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I read these lines and found them so inspiring and descriptive of where we find ourselves today! It is an awesome feeling!

“Envision a better world, and then go out and make it! It starts with the flicker of an idea. Or a flash of instinct. The notion that there is something still missing, a space to fill with meaning. Little by little a minor thought becomes a daydream, a plan, a product, a mission—something to pour your entire being into, with hopeful intention that it will connect with others and speak to them, too! To dare to create something new is an admirable act of bravery.”

Yes, little by little, through brainstorming sessions, bundling of services and by leveraging human ingenuity, we are releasing the idea of a better way to personalize wellness programs and mitigate health risks. TriVita Shield is ready to launch to make our world a better place.

Now is the time for a new paradigm: a wellness care mindset versus a disease management mindset, which sets one’s mind upon the acceptance of disease while managing its symptoms. It is a time for personalized wellness care! A new way of thinking! Accepting and embracing the incredible possibilities for releasing the healing power within that the Creator designed into the human body. When the body systems are supported with proper nutrients and nurturing, greater wellness is the outcome.

One of the features of TriVita Shield is a portal and clinical research data, which applies your genetic, biometrics, lifestyle and family history through a clinically validated assessment. With the support of a Personal Wellness Assistant and a co-created life plan, small daily choices can be compounded over time into an amazing quality of life experience.

The trends for wellness care are emerging. Corporate wellness programs that attempt to engage employees in some type of physical activity and dietary awareness are springing up everywhere. The number of hotels with fitness facilities is now 84%, according to a recent survey. To accommodate their guests’ desire to stay healthy on the road, many hotels are moving beyond small exercise rooms, with some offering basic spa packages. People are trying to live a healthier life to help improve their quality of life, rather than merely existing from day to day.

TriVita Shield will take this trend to a whole new level in support of the Unique You personalized wellness. But it is more than innovative tools, clinical data and assessments to support health and wellness; it will become a movement of people pursuing a greater quality of life with health and wellness, happiness, financial security and a desire for emotional and spiritual renewal.

Rarely does one have a chance to participate in a major universal trend: I invite you to join us as innovators and early adopters of a new trend toward wellness, with our kick-off meeting for TriVita Shield April 1-2.  Register online now or call TriVita Business Services at 800-874-8482 to register by phone.  Be part of the trend and era of personal wellness!!

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