A passion for wellness
With premium, scientifically validated products, TriVita helps people everywhere pursue physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This ongoing pursuit of wellness has led TriVita to the heart of the Sonoran Desert, the discovery of its ancient healing traditions and the creation of Sonoran Bloom.
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A commitment to wealth
By sharing the story of Nopalea and Sonoran Bloom with others, our Affiliate Members create wealth for their own life purposes. With our Share and Earn tools and a simple, three-step system, TriVita offers a proven pathway to success. And tremendous opportunities for financial freedom.
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Strategic partners
Our media expertise, consumer knowledge and operations acumen comes from a strategic alignment with three other companies. Ellison Media Company, Ellison Research and GDF Fulfillment all work in close partnership with TriVita. And all are owned by TriVita founder Michael Ellison.

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