and molds our character to fulfill important purposes in our lives.

For us at TriVita, Sunday is upon us. The most glorious days of our lives are ahead of us. That which we could not have done in our own way has brought us to a certain belief and passion for our mission of wellness that will sustain and embolden us. The era of wellness—underpinned by devices such as the upcoming Apple watch and wellness wearables—is coming! Wellness is the greatest defense against illness. The world is setting up for the most glorious wellness revolution in history. Are you ready? I can tell you this: lives are being resurrected every day to engage in this opportunity!

We have seen the lack of success in illness care. Today the greatest challenge and opportunity lies in optimizing wellness. We are on the precipice of a whole new era. When wellness is connected to living a life with purpose, we have certainly seen and experienced Friday and then Sunday!! I believe that someday in the future when we look back on the history of TriVita, we shall easily recognize our birth, the soft launch day in July 1999, but we will also recognize our Friday and Sunday!

We are seeing everyday resurrections occurring!! This is the day of massive transformational purpose!

To fulfill the promise of my March blog, here are the seven thieves of wellness in a home:

  1. Toxic and processed food
  2. Toxic household products
  3. Poor physical conditioning
  4. Lack of values
  5. Lack of love expressions
  6. Low self-esteem
  7. Scarcity beliefs with low income

There is so much to share with our world about wellness essentials and how to overcome the seven thieves of wellness. Today is Sunday!!



1 Response to "There was Friday and then came Sunday!"

Hi Michael,

What a great time to be involved in TriVita with all of the wonderful things happening in the company from services at the wellness center, to the new gift card program, to the return of MAP, new products, and a brand new energy in the field!

As you wrote about, many well known companies have overcame huge challenges to rise to even higher levels than before. TriVita is truly poised for bigger growth and to make an even larger impact than ever before.

Thank You for the timely message.

Mike and Carisa Riedmiller

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