A New Era of Wellness is Upon Us!

Posted on: February 10, 2016

First, I would like to invite you and anyone you know who has an interest in genetics and genome sequencing to a new era of personalized health and wellness. Join our Livestream on February 18 with geneticist, Dr. Hossein Fakhrai-Rad. This will be an informative and inspiring evening! Check your back office for details.

So, now on with my blog. I was listening to a call where Ryan Walters was describing the attributes and skills of a professional hockey player. (Walter certainly has been at the pinnacle of the game with a Stanley Cup Championship when playing with the Montreal Canadiens.) The following words are my paraphrase of his more detailed and descriptive explanation of being on the ice! He said that what every professional player can do is skate really well; put the “biscuit in the basket” (puck in the net) from most anyplace on the ice; rarely “blow a tire” (just falling off balance); and a lot of other things that occur on the ice. What they all realize is that the only thing that keeps them from always doing it optimally is the interference. The best professional hockey players handle interference extremely well!

Yep, you got it. The only thing that keeps you and me from skillfully and optimally achieving our best is the interference life throws at us. In hockey terms, it seems like we are always “back checking,” never do the big windup “slap shot,” never get a biscuit in the basket and frequently “blow a tire.”  You will never win hockey games or life achievements like that.

So why is wellness like a game we should pursue with such passion? Because it feels better and looks better. Reminds me of the hockey players years ago that feasted on biscuit (puck) sandwiches.  You know, when they smiled you only saw fangs on upper and lowers!!

Now I wish I could continue to share my insights into hockey, but I don’t have many. Ryan Walters is someone you will want to hear and who will inspire you to have a passion for wellness that is not nearly as demanding as hockey, and quite frankly, is more rewarding for so many more people!

We at TriVita are pursuing wellness and sharing ways to achieve it with more enjoyment and rewards than ever before. That is why we are launching TriVita Shield April 1–2 at the TriVita Event Center in Scottsdale. This is an exciting era for those who desire wellness and for those who truly want to be wellness entrepreneurs or (robbing a term from the tech world), wellness evangelists! TriVita Shield features a personalized wellness assessment, life plan coaching, and even examination and diagnosis of conditions at the TriVita Clinic. The assessment tool in TriVita Shield is backed by significant scientific studies and a clinical trial on the assessment itself. It includes genetic testing against 50 lifestyle-related diseases, and is folded into a body system support program. I hope you will join us in our passion and pursuit of wellness with abundant rewards. If you desire to leap forward to the front of the new wellness era, TriVita Shield is one way to do it.

I know not everyone wants wellness, but we are not after everybody. We are after the somebodys who care about wellness. Yes, there are just some people who are addicted to their foods and way of life and don’t mind living in pain or causing pain for others. I know they don’t mind submitting themselves to the system when conditions and symptoms become serious. I have known those people. But please realize that is not always a safe zone to retreat to when symptoms arise. It may be better at times to refer to it as a danger zone unless absolutely necessary. Now don’t misunderstand me: we believe in medical intervention as we have the TriVita Clinic. But living with wellness is the most desirable quality of life; managing disease as it arises is not quality living.

According to the Journal of Patient Safety and a 2014 Senate subcommittee hearing, 400,000 people in the USA die from medical error each year. That is over 1,000 people dying from medical error each day. Or divide that into a day and one person dies from a medical error every 90 seconds. Now I would not want to compare this to other horrific stats where the news media and special interest groups get extremely hyped up and warn us how serious the threats are for our personal safety. We would not accept these horrific stats from any other industry in the world, including a war such as Vietnam, where in a 20-year period, 58,000 service men and women lost their lives and we marched in the streets and burned flags to get the attention of the politicians to bring it to an end.

So when people ask me why I am so hyped up about wellness, my answer is that life is precious. God has a purpose for each life, and that purpose is better served with wellness, and a quality of life extended as long as possible. Living with wellness is simply a better way to live and it could be the passion of everyone.

I know it is not exciting to read the above but it is reality. What is exciting, is the new era and new tools we are unveiling at the launch of TriVita Shield. There is an ever expanding—more like, incredible—explosion of knowledge about how we can live with better wellness. The era and idea of disease management as the primary way of living is coming to an end, and a new “you can live with wellness” era is upon us. This will be the greatest quarter century of any of our lives for the advancement of wellness. Join the movement!

Be sure to watch the Livestream February 18 at 6 p.m. MST. This will be a fascinating discussion on genetics and genome sequencing with our featured speaker, Dr. Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, a geneticist and inspiring individual. Learn more about how the personalized wellness and medicine era is here!



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