2016: The Year of Opportunities!!

Posted on: January 19, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Wow, what a year 2016 is going to offer all of us in opportunities. I know some of you may be thinking, “Where have you been, Mr. Ellison?” Good question and fair. I have had myself, along with others, shut in the R&D wellness laboratory working hard to develop the most innovative ways possible for TriVita to help people experience wellness and make the lifestyle changes in their lives to mitigate health risks and optimize wellness.

I refuse to believe that the healthcare model we have embraced in North America is the best for its citizens, when we advertise medications that have a longer list of side effects than benefits, and these advertisements are followed by advertisements from law firms advising that if you have taken that medication and experienced side effects—including even death—you could be entitled to a large sum of money from a class action suit; when 400,000 people a year die from medical errors in the “fix-it” system and many more end up with infections and complications; when many times the best outcomes for lifestyle disease management involve more medication to offset the ill effects of the originally prescribed medication; when the quality of life deteriorates substantially as we grow older, with many ending up with some form of mental disease; and when medical bills are the number one reason for personal bankruptcy!

The era of a fix-it mentality is unfortunately reaping what it has sown when it comes to health: the looming unaffordable misery pathway of fix-it health care, better known on the street as illness care, is revealing how painful that experience is in physical, emotional and financial pain. Yes, I am soapboxing my opinion along with many others who also believe that that mindset is creating the need for human warehouses for those who live in debilitated forms of life due to ignorance and abuse of their body’s need for proper nutrition and nurturing—and that is not for me! And I believe there are a lot of other people who will say “not for me either!” There are opportunities for a better way!!

We have an amazing body and when it’s given the right balance of nutrients and nurturing, it can release the healing power within for whole-person wellness. I am obviously not against medical intervention as we have the TriVita Wellness Center, a licensed medical facility. I am saying there is another way, a better way of living with understanding and amazement of how wonderful the body is when honored and respected.

I am so pleased to announce we have just taken 100 people through a trial process of our new TriVita Shield personal health assessment, backed by a clinical study and with a population base of 70 million people and over 20,000 research documents to support the assessment data. I am also pleased to report that the research is tied to Stanford University, where there is an incubator for disruptive startup companies that offer a better way of doing things for greater quality of life. The research is grounded in those principles.

You will be hearing much more in the coming weeks about the launch and expanded benefits of the TriVita Shield program. A truly innovative way to help empower anyone to develop a more personalized and customized approach to health and wellness.

The TriVita Wellness Center/Clinic continues to grow and develop in innovative ways to better examine an individual’s progression of health risks. The Annual Pulse is the big breakthrough with a 2016 launch, where all nine body systems are examined for subtle, emerging and gross conditions. You will be significantly impressed with the depth of the examination program when you come to the Center!

New products have also been a part of our R&D time. You will see a steady stream of new or reformulated products specifically designed to support one of the nine body systems. In December we rolled out the first of many essential oils. What a wonderful addition to the product offerings of TriVita. Quality oils are the secret to the benefits of the essential oils. Susan and I have our diffusers going in our home most of the day and night supporting our wellness. I love the Lavender oil to support calmness and sleep. I even rub it on the bottom of my feet! I am into these oils. We will be having a Livestream event in the next few weeks on the oils! Be watching for it!

Yes, 2016 is here and I have come out of the R&D wellness laboratory to announce to the world our innovative ways to help experience greater wellness and mitigate the unwanted, unnecessary lifestyle-related diseases. We can live an exciting life filled with wellness and have the vitality to do the things we love and are purposed to do.

I have missed all of you and wish you the very best in wellness and wealth in 2016!


P.S.  I look forward to seeing you at the April 1-2 launch event in Scottsdale. It will be an awesome time together. Certification for TriVita Shield presenters, training of the tools, and a great social time under the tent!!



3 Responses to "2016: The Year of Opportunities!!"

Very excited about the possibilities in 2016 with TriVita Shield. We will be able to help so many people experience optimal wellness with TriVita Shield and empower them to take personal responsibility for their health. With this we’ll be able to fulfill the mission of TriVita to “inspire people to experience wellness, and to create wealth to fulfill their life purposes.” 2016 is truly a year of opportunity!!!
Tom Trexler

Well, Mr. Ellison we are certainly excited about what is un folding in 2016 as a result of your time spent in the R&D wellness labratory! Tammi and I have our personalized and customized wellness plan in place thanks to our phenomenal PWA, Jolene and the fantastic TriVita Shield program! I will let you know what my new Health Score is when I see you at the launch. We are looking forward to seeing you and Susan along with our team of ITBO’s! Thanks so much for your steadfast commitment to bringing wellness to the world! 2016 is going to be a year to remember!

Bryan Wirth


Carisa and I have enjoyed being part of the TriVita Shield Beta Test Group, and we are so looking forward to the launch event in April. This is going to be a very dynamic program that helps many people. Exciting times indeed in TriVita!!

Mike Riedmiller

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